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Guided reading - Department of Education and Training find out here. It begins with a heading 3 called "Create Account". Student and Education Software.

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Cambridge IELTS 11 with Answers & Audio. Hal Leonard Student Piano Library Book 1. The Hal Leonard series of piano lesson books is a compelling one for students. Student's Book answer keys.

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Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. Various genres are represented throughout the book, and each reading passage is enhanced by its authentic layout. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places.

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Content Readings (Life Science) How Nature Works: Ecosystems and Food Chains (Physical Science) The Universe. Student's Book 8 9 0 1 Teacher's Book (all levels) 5 Reading Keys New Edition Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Student's Book 8 5 3 Teacher's File (all levels) 8 Effective Reading, a British English edition of Essential. Technical Support: Longman Academic Reading Series.

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Exercise 6, p. 3. 1. was sleeping 4. will be watching 2. am thinking 5. was watching 3. will be sitting 1 C PH/P A A P N 1 K DESIGN SERVICES OF Student Book Answer Key Exercise 8, p. 4. 1. have done 4. have studied 2. had done 5. had studied 3. will have done Exercise 11, p. 6. 1. In most of the cases, the first few books of each series are free to read, so that you get entirely hooked on them. Standard 1 (Purpose and Direction) Standard 2 (Governance and Leadership) Standard 3 (Teaching and Assessing for Learning; Standard 4 (Resources and Support Systems; Standard 5 (Using Results for Continuous Improvement) Peachjar eFlyers; Curriculum".

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The first two units provide practice in. It aims to lead the student through the learning process by teaching the unique pattern of each key visually. Schools' Reading and Writing Practice Test (Complete PET) PDF, 447kb.

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Reading Comprehension (page 27) 1. Families live together and cooperate to support the members of the family. Writing success for older learners. Chapter 1: Keystone of Our Religion.


It features the entire Student Book, with interactive and multimedia content including all course audio and video. Words Matter With Student Cd Rom' 'Reading. Mission and Vision; School Improvement Plan; SSE School Advisory Council (SAC) 2020-2020 School Year Calendar; School Times; Staff Directory and Extensions 2020-2020.

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An activation code is only required if you have no internet access and you have a stand-alone perpetual or education license. Reading Keys New Edition 2 Student Book: Skills and Strategies for Effective Reading Craven, Miles. T-100 16 Reaching your goals T-106 Progress check T-112 Interchange activities T-114 Grammar plus T-132 Grammar plus answer key T-148 Additional resources Appendix T-151 Language summaries T-152 Audio scripts T-168 Workbook answer key T-183 Credits T.

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Abeka 4th Grade Readers Complete Child Student Reading 4 Answer Key Lot Set Kit S F Reading. Read 41 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kids Town LEVEL 1. Kids Town LEVEL 2. Kids Town LEVEL 3. Story.

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Reading Keys provides a flexible approach to effective reading for adult and young adult learners of English. STAAR MASTER Student Practice Books for reading, math, writing, social studies, and science provide practice and review material for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). KTEA-3 Form A Q-global Digital Kit.

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Making Connections teaches an extensive range of reading skills and strategies in order to prepare students for college reading. Online replacement key cutting by Timpson. This method, however, was not robust.

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Photocopiable unit tests contain additional thematic readings and assess how well students have learned the unit's reading. Headway Academic Skills can be used independently or alongside a general English course book such as New Headway or New Headway Plus. Reading Keys (New Edition) 1 Student's Book https://usolieservis.ru/download/?file=910.

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Every sixth chapter reviews the words from the previous five. Student Book has 0 ratings and 0 reviews. Start your review of Keys of Life (Uriel's Justice, #1) Write a review.

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Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Code NEW MACMILLAN DIGITAL. Student Book 3 (PDF) Student Book 4 (PDF) Student Book 5 (PDF.

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General Service Word List, the Academic Word List and the Billuroglu-Neufled List, to ensure that students learn the most important words; a look at reading vocabulary skills to teach students how written language is constructed and to aid in comprehension. Endorsed by Cambridge Resources align to the syllabus they support, and have been through a detailed quality assurance process. Refer to the passage(s) when answering the questions.

