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[RESULTS] CivEx 3.0 Nation Structures Survey

The Results of the CivEx 3.0 Nation Structures Survey

Sirboss Analytics 2016


First, I have provided below the direct links to the spreadsheet of responses and album of graphs. If you prefer not to dive into all of the details yourself, and want the simplified totals, please keep reading below.
Imgur Album: http://imgur.com/gallery/hc2wl
Google Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FrgNPaiL1eeAzKA-UCUJ80F7p3sbGeIQOd-xdGMunEs/edit?usp=sharing
IBM SPSS: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fgzdecxlyeb85sh/SPSS_CivEx_3.0_Pre_Survey.sav


Question Available to All: (45)
Are you currently affiliated with a proposed nation for CivEx 3.0? (Y 32/13 N)
Questions Available to those currently affiliated with a Nation on some level: (32)
How will your Government be chosen? (Republic 9, OtheNot Listed 7, Monarchy 5, Direct Democracy 4, Oligarchy 3, Aristocracy 2, None/Anarchy 1.)
Has your nation already created a constitution, and is it available for public viewing? (No 18, Yes and it is available for viewing 7, Yes but it is not public 6.)
If Civex 3.0 were a competition among states, how would yours win? (Diplomatic Victory 16, Cultural Victory 11, Military Victory 2, Population Victory 2, Subreddit Victory 1 (AKA NatJones))
What type of Economic System will your Nation have? (Capitalist 13, Socialist 9, Other 8.)
What type of Economic System will your Nation Have (Mixed Economic System 6, Traditional Economic System 5, Market Economic System 3, Command Economic System 1.)
Will your Nation have taxes at some level? (Yes 9, No 7)
How do you believe the age of your nation's population will be, in comparison to the average age of the server population? (Older 22, Younger 8)
What will your Primary Focus be on this server? (Architecture & Building 12, Politics 7, Other 5, Farming/Mining 3, Artistic Expression 2, Alcohol Brewing and Consumption 1, Religious Worship and Creation 1, Pvp/Base Building 1.)
How long do you believe you will play on CivEx 3.0 before leaving or getting bored? (More than 6 months 20, 3-6 Months 9, 1-3 Months 2, Less than 1 Month 1.)
How do you believe your Nation will be perceived when the history of CivEx 3.0 is examined? (Average 15, Great 13, Terrible 2, Other 2.)
Questions Available to those with no current Nation affiliation: (13)
Do you intend on joining or creating a CivEx 3.0 Nation, or remaining entirely nomadic? (Remaining Nomadic 8, Joining a Nation 4)
In looking for a Nation, which Governmental System would you be unsatisfied under? (NOTE, MULTIPLE CHOICES ALLOWED) (Direct Democrcy 7, Republic 5, Monarchy 4, Anarchy 3, Oligarchy 2, Totalitarian 2, Aristocracy 2, Other 2.)
If CivEx 3.0 were a competition, how would your preferred nation win? (NOTE, MULTIPLE CHOICES ALLOWED) (Military Victory 6, Cultural Victory 5, Diplomatic Victory 5, Subreddit Victory 2, Population Victory 1.)
Which Economic System would you like your Nation to have? (NOTE, MULTIPLE CHOICES ALLOWED) (Capitalist 7, Socialist 4, Communist 3, Other 2)
What will your primary focus be on the server? (PvP and Base Building 3, Alcohol Brewing and Consumption 3, Artistic Expression 3, Architecture/Building 2, Other 1, Farming 1.)


