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Shadow Tribes

Do you ever feel like there's a lot of Zelda lore that either has a medium amount of small connections or a small amount of medium connections?
Nintendo isn't the best on following through with that lore. I honestly don't think we're ever going to get true answers regarding the small similarities for previous shadow tribes. It's just that Nintendo never seemed to care about that stuff (and it's not like they needed to, but it would just make the lore more clear). This is going to be a remake/extension of this post, yet another "everything is connected" theory since I still believe that somehow, the lore of the Sheikah, Garo, Twili, and the Gerudo are connected.
*The asterisks are for aspects that I thought were worth mentioning, but don't have much connection to the greater analysis or are too loose to consider.


The Sheikah are a tribe of ninjas that are loyal to the Royal Family of Hyrule and specialize in shadow magics. There are plenty of ways to draw an eye, but the distinctive oval shape, three lashes on top, and a tear drop below is what usually signifies the Sheikah.
"...As a member of the Sheikah, the goddess's chosen guardians, I gladly welcome this duty. Zelda, I shall watch over the Triforce."
- Impa
The first Sheikah see in the timeline is Impa.png) from Skyward Sword. The Sheikah seemed to start as guards directly under Hylia, then to her mortal reincarnation/descendants, which would be the Royal Family and their bloodline. Impa can use magic for things like forcefields and possibly teleportation. For some reason, her top has a Sheikah eye with 5 lashes. Old Impa has this 5 lash design on her cloak (check out ShrubbyNerd on DeviantArt). Since Gossip Stones.png) are all around the land, they may act as the eyes/ears of the Sheikah somehow, explaining the information they give.
Besides heightened senses and forcefields, the special powers of the Sheikah include some sort of future vision. How did they develop these powers? Since the refined/sculpted Timeshift Stones have some form of the Sheikah Eye on them, they may have played some part. Hylia most likely had her future vision naturally, as a goddess, but to better share this information with her appointed guards, it would benefit her greatly if they had the abilites as well. Somehow, the Sheikah were able to study/use the Timeshift Stones to develop their own abilities. It may be why the stones were mined in the first place.
*The Ocarina of Time is implied to be made with Timeshift Stones from SS (HH). Rather than carving the instrument out of the rock, powdered Timeshift Stone could have been mixed in the clay as clay/ceramic is the typical material for ocarinas (this may imply that the Composer Brothers, who studied the properties of ocarinas, also had a stronger connection to the Sheikah since they were buried in the Kakariko Graveyard).
The Sheikah we see in OoT are Impa and Sheik (Zelda in disguise).
"When evil rules all, an awakening voice from the Sacred Realm will call those destined to be Sages, who dwell in the five temples...One within the house of the dead...One inside a goddess of the sand...Together with the Hero of Time, the awakened ones will bind the evil and return the light of peace to the world... This is the legend of the temples passed down by my people, the Sheikah."
"Another unknown legend of the Triforce passed down by the shadow folk, the Sheikah..... If you would seek the sacred triangle, listen well..."
- Sheik
The Sheikah seem to keep and pass down legends/prophecies from the Royal Family to for preparation when those events come to pass. They also have Deku Nut-esque flash bombs to disappear and Impa has a short sabre on her back. Despite its appearance on the surface, the Sheikah-founded Kakariko Village is home to the most disturbing, creepy content in the entire game.
First of all, there is the House of Skulltula, or the place with the family who were cursed to become Skulltulas because of their greed. They give out Wallets, Bomchus, and Piece of Heart, but they also give the Stone/Shard of Agony, thought to be a Sheikah artifact for being able to find secret holes around Hyrule, despite having no Sheikah symbol. According to HH, "The Stone of Agony is the companion relic to the Lens of Truth...It vibrates whenever it passes near hidden treasure or a secret grotto.".