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Possible answers: Why we need a role model/What a role model is/who a role model is/what role models do/what happens when things go wrong Activity B, p. 5 1. the qualities of role models 2. what people may be role models 3. how role models can inspire us 4. how role models learn from mistakes WORK WITH THE READING Activity B, pp. 8. Study skills are an array of skills which tackle the process of organizing and taking in new information, retaining information, or dealing with assessments. Iready Reading Grade 4 Answers.

Regarding the death/suicide of Don Elkins

I'm making a new post because the other post already has so much misinformation, and I don't want the truth to get buried behind speculation and lies and misinformation.
I have studied the Law of One for over 7 years and have extensively read most of the companion materials for the books, which is where almost all of the information I will post here comes from (Book 5, Tilting at Windmills, Jim/Carla's personal blog, etc). I have also volunteered directly for L/L Research in the past so I have personally spoken to the current surviving members. This is not an easy story to tell nor is it easy to hear, so please bear that in mind before you begin.
Firstly let me say that there has never been any attempt to "hide" this info. The original books were mostly published while Don was still alive. In fact, I will eagerly warn people who flippantly discuss potentially channeling Ra or doing some other sort of channeling, because this is an objectively dangerous path of service. There are many people on this forum even who call themselves "channels" who have no idea what types of energy they are messing with, and that is a shame. The main problem is that people get infatuated with the Ra material for any number of reasons, and very very very few actually consume the companion materials that go into detail about the contact, let alone the entirety of the contact itself. There is enough information out there that nobody has to act in ignorance, but most do. I suggest if you are interested in channeling in the very least to read Carla's A Channeling Handbook. There are other resources on the L/L Research website to help potential channelers, but again, this service should not be undertaken lightly, and certainly not alone, and hopefully after reading this post you will understand why this warning is not fearmongering but the truth.
First, let's establish the facts, as many of the basics were distorted in the previous thread. Don Elkins was the questioner for the Ra material, Carla was the "instrument" through which Ra was channeled. Don and Carla were longtime partners who were very much in love with each other. Carla was willing to do anything for Don, though she wasn't very interested in participating in his channeling experiments at first. Don did not have "a history of mental illness", Don was a very smart man, with high military accolades and many students who respected him when he was a professor at university. In fact many people who knew Don would say he was the smartest, wisest, and most put together man in the room. The primary personality flaw that Don had was that as a child, he was sexually abused by a family member. To deal with his trauma, he adapted a "Vulcan-like" way of looking at the world through a hard lens of wisdom and denying his own emotions. Everything was pure logic and no feeling. This served him well through most of his life. However, he later asked Ra about his method of dealing with catalyst (42.2) and Ra says no, this is not the proper use of catalyst, one must experience all feelings and put them in their proper place to truly become balanced. So eventually Don, at a rather advanced age, had to look closely within himself at many things he had rejected or denied.
When Don was a young pilot the Thomas Mantell event triggered his interest in UFOs, which is where he began his research. He would spend his off time flying from purported UFO landing site to landing site, or visiting contactees, and gathering as much research and info as he could on the phenomenon. When he met Carla, she became his researchesecretary of sorts, as she had been trained as a librarian.
Eventually Don made contact with other researchers who gave him the key he needed to shift his research into channeling: that these entities will contact us directly if the proper protocol are followed. Don gathered a dozen of his students and they began meditating and attempting contact. Eventually it worked and they established their contact with the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, a group of many entities who had a lot to say, mostly about love and light. They were taught that there was strict protocol to follow to keep the contact "tuned" to the proper positive entities and to not dilute it with negative information, specific information, or lies. Eventually his students grew up and moved on from their meditation group, and all that was left was Carla. Like I said, she wasn't interested, but in her extreme desire to please Don, she said yes and began participating and testing her skills which eventually became the protocol that L/L currently uses to consciously channel entities to this day. She had at least 40 years experience as a "researcher" in this field so this is why I say please read her books before attempting anything like this yourself. She was a much better channel than Don because she had a lifetime of spiritual faith to support her endeavors, and was able to "let go" of herself in the ways that are necessary for a pure, positive contact to come through.