In creating this survey, I made some answers available to some, and I restricted others, for a reason. I believe if you have already chosen a nation, your opinion on how certain things are run isn't necessarily important, etc. Please acknowledge that going forwards.
The first thing about this survey that's interesting is that a clear majority of people who filled it out have already chosen a Nation, before the server even starts. It should be understood that the population accessing this server is mostly people active or very active on the subreddit, and while it's not representative of everyone that will play on CivEx, for people that are socially active or at least in the community, most have already chosen a nation.
Most nations that have already been planned to at least some degree will be either a direct democracy, a republic, or a monarchy, though a decent amount of people weren't sure. In this aspect, it's not likely we'll see too many big surprises this iteration in terms of governments. Interestingly enough, while most people knew what type of Government their nation would have, a majority of nations still had no constitution. It appears that most people already subscribed to a nation want a peaceful victory, though when examining those that haven't yet been recruited, many more are tolerant of a military victory as well.
There are no surprises in terms of economic systems, most people believe they will have some degree in terms of economy, those results are reflected in what people want. It looks like there will be a wide variety of goals amongst people, which should help to make 3.0 especially interesting. While Building/Architecture comes out on top, it doesn't have a clear majority.
I hope that everyone was able to take something away from this data. I hope nations will recognize what people want and expect, maybe tailor their recruitment ads more towards those not yet committed, and I hope it provides some insight to the Mods/Admins as well.
If you have any questions please post them below!
If you're impressed with this survey, and would like one made for your nation, please let me know!~
submitted by Sirboss001 to CivEx

[RESULTS] CivEx 3.0 Pre-Launch Population Survey

The Results of the CivEx 3.0 Pre-Launch Population Survey

Sirboss Analytics 2016


First, I know that this survey was in the midst of a lot of shitposting, so I will try to cut to the chase as quickly as possible. Listed below are links to various direct information in regards to the survey results. Please take these results with a grain of salt, as I believe the sample is not fully accurate/comprehensive of the entire community. However, it is still a good tool at judging current community statistics.
Imgur Album: http://imgur.com/gallery/JMSLe
Google Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tKW_tMTsUsaBCkvbW5dxtFqRG-HeYgdoLqvGuOszei8/edit?usp=sharing
IBM SPSS: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mrjt8fstmpfs22o/CivEx_3.0_Population_Survey.sav


Are you currently committed to a Nation once CivEx 3.0 begins? (65 Responses)
  • YES: 73.8%
  • NO: 26.2%
If you are not currently committed to a Nation, do you plan on joining one or remaining completely nomadic? (17 Responses)
  • Eventually Joining a Nation 94.1%
  • Remaining Nomadic: 5.9%
If you are committed to a Nation, which one? (48)
Column A Column B
Dorado 11 Members
Veria 8 Members
Blackholm 7 Members
Jotunheimer 5 Members
Victoria 5 Members
ANAL 1 Member
Bannanaland 1 Member
Greatstone 1 Member
Irongrad 1 Member
Njarovik 1 Member
Norlund 1 Member
Tharna 1 Member
Varnin 1 Member
YakYakistan 1 Member


Well this survey obviously had some issues, but it is a tool, like other surveys. It can be used, in conjunction with other data and information, to paint a more accurate picture of what the community looks like. There were some obvious outliers with this survey, for example almost all of Irongrad boycotted this questionaire, as they would normally be among the top five nations population wise, at least based on subreddit activity. Dorado was a surprise gainer, at 11 votes, though like I said take the survey with a grain of salt. This survey was designed to use smarter technology, and as such you recieved a relatively custom survey based on the answers you provided.
Seventeen people stated that they were not yet part of a nation, of those almost all planned on eventually joining and making one, with 94.1% eventually intending to join (or make) another nation. What is interesting about this statistic is that it remains at 26% when considering my previous survey as well(12/45 vs 17/65) , BUT when taking into account if a person chooses to remain nomadic, 94.1% this time around think they will eventually join a nation, compared to only 33.3% a few weeks ago. I think this shows that people are more excited to create or join a nation, but the intake of nation populations has remained relatively the same.
As always, it was fun to make.
If you have any questions, please post them below!
If you're impressed with this survey, and would like one made for your nation, please let me know!~
submitted by Sirboss001 to CivEx

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