According to one of the residents (in the Adult portion), there once was a man who could see the truth and that his house used to be where the Well is now. Bongo Bongo escapes the Well and goes to the Shadow Temple, and from the Bottom of the Well, we get the Lens of Truth. From this, it is assumed that the Lens of Truth was made/used by Bongo Bongo (when he was a human, probably not named Bongo Bongo), but he eventually got the guillotine since his head and hands are disconnected from the main body for some bad deeds. More head & hands imagery are shown around. According to Sheik, Impa sealed the evil shadow spirit in the well. Since he had the Lens of Truth in the first place, he may have been a Sheikah as well. \Looking at them now, the Poe Collecter's) red glowy-eye reminds me of Bongo Bongo, and in OoT, he says he can read people's minds.
Later on, in the Shadow Temple, we get “Here is gathered Hyrule’s bloody history of greed and hatred.”. It seems greed is seen as a serious offense (like with the Spider House). The Shadow Temple itself is clearly a place used for torture and executions with its numerous guillotines, prison cells, and chains. It belongs or is primarily run by the Sheikah (Sheikah Eye on the door). It is also known as the "House of the Dead", so it may have originally been more of a transition for spirits to rest, or a tomb/mausoleum as well.
In Kakariko Graveyard, we get that the Sheikah are in charge of watching over the dead spirits. The Sheikah seem to excel at shadow magic relating to the undead. They might even be responsible for turning some people into Redeads if someplace needed protection since they were in graves before Ganon's takeover for 7 years. *(Supposing ReDeads are zombies. I believe Smash Bros proclaimed that Redeads were clay? Maybe their coffins wore away so the bodies were caked with dirt, eventually making a clay exterior to support the reanimated corpse while leaving part of the coffin as their mask, the Spooky Mask).
Besides the Spooky Mask, the Happy Mask Salesman also gives Link the Mask of Truth, which is another Sheikah artifact. It lets Link hear rumors and hints from Gossip Stones.png), which can also tell the time.
That belonged to the tribe that protected the Hylian royal family long ago. They worked in secret, so they lived in a lonely, forgotten place. But I heard that tribe dwindled in the prolonged wars..."
- Cor Goron
"My name is Impaz. I'm the last resident of this poor village. My name comes from the great one who built this village so long ago...This village was once the secret home of a proud tribe who served the royal family...But it fell into decline, and became infested with dangerous beasts. It's become an awful place..."
- Impaz
In Ocarina of Time, we learn of the Hyrulean Civil War. According to a Gossip Stone at Zora's River, "They say that Princess Zelda's nanny is actually one of the Sheikah, who many thought had died out.".
Since the Sheikah were already known to be scarce in OoT, the Hyrulean Civil War fits as the best candidate for these prolonged conflicts, but there is evidence for other conflicts between the events of OoT and TP. They also could have been mainly wiped out from the Hyrulean Civil War and dwindled further with other conflicts after, but the Hyrulean Civil War would still be the main factor for the tribe's decline.
Impaz is the last remaining resident of the Hidden Village, or Old Kakariko, which may or may not be the same Kakariko from OoT. Impaz still follows her duty given to the Sheikah by the Royal Family, to pass down the Ancient Sky Book to the "messenger of the heavens", to Link, since he showed her the Dominion Rod. The Sky Writing may have been the writing that the people of Skyloft may have used at one point since the sky people in TP are the Ooccoo in the City of the Sky, which may be an advancement of Skyloft. She also gave Ilia a wooden Sheikah statue. Impa may also be the last Sheikah in Hyrule, but there is also the fortune teller Madame Fanadi, who has red eyes and a Sheikah eye tattoo. Her fortune telling may be a result of Sheikah magic as well.
Zelda has a cloak with the Sheikah eye on it. Since Impaz implied the Sheikah are in sharp decline, it is unlikely that there are Sheikah at Hyrule Castle, so the cloak may just be from an older time. The Sheikah eye also appears on the Howling Stones, which are similar in appearance to Gossip Stones, but they seem to relate to the Hero's Shade more than anything. *Since the Sheikah are shown to deal with the dead, they could have hollowed out Gossip Stones into Howling Stones for the Hero's Shade so that the he could pass on his sword techniques and ease his regrets. The stones may not even be solely responsive to howling since Gossip Stones in past games also responded to different instruments.