Eventually Don and Carla met Jim, who was the final key to the Ra contact. Jim is often referred to as "the scribe" but truly he is more like "the battery" and was the primary source of vital energy used for the contact. Don and Carla were dedicated partners, however, due to Don's distortions in the area of sex (due to his abuse) and his very old-fashioned and negative feelings about women and marriage, they didn't really have a traditional relationship in that sense. Don was celibate and Carla did not want that life. Before Jim she had another long time sexual partner but once Jim came to the group, he took up that place. Jim had a surplus of physical energy which he would transfer to Carla through sexual magic that allowed facilitation of the contact. Contrary to popular superficial beliefs the three of them had a very healthy and mature triad that functioned very well for them. Carla was desperately in love with Don, Don needed Carla, and Jim and Carla were friends who had sexual intercourse. 3 weeks after Jim moved in with the group, contact with Ra was made.
Carla writes herself that she had never seen Don so happy as after she would wake up from trance channeling Ra, as he was a very stoic man who rarely showed emotion as I mentioned early. This encouraged her to maintain the contact to the best of her ability. Because of her Christian distortions and her strong love of Jesus, she was literally willing to die to help bring in the Ra contact, as it was the culmination of Don's life's work and his one happiness. This not only was a sacrifice that helped maintain the purity of the contact but was an opening for the 5th density negative entity who greeted the group during the entirety of the contact. Ra often told Carla to work on her distortions towards martyrdom (another misunderstood part of the material - the only reason Ra speaks of this as a thing to avoid is because Carla was literally willing to die for her service and that is the definition of a martyr, not just someone who sacrifices a lot, but one who actually lays down their life) but this was difficult for her. She was also very physically weak and would lose several pounds each time she went into trance to channel Ra. This was scary for Don and Jim and they did what they could to support and protect her, and often they would cancel sessions if they didn't think she was healthy enough, which would upset her greatly.
As the contact went on the needs for the group to be harmonious grew greater. They exhibited a lot of harmony but the work of the negative entities is to exploit even the tiniest distortions to a greater proportion. The biggest challenge they faced as a group was that their landlord had decided to sell their home. They were going to buy the home from him, but a dispute over an escrow account was not able to be resolved and so they had to find another home to live in. The second biggest challenge was that Don was a pilot and had to commute several hours to the airport, which was very wearying for him. They were unable to find a suitable house that alleviated his commute and in fact one of the houses they moved into made his commute even worse. This caused a lot of stress for the group and especially Don. Jim and Carla were both a bit more easy going - though Don was the one who financed the whole thing so it was not out of line that primarily he carried this stress for the group.
The distortions I mentioned in Don also played a big role. "Buying a home" for his "family", as unconventional as this situation was, was something that was hard for him to do. He saw his dad as someone who sacrificed so much for his wife and children, who worked himself to the bone to provide for his "cubs", and did not want this life for himself. So being presented with an interesting distortion of this type of service was a battle for him to willingly choose, and a large opening for the negative entities to pick at his insecurities and unwillingness to make this sacrifice. As you see, sacrifice is an important part of harmonious service within a group and not a common topic of discussion in Law of One circles, as it's not the most fun part of the material. But it absolutely should be discussed far more often, as this is the meaning of the ankh which is repeated throughout the archetypes.
During this time of upheaval when they essentially didn't have a home (they rented a few places that were unsuitable but lived out of their boxes and never unpacked), Don and Carla had a "deleterious energy exchange" (106.13). Basically Carla said that she would be the strong one and Don could be the weak and foolish one, and this exchange of roles actually occurred due to their high level of bonding and their work in the magical realms. Carla had to deal with Don's fears and paranoias and lack of faith that he constantly suppressed, which she was able to overcome through her devout faith, and Don had to deal with the experience of opening his heart and being vulnerable. This was extremely difficult for him to deal with, and essentially made him the "weak link" in the group and the negative entity began to focus more on undoing Don psychologically than undoing Carla physically, as removing one person from the group was the only way to stop them from channeling Ra.
So begins Don's descent into paranoia. He was still aware of himself enough to watch it happening but he displayed classic paranoid delusions. He thought that the FBI was investigating him for selling drugs. He thought that their house was bugged. He lost a lot of weight. And this is when he began to have doubts about Carla and Jim, and felt like Carla might leave him for Jim. This was exacerbated by the fact that Don was inconsolable a lot of the time and refused to leave the house, so activities that the three of them did together became just Jim and Carla. Carla however never stopped loving Don first, but so is the nature of paranoid delusions.