In Majora's Mask, we don't have the Sheikah, but we do have another tribe of ninjas wielding sabres: the Garo. "That is the mask of the leader of the ninjas who once spied on the hilltop castle with the blood-stained history. With that, you may be able to call out their spirits that even now are still wandering," says the Poe Collecter when entering Ikana. The similar phrasing of the Shadow Temple's 'bloody history' to 'blood-stained history' strengthens the connection. It's safe to assume that Garo and Sheikah are parallel tribes. Sheikah were in Termina, evident by the Gossip Stones and Mask of Truth.
The Mask of Truth is from a Spider House in Woodfall where another man was cursed because of his greed, relating to Kakariko's Spider Curse. "You see, a while back, someone told me I could become rich and he gave me this mask. He said the instructions were inscribed somewhere in here, but when I went to look, I was cursed!". His curse seemed to be related to the Sheikah Mask itself. Taking this into account, the Kakariko cursed family may have also been related to Sheikah magic, especially if the Stone/Shard of Agony was a Sheikah artifact.
*The guy who takes the Oceanside Spider House has the same model as the House of Skulltula residents. More are also seen in Termina Field when you look through the telescope, waving above secret grottoes. It would be easy for them to find grottoes if they had a Shard of Agony, like Link did.
The Oceanside Spider House in Great Bay has Stalchildren inside. When talking to them with the Captain's Hat, they will say "Ah! Captain, sir! It's been a long time since we've seen you! As you have ordered, sir, we are investigating the secrets of this place.". Knowing that the Ikanians were against the Garos, that the Garos are part parallel to Hyrule's Sheikah, and that the Woodfall Spider House had a man cursed with what may have been Sheikah magic, it would be safe to assume that the Stalchildren were sent there to investigate Garo/Sheikah activity.
We know there is a 'curse' in Ikana, and Igos du Ikana tells us the curse started when the doors of Stone Tower Temple were "thrust open". Since defeating Twinmold breaks the curse, and Twinmold was the work of Majora's Mask imprisoning the Giant of the region, we can take that Skull Kid was the cause of that curse. Even then, Ikana has old, abandoned buildings and signs of decay that are probably older than when Skull Kid started causing trouble. This previous decay can be from the long wars Ikana fought with an enemy nation. The only things we see from the enemy nation are their spies, the Garo.
The Ikana army still lingers in Ikana as skeletal Stalfos or Stalchildren. Similarly, the Garo may be ghosts. According to Pamela's dad, "They are merely shells that are empty on the inside. They're the shells of spies from an enemy nation sent to investigate Ikana. They have been unable to forget their living days. Even now their spirits--emptiness cloaked in darkness--continue to spy.".
The Ikana Royal Family most likely parallels the Hyrule Royal Family. According to Igos du Ikana, his army couldn't topple the Stone Tower, implying it wasn't made by Ikananians. With the strongest ties of Majora's Mask in the Stone Tower, it's safe to connect it to the Ancient Ones. The Garo Master is defeated in the Stone Tower Temple before Link gets the Light Arrows. Both the Garo and Ancient Ones were tied to the tower, so it's safe to say they were the same clan/together.
But, the Garo/Ancient ones would have to be from another nation, so they can't all be Sheikah defectors. The attacking enemy nation were more likely a heterogenous group. The defected Termina Sheikah would at least make up the spy portion, the Garo, while the others would be other kinds of magic users. A dark tribe made up of different magic users that relate to a dark, powerful piece of headgear.


"Among those living in the light, interlopers who excelled at magic appeared. Wielding powerful sorcery, they tried to establish dominion....It was then that the goddesses ordered us three light spirits to intervene. We sealed away the great magic those individuals had mastered."
- Lanayru
(I cut the first line short since the Japanese version apparently doesn't mention the Sacred Realm. Either way, the cutscene clearly shows the Triforce, which is may or may not have been in the Sacred Realm, so it shouldn't affect this analysis too much)
During an early war for the Triforce, out of all the Hyruleans fighting, a group of magic users known as the dark interlopers rose. They made the Fused Shadow to try to take the Triforce, but they were stopped by the Light Spirits, sent by the goddesses. They were then banished to a pocket dimension known as the Twilight Realm using the Mirror of Twilight. The Fused Shadow was broken up and hidden away with three pieces being in Hyrule and one piece being in the Twilight Realm. The dark magic users would descend into the peaceful Twili.
"...The people of our tribe...a tribe that mastered the arts of magic...were locked away in this world like insects in a cage. In the shadows we regressed, so much so that we soon knew neither anger nor hatred...nor even the faintest bloom of desire."
- Zant
Despite living in peace, Zant felt the need to take action against the people of light who sent the ancestors of the Twili into the Twilight Realm. Since he was unfit to be king, he looked to the heavens and found Ganon, who himself was sealed into the Twilight Realm after a botched execution at Arbiter's Grounds. It's interesting that only the true leader of the Twili can shatter the Mirror since that is where they were trapped. The mirror itself has a Triforce, imlpying Hyrule Royalty involvement, but then there's snake imagery, like on the Fused Shadow and Zant's clothes. This seems to be a common theme for the Twili. The Triforce may simply refer to the Triforce shape in the portal if it was a necessary symbol for the portal to work. But, if not, could the mirror have been made by some sort of dark magic users that are also associated with the Royal Family?
The Fused Shadow's dark powers can strengthen and/or corrupt people and places, but it's weak compared to a single third of the Triforce. Midna using the full Fused Shadow was easily defeated by Ganon. The interesting part about the Fused Shadow is that it has what seems to be a Sheikah eye on the back. However, it is missing the teardrop, an essential element to the Sheikah eye. \the) 6 regular eyes under the main Sheikah eye remind me of the OoT 3D Shadow Temple door
Zant has also has this Sheikah symbol on his throne. While this isn't enough to connect the Twili to the Sheikah, even if both are known as magic users, the Majora's Mask and the Fused Shadow famously share a similar outer eye design. Zant also seems to fights like the Garo. The two curved swords from the long robes as well as the erratic spinning is similar enough for a connection in my opinion. Zant also gives masks to the Twili he transforms and Midna mistakenly uses a shield as a mask earlier in the game, implying a mask culture, like in Termina. Knowing that the Garo and Ancient Ones are likely Sheikah parallels, and that there is almost a Sheikah eye on artifacts of people related to another magic using tribe, it is safe to assume the dark interlopers were also led by former Sheikah. The former Sheikah would have derived from the Royal Family, explaining the changed logo, similar to how the Garo use no Sheikah symbols.
With the Majora's Mask, even if the eye symbol matches, nearly everything else is different. The Fused Shadow has straight lines, dull colors, and an almost stone material, while the Majora's Mask has rounded patterns, vibrant colors, and is wooden. With these stark differences, it is likely that the people who made each artifact were different. Because Majora's Mask imagery is much more prominent in Termina, I would assume it is the Terminian counterpart to the Fused Shadow, similar to the Terminian Garo (most likely having former Sheikah) being a parallel to the Hyrulean interlopers (most likely having former Sheikah).
One more detail to add is that Zant has a Gerudo symbol on his robes.