At one point Don was put in an institution for 5 weeks, but his experiences were awful as you can imagine. The primary doctor was on vacation for most of that time so Don was essentially in mental health care limbo. However, after this he got a little bit better, had less paranoid delusions, he gained weight. But this was short lived and eventually he began to deteriorate again. In the last few weeks of his life, he knew he was a danger to himself, and he even got rid of all of his guns. However, he still spoke seriously about killing himself, and only weighed 140lbs at 6'6", so Jim and Carla made a difficult decision, believing that their friend was on the brink of death one way or another: They got a mental inquest warrant. This is when you go to court and say that a person is a danger to themselves and get them committed against their will. They sincerely believed it was their only hope.
The problem is that armed police officers arrived to take Don away. Don was convinced that he would die in a mental hospital if he were committed, and desperately did not want to go. He had one gun remaining in his possession, hidden, which he went and got, put to his head, and held himself hostage, begging them to leave him in his home. The escalation with the gun created a situation where 39 police officers showed up and they had a stand off. Carla tried to calm Don down but the cops dragged her out of the house. They waited at a neighbor's and Carla tried talking to Don on the phone, but the cops stopped her from doing that because she wouldn't lie to him. So they would not let Carla attempt to de-escalate the situation and - as cops are prone to do - they continued to escalate the situation.
Don was desperately clinging to his life and during the 5+ hour stand off, on a cold November night in Kentucky, he gathered up all the warm overclothes in the house and brought them outside for the cops who were waiting for him. Eventually, though, the cops got impatient and finally fired 17 tear gas cannisters through the windows of Don's home. Don knew this was the end and he took his one last opportunity to exercise his own free will over his life and went out the back door, pulled the trigger and shot himself through the temple, killing himself.
Don's death is the classic story that we know all too well in our current paradigm: Untrained police force being used to handle someone who is mentally ill, instead of real treatment for those who are suffering from delusions. Don did not want to die and was willing to do anything to stop that outcome from happening, except for being institutionalized, which he had already suffered through once. The cops saw a man with a gun and used overwhelming force to subdue this man, instead of seeing someone who was mentally ill and needed help. People absolutely can recover from the type of situation that Don was in, with real psychological help, but this wasn't offered or readily available in 1984. Instead a suicidal man was attacked by over 3 dozen officers and backed into a corner which forced his hand.
I think everyone should know the story of Don's death in relation to the Ra material. Not only is it a cautionary tale for those who claim to want to work with high magic, showing how easily small distortions of the ego can become huge problems when you become the focus of a negative entity, but it also shows another victim of our intensely violent police state. Don was a military man with high honors, a scholar, a pilot, a scientific researcher, who lived in a very affluent suburb of Louisville KY. He needed psychological help but the resources available were extremely subpar. He did not want to die, he was forced into a very difficult situation where, in his deep paranoia, he felt he had no other choice but to take his own life. All of this was absolutely encouraged by the negative entity who watched the group closely and exploited any and all vulnerabilities. And when anyone does the magical work of trying to come together in a positive group, knowing and understanding the self and its distortions is paramount to avoiding this type of outcome. Don was hardly a weak or cowardly or unaware man, showing that this type of outcome can happen to anyone. If you were in a room today with Don you almost certainly would feel that he was the "better person", as he was an incredibly charming human with many achievements. It was the perfect storm of magical work, an inability to let go of ego distortions, and an extremely tenacious negative entity who was hellbent on taking the life of one of the group to stop the Ra contact. They always thought it would be Carla who would be the one to die, most likely from her failing physical body that had been weak since childhood. But it was strong, healthy, rational Don whose life was given for this material.
On that note, please, going forward, let's not create salacious rumors or mis-assumptions about what happened to Don. His sacrifice was great to bring something great to our collective. Please consider the gravity of his sacrifice when you are studying or discussing the material. Far too often people are extremely disrespectful with their false claims about what happened or what Ra says. I suggest we all go within before we speak about things that we are relatively ignorant about. The power of the material is not something to be played with or distorted for our own egoistic purposes.
Thanks for reading.
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Y'all only talk about the hidden government and The Dark Cabal during non election years? That's nice.