While I don't agree with 100% of this post, Mido connects even more aspects of the shadow tribes.
The Gerudo Desert of Twilight Princess is home to the Mirror of Twilight in the Arbiter's Grounds. The Arbiter's Grounds contain lots of Spirit Temple imagery (and Gerduo text) with the sand goddess statues (also Gerudo text) and the Spirit Temple also had many mirrors. Gerudo and Twili also both seem to be into snakes. The Mirror of Twilight has most likely always been here since we find it buried in the sand and attached to the platform, rather than something more mobile. Since there is lots of Hylian imagery, and since the dungeon seems to be built around/over the Spirit Temple-esque imagery, I believe the Arbiter's Grounds used to be a Gerudo settlement before being taken over by Hylian forces.
We don't know the exact time span between OoT and TP, but the Arbiter's Grounds most likely had all of its Hylian changes (as well as the sage symbols) added sometime in the Hyrule Civil War, assuming there weren't much other conflicts that happened before Ganon's execution. According to HH, after the botched execution, the ancient Sages were instructed to look after the Mirror of Twilight. The Arbiter's Grounds is known to be an execution site for Ganondorf, yet there are other cells in the dungeon, implying more criminals could have been kept there. The only people we know were held here are Ganondorf and who/whatever Death Sword was before the sealing tags were placed. But, the Gerudo are noticeably missing and the Arbiter's Grounds just so happens to have a Shadow Temple-esque amount of (un)dead enemies. However, in the undead enemies, we see what seem to be Hylian Soldiers as Staltroops in Stallord's room. There are no undead enemies that resemble Gerudo. If there was a mass death of Gerudo, it didn't happen here. Between the events of OoT and TP, many Gerudo may have died elsewhere, like on the battlefield, but since Gerudo come back in FSA, many were probably driven out of the Kingdom of Hyrule.
As for why Gerudo had the Mirror of Twilight in the first place, a portion of them may have been part of the interloper tribe. The Gerudo aren't all evil, as Nabooru disapproves of Ganon's actions in OoT as well as being a sage herself; they just rob people. With Twinrova, Gerudo may also have a history of magic. The Desert Collossus in OoT is called "Giant Evil God Statue". Since the Gerudo aren't evil, the sand goddess imagery would fit better with the Gerudo who were interested in darker magics, with the Mirror of Twilight and such. Whoever the statue is representing, she associates with darkness, possibly opposing the goddess Hylia.
Now, we have both dark Gerudo and the Sheikah defectors as the original dark interloper tribe. Both being attracted to dark magics, it would make sense that they would be interested in a dimension of darkness, leading them to construct a portal to that realm. \If we're getting a separate portion of Gerudo for Hyrule, perhaps this can fill in the gap for the enemy nation the Garo were part of in Termina, leaving the other Gerudo to be pirates.)


The idea of a tribe of dark magic users being sealed into the Dark Mirror is very familiar to the dark interlopers being sealed into the Mirror of Twilight. However, this Dark Mirror is in the forest. In TP, Midna wanted the Twilight Realm to be no longer accessible by outsiders in the light world. Her tear shattering the mirror officially after Zant's incomplete shattering signifies this. I see many similarities between the effects of the Twilight Curtains and the Dark Mirror, so the influence of the Twilight Realm being present after Midna intending to permanently close the connection invalidates her effort (depending on how much merit you put in her saying "See you later"). Multiple portals to the same dimension still make sense, and since the Light Spirits seem to protect specific territories, one of them could have handled the portion of the tribe that got sealed in the Dark Mirror while another(s) dealt with the ones at the Mirror of Twilight.
In FSA, the Gerudo have denounced Ganon, but they also see the Pyramid (that holds the Trident of Power) as sacred. "The pyramid is sacred to our people. To have a criminal such as him enter... His presence stains its holy ground." This new Ganon broke the rules when he snatched the Trident. The Trident may have been placed afterwards if the Gerudo found the Pyramid sacred as a place of protection. The builders of the Pyramid, however, were the Zuna.
From FSA, we also get the desert dwelling tribe of the Zuna, but we don't get much about them. We know that the Zuna ancestors built the Pyramid that housed the Trident of Power, an evil artifact. If I were to make something up, I would say that the Zuna ancestors were the dark tribe that got sealed in the mirror, as if the dark tribe were the ones to build the Pyramid, but I admit this is a weak connection.
We also have Onox and Veran. The eye on Veran's dress isn't Sheikah, but she resembles Midna. Onox resembles Iron Knuckles.png/revision/latest?cb=20120325232027) (corrupted Gerudo, with the chest gem). Both have Gerudo logos, but it's more likely a relationship to Twinrova specifically rather than the Gerudo people as a whole. Both have origins from the Dark World, not as people of the light worlds, so they wouldn't be with the interlopers.

*Breath of the Wild

With BOTW and ZE, it feels like Nintendo soft rebooted the lore to get away from any limits. The Yiga seemed to be a much cleaner slate to what they were originally thinking in regards to Sheikah defectors that relate to the Gerudo. Do the Sheikah constellations/tech remind anyone of Twili imagery? Midna in the full Fused Shadow has similar textures to a common BotW pattern (also the background of using the Sheikah Slate). From u/Nighplasmage54 (thanks), Masterworks implies the Sheikah split twice, once when the tech was buried (with the Yiga heading to the Gerudo highlands) and once again with the more established younger Sheikah when the tech was uncovered, creating the generational gap we see in BotW. But, from what we see in-game of BotW, the Yiga don't seem that thought out story-wise.
The next closest thing is the Zonai, who have the same swirly patterns, serpent references, and blocky aesthetics as the Twili. There are also similarites with Ganondorf's collar, Zant's shoes and shoulders, and Midna's Headpiece with your average Zonai imagery. On top of that, we know they were magic users, and their Dragon, Owl, and Boar statues reference Courage, Wisdom, and Power. But, I have a feeling that Nintendo isn't going to go much deeper into their history anyways. I'm not getting my hopes up of Nintendo directly connecting the Twili lore in BotW 2, but I expect it to be in the general headcanon of the Zelda community.


Why did these shadow tribes form in the first place? Greed. They lusted for power and were attracted by dark magics to pursue this power.
In Hyrule, Sheikah defect from the Royal Family of Hyrule to join a portion of Gerudo that are interested in dark magics. Coming together as the dark interlopers, their greed led them to creations like the Mirror of Twilight and the Dark Mirror (and possibly the Dark Trident). But, when rumors of the Triforce spread away from the Royal Family of Hyrule, war broke out. In Hyrule, the dark interlopers used the Fused Shadow to try to take the Triforce. The goddesses sent the Light Spirits to ban the interlopers into the Twilight Realm using their own mirrors. The Fused Shadow was then split and each piece was hidden away by the Light Spirits.
In Termina, Sheikah defect from the Royal Family of Ikana to join the Ancient Ones, who are interested in dark magics. Together, they are the enemy nation against Ikana Kingdom. The Garo would be their spy faction and the Stone Tower would be used for hexing rituals. But, the Royal Family of Ikana didn't like the activity happening at Stone Tower, so the war broke out. In Termina, the Ancient Tribe used Majora’s Mask to try to reach the “heavens” with Stone Tower. Some sort of divinity (Light Arrows/goddesses) flipped the Stone Tower, sending many of them away. Majora’s Mask was hidden away by the remaining Ancient Ones due to the fear of its dark power.
Both were banished to the same Twilight Realm for their abuse of magics. They got along and courted with eachother. They would then devolve into the Twili. Zant would then reference his shadow tribe ancestors. Zant sits on a throne with the Sheikah eye symbol, the people who left the Royal Families, the same symbol on the Fused Shadow. He kept his Garo heritage in his sword fighting skills, and he proudly displays the Gerudo symbol on his robes. Zant, knowing his people were wronged by people of the light, follows Ganon in taking over Hyrule.
Well, that was all my headcanon for why the lore of the Sheikah, Garo, Twili, and the Gerudo are connected. Of course, there is also the possibility that none of these tribes actually relate, because I do feel some sort of absurdity in trying to connect pre-BotW shadow tribe lore together. I still truly believe that there is not enough information to come up with anything definitive since a lot of this evidence was inexplicit. I also don't think Nintendo cares to tie any of these loose ends together, but instead move forward with a cleaner canon, which I'm fine with. With the shadow tribes specifically, their lore is loose enough to where they can produce a lot of different theories which make for interesting reads. I hope that this post is an interesting read for you as well.
submitted by ThighSlapAndACalf to truezelda

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[Oct 2019] Underground Coliseum Bug

The game goes to a black screen if you encounter Tonberry King on the tournament. Restarting the tournament works until you encounter it again.
This issue is resolved.