There is a shadow government that runs the world through the control of its wealth.
...At the top are 300 financiers of 13 dynastic families, generational Satanists, Masters of Lodges, aristocracy and descendants of the Khazarian people.
In 710 A.D., the Khazarians lived in the land-locked area between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea near the Caucasus Mountains. (Map two links down)
The Wise Men of Zion
They practiced a form of idol worship but converted, as a matter of convenience, (as a group) to Judaism.
They are the descendants of the Babylonians of ancient Sumeria. They are the present-day Ashkenazi Jews, are Caucasian and speak Yiddish.
...Their sacred teachings are the Talmud.
The historical Jew was African and spoke Hebrew. His sacred teaching was the Torah.
• The Khazarian Ashkenazi rules by deception and intrigue through the dark arts, witchcraft and magic. Their demand for a homeland in Palestine as their birthright, is an example. Their homeland is 800 miles away. Their agenda is to create a World Government administered by the Rothschilds.
They were officially expelled from over thirty different countries over the last one thousand years, including England in 1290 and France in 1182, Belgium in 1370, Austria in 1420, Lithuania 1495, Portugal in 1496, Italy in 1540 and Hungary in 1582.
Article on Expulsion around Europe
World War II Germany was the only remaining country in Europe providing them total freedom. They were condemned as usurers, swindlers, desecrators, infidels and heretics. 
• The Khazarian Ashkenazi Rothschilds control the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the World Monetary fund and whole host of banks in Switzerland including the International Bank of Settlements.
They created the state of Israel.
...Their banks use a fractional reserve system, which allows them to loan moneycreated out of nothing, at interest, using the credit of the host country.
• They capture the wealth of the world through a three-step process. They loan out money at low interest rates and encourage everyone to buy. They wait until they are satisfied there are enough people with debt and then tighten the money supply.
They wait for the people to go bankrupt and seize their property. All those who fall for this scheme become their slaves.
• This is exactly what happened to the U.S. Federal Government March 9, 1933 when it settled its Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The debt was 100 billion dollars and there was less than 4 billion in gold to cover it.
...The debt was forgiven and in return the bankers received all assets of the Federal government including the land, buildings and gold.
This information was classified for “national security reasons.”
The Rothschild international bankers (the British Crown) own the U.S. Federal Government.
• The Rothschild Empire had its start in 1744 Frankfurt, Germany with the birth of Mayer Amschel Bauer who created the red shield hexagram and changed his name to Rothschild, meaning “red shield.”
He developed his wealth through the practice of hiring mercenaries to foreign countries to fight their wars.
In 1776 he created the Illuminati through Adam Weishaupt, a Khazar, based on the teachings of the Talmud and Druid magic.
The United States of American became the Columbian Faction of the Bavarian Illuminati (also in 1776). It merged with Freemasonry in 1782.
It was a continuation of a program started by the Anunnaki during the time of Atlantis 13 millennia ago.
• The purpose of the Illuminati is to rule the world. They arm both sides in a conflict and allow them to destroy themselves, their governments and their institutions. ...From the chaos would emerge a New World Order.
It would not matter which side lost because the victor honored the debts.
• In order to have a sovereign territory from which to finance both sides, Switzerland was declared forever neutral.
Congress of Vienna; Switzerland forever neutral; spearheaded by Mayer Rothschild. Article.
• A strategy was developed to influence the most intelligent through these four methods:
1) Use money, sex and bribery of men in high places,
2) Cultivate students with exceptional ability for special training in internationalism,
3) Use those trapped influential people as agents and place them behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists in science, religions and cultures, and...
4) Obtain absolute control of all mass communication to make the masses believe that a one-world government is the only solution to the world’s problems.
• The British Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) is the most influential of the visible organizations internationally and the Illuminati is the most powerful hidden organization internationally.
• Another significant organization within this shadow government is the Bilderbergers, a group of powerful men and women, many of whom are royalty, many from the Bavarian Illuminati, many supported by the House of Rothschild.
This group was originally organized to deal with the ET alien question in secrecy on an international level.