MP Bug - Support abilities being spammed without cooldown

This issue seems to have been resolved.

Scholar ultimate bug

On the scholar job, If you tap just after you use your ultimate but just before the animation, then you will skip it and not get the prismatic shift.
The bug has been around since EW2.

Display tooltip bug for the 5 auto-abilities weapon - Boost Ult won't show.

Bedivere cleave stack bug


IOs scrolling bug

[Issues for In-Game News]
We confirmed that players using certain iOS devices have been experiencing difficulties scrolling down the in-game News accessed from the the Home tab under "i".
We are still investigating this issue.
We're sorry for the inconvenience!

Big 1GB+ update

Typically, huge updates like that are a mistake. This is a known bug for a long time. Some of the tips are:
  • Restart game
  • Restart phone
  • Clearing cache of your phone
  • Uninstall (if on Steam) (not disable but really uninstall) your antivirus
  • ...
  • If nothing works, let the update go on.

Enormous OB count (more than 32) on ranking

Common bug, the OB count gives nothing.

The Rift - Ifrit fights soft lock


Extra skill visual bug with Dawn Warrior skin

When you equip Dawn Warrior skin, whether you unlock an extra skill, this visual bug will trigger.

The Unscathered with Godo

If you use The Unscathered while having Godō, the game will freeze immediately.

FFX - New Jobs bug

Job Card has notification for new jobs (possibly the aeons?), and does not go away.

Regarding Legend & Pity pulls

It's a known bug that legends on such banners sometimes replace the normal jobs. And it does not really look like SE is actually working on fixing that...
Note: It's been a long time since someone triggered this bug, might have been corrected already?

The weapon mod button is unclickable, i can't mod it.

"either removing the weapon out of a weapon slot and putting it into another (so take out of slot 1 and put into slot 5 for example) or by removing the weapon from the weapon boosting list and then burning some stamina by farming and then going back into the weapon boosting list and reselecting the weapon."
Another Solution:
"Remove weapon from slot, exit the weapon boost menu, reopen weapon boost menu and it should be fixed"

Social Events & Community Post



Note: News related to pulls will be put on the [pulls and megathread] title just below instead
Note 2: I'll order the news page with oldest date at the top from now on. It might confuse you at the beginning, sorry about that.


Note: News related to pulls will be put here as well

Pulls and Megathreads

Note: GS stands for Greater Summon






Tools and Spreadsheets




Current - Ultimate Coliseum

Current - FFVIII



Regions - Season 2



Chapter 2

  • Probing for Pickle MazeAriito
  • Q: How do I get to the high-quality herb nodes (The Wilderness) in the S2 Medicinal Mishap story map?
  • A: Teleport to the big node in the top-left corner of the area (The Wildlands) and you'll unlock a path to go from there.
  • Q: What's the correct path for the diverging paths in S2 Graff's story chapter map?
  • A: 1st choice -> Peasants' Market; 2nd choice -> Memory Lane.

The Rift

Endless War 3


Regions - Season 1

Hall Of Fame


Story Digest

Chaos Vortex

Endless War 2


Cutscenes List

Battle Tower

Battle Ranking Event: A SOLDIER's Duel
October 23, 8:00 pm to November 1, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)
Battle Ranking Event: Transient Sorceress
September 23, 8:00 pm to October 1, 7:59 pm PDT (UTC-7)


Defender Bestiary

General Bestiary

Note: some bestiary threads (also Multiplayer) have been removed by their author. I relinked them again with Removeddit, but it might not work for everyone (it doesn't even work for me, but some users on discord can access it).



  • EVENT - Cloud Strife: [Guide]mao_shiro





Future Content

Upcoming Adjustment of cards/supremes/skins

Note: Strikethrough threads are updates already released on GL.

[GL] Tips

[GL] General Tools

[JP] Tips

[JP] Various Links

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