It has representatives from all of the other secret groups. They were first discovered meeting in the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland in 1954. They had no official name, but were identified by the location of their meetings.
• The Bilderberg Group was organized by Prince Bernard of the Netherlandswho is a Hapsburg, a descendant of the Holy Roman Emperors and the House of David and is also related to Jesus of Nazareth through Joseph of Arimathea.
He has veto power over the Vatican’s choice of any Pope.
Jus exclusivae; 'Papal Veto'
• The most influential organization within the United States is the Council on Foreign Relations. It was started as a dinner club by John D. Rockefeller Jr.
...It received a significant boost in influence and power when it merged with the British Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1921 and received backing from J.P.Morgan, the Carnegie Endowment, the Rockefeller Family Trusts and other Wall Street banking interests.
The actual power behind these organizations is various Round Table Groups within Round Table Groups. The inner group doesn’t have a name and is unknown to most of its members. A lot of politicians use the CFR as an employment agency to promote their careers and have no idea what they’re dealing with.
• The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) controls our government. Its members infiltrate the entire executive branch. Every director of the CIA has been a member of the CFR.
...Most Presidents since Roosevelt have been members (except Kennedy and Reagan).
The CFR owns the press. American top journalists are members. The CFR does not conform to governmental policy or laws.
• The CFR is a secret organization with no minutes, notes or recordings of any meetings allowed. Any member divulging anything that transpires at a meeting is terminated (sometimes literally).
The Illuminati have their origin in the worship of knowledge, science and technology. Its symbol is the all-seeing eye, the eye of Horus, the son of Osiris.
Osiris personified ENKI or Lucifer, the light- bearer, the illuminated one. It is on the U.S. one dollar bill.
(See Annunaki Post)
• It was Lucifer in the form of the snake, who tempted Eve to entice Adam to eat of the tree of knowledge. ENKI was the metaphorical snake in that story. He represented the spirit of defiance against the established order.
He started the mystery schools and the Mason Guilds.
... The tree of knowledge is the historical records. The fruit is the knowledge contained in those records.
Recall ENKI and brother?
• The leaders of the political right and left are Luciferian. They may profess to be Christians or Jews or Muslims, as it is useful to do that, but they are, and have always been, internationalist Luciferians. They give allegiance to no nation or religion.
• There are many guilds.
They include: the Order of the Quest, the JASON Society, the Roshaniya, the Qabbalah, the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, the Jesuits, the Masons, the Ancient and Mystical Order of Rosae Crucis, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, the Executive Members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Group, the Brotherhood of the Dragon, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the senior ranks of the military, top U.S. government officials, the Supreme Council of the York Rite of Freemasonry, the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern and Northern Jurisdictions, The Round Table Group, International Zionism, B’nai B’rith, the Grand Lodge of France, the Grand Lodge of England, the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Ordo Templi Orientalis, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Open Friendly Secret Society (the Vatican), the Russell Trust, the Skull and Bones, the Scroll and Key, and the Order.
• The secret societies require an oath of allegiance and complete submission to the Order:
 “All humanity which cannot identify itself by our secret sign is our lawful prey.” 
The secret sign is to pass a hand over the forehead palm inward. The countersign is to grab the ear and support the elbow with the opposite hand. It is now much more common to see the hand sign of the horned god.
Signs of Recognition
The sign represents Baphoment, the goat-headed symbol of Satanism. Their oaths precede and nullify all other oaths.
The major tenets of this occult government are: the abolition of private property; the elimination of religion; the elimination of nation states; the abolition of the home and family; the belief that illumination emanated from the Supreme Being (Lucifer) who desired a class of perfect men and women to carry out the organization and direction of the world; belief in a plan to reshape the social system of the world by taking control of all individual countries. Communism, Fascism and Socialism are their creations.
• In order to fully understand these people it is helpful to read the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion (below) which describes the methodology for tyranny which the Mason Guilds are using.
• This is part of the initiation ceremony.
It states:
 “We are the chosen; we are the only true men. Our minds give off the true power of the spirit; the intelligence of the rest of the world is merely instinctive and animal. They can see but they cannot foresee; their inventions are merely corporeal. Does it not follow that nature herself has predestined us to dominate the whole world? Outwardly, however, in our ‘official’ utterances, we shall adopt an opposite procedure, and always do our best to appear honorable and cooperative. A statesman’s words do not have to agree with his acts. If we pursue these principles, the governments and peoples which we have thus prepared will take our IOU’s for One day they will accept us as benefactors and saviors of the human race. If any State dared to resist us, if its neighbors make common cause with it against us, we will unleash a world war.” 
  • The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion was presented at the first World Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland in 1897.
    It is a blueprint for world domination. It was published in England in 1920 and immediately attacked as a forgery. It is an Illuminati document.
Wise Men Book
 "We will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it.” 
• “Wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains.”
• “[The] minds [of the masses] must be diverted toward industry and trade. Thus, all the nations will be swallowed up in the pursuit of gain and...will not take note of their common foe.”
• “We shall create an intensified centralization of government...we must develop [a] Super-Government by representing it as the protector and benefactor of all those who voluntarily submit...we shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies...”
• “The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces...[so that] in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, [there will be] only the masses of the [common people], a few [aristocrats] sympathetic to our cause, police and soldiers.”
• “We shall put [government power] in the hands of persons whose past and reputations are such that between them and the people lies an abyss...”
• “We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the [masses] by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to be false...” “We shall destroyamong the [masses] the importance of the family and its educational values.”
• “We have invented the whole policy and insinuated it into the minds of the [masses]...to obtain in a roundabout way what is...unattainable by the direct road...It is this which has served as the basis for our organization of secret masonry which is not known to, and aims which are not even so much as suspected by, these...cattle...”
• “We shall saddle and bridle [the press] with a tight curb...not a single announcement will reach the public without our control...”
• “In order that the masses may not guess what we are about we will distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions...”
• “We shall come into our kingdom by the aid of coups d’etates, prepared everywhere for one and the same day...”
• “Plots against us shall not longer exist...we shall slay without mercy all who take arms in hand to oppose our coming...”
• “One-third of [the masses] will keep the rest under observation...political crime we shall send for trial in the category of thieving, murder and every kind of abominable and filthy crime...public opinion will then...brand it with the same contempt.”
• The power elite among these groups are almost always recruited from the secret societies of Harvard and Yale, specifically the Skull & Bones and the Scroll and Key.
These are both branches of the Illuminati. They are connected to parent organizations in England and Germany such as The Group and the Thule Society.
Members of these organizations are executive members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
• Politicians are controlled through the accumulation of dossiers by the FBI, theIRS, the ATF, CIA, the Mossad, MI6, the ADL (anti-defamation league) and the KGB.
Those who do not have “incidents” in their past that can be used against them are put in positions by one or more of the above organizations that will result in an incident that can be used to control them.
There are brothels in Nevada and the Bohemian Grove in California; there are call-girls and pages that frequent the halls of Congress that are used for this purpose.
Every attempt is made to corrupt all public figures with notoriety, sex, money or power. Anyone who doesn’t play along is weeded out.
• Members of “the Order” take an oath that absolves them from allegiance to any nation or king or government or constitution. George W. Bush (who is a member of Skull & Bones) is, therefore, not a loyal citizen of the United States and would have not therefore, been able to legitimately take the oath of office required of the President of the United States.
By allowing a group of private individuals to create money out of nothing (via the fractional reserve system), we have created a monster which threatens to devour the planet and with it the human race.
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