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Are you just leaving your old Half-Life or Counter Strike game CD scattered around your house and getting it dusty? Nonetheless, being free of charge, P2PVPN is still a solid recommendation for basic users wanting to play Counter-Strike 1.6 or some other old-school game over VPN. An institution in first-person shooters, Counter Strike 1.6 is the most up to date version of the classic video game, with the Steam system providing bug fixes and updates Last update 26. Company of Heroes 2 Hack + Keygen; Company of Heroes 2 Hack + Keygen; Company of Heroes 2 Hack + Keygen; Silent Aim – Counter Strike 1.6; Silent Aim – Counter Strike 1.6; Silent Aim – Counter Strike 1.6; War3HK Tool – DotA, Warcraft 3, Invoker, Morphing. Become one today and start sharing your creations! A number of games are currently being added to Garena after a community suggestion referendum was held in June.

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In settings, select the Counter Strike Icon and. Or i m playing "Counter strike 1.6 ". How counter strike 1.6 keeps its game data in hard drive? Cs 1.6 server help - Network i loved this. Download this app and get enjoy! We have a Counter Strike competition in our college for which I am the coordinator. Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Classes Problem - Counter Strike.

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Counter Strike 1.6 Tutorials & Downloads: [AMXX] Amx Admin navigate to these guys. Counter Strike 1.6 online (non-steam) with GARENA To download it you will need a Torrent Downloader. Counter Strike Online AKA Good Guys vs Bad Boys! Anyway Who r u i mean ur nick on MBL? Counter-Strike Online (CSO) is a free-to-play Counter Strike MMOFPS licensed by Valve Software to Nexon Corporation, released in 2020. PES2012 EURO DLC Patch.

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There are 3 versions of Counter Strike being supported by Garena client, the old CS 1.5, the upgraded CS 1.6, and the complete remake Counter Strike Source using the Source Game Engine of Half Life 2. Below is the visual guide for the overhauled CS 1.6. To start Counter Strike 1.6 via Garena, click the Start Game button. Game #1: Team Fortress 2. muurraatt mahir123 SteamID: 76561198007348760. Download pubg mobile lite, pubg mobile (kr), taptap (cn), uptodown app store, beta pubg mobile lite. Bot only available for license owners at the moment. Unity 3d Gatsby Steam Free Serious Sam Microsoft Visual Studio Top Imagem.

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Patch (1) Skin Counter Strike (38) Skin Windows (14) Software (3) Tutorial (1) Recent Posts. Tutorial: Garena install pack can be downloaded from the official Garena download site for free. CS 1.6 online game free download - Counter strike 1.6. Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike Online, Counter Strike PNG size: 612x698px filesize: 270.67KB; CrossFire Payday 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive SWAT First-person shooter, swat PNG size: 1000x1700px filesize: 1.06MB; Point Blank Video game Techlabs Cup Need for Speed: World, others PNG size: 727x927px filesize: 1.12MB; Titanfall 2. Developed by Valve, first was launch as a Half-Life Mode. By Hack Feb 7, Post New Try playing cs in garena.

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In this pack there are: AS-50 Silence Midnight 3. AUG A3 Silence Midnight 3. Kriss SV Silence Midnight 3. OA-93 Silence Midnight 3. You can play online on various servers. Version: Patch 1.01. Perform maintenance on your drives and optimize how programs run with this free title. Counter-Strike 1.6 CSL Edition v. 3.0, this is a new build client CS 1.6 which includes many improvements and bug fixes from previous versions. The competition for PBIC 2020 is very tight.

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You choose cooperative o versus mode. More than a decade on it is still the best and the most entertaining game of its type, it has the best settings and. Counter-Strike 1.6 Download Torrent Download. Counter Strike is developed on the same engine of the Half life, hence whenever Counter strike is started, some times Half life opens if the target in the properties of the counter strike is not set properly. Weapons Pack Bolt PB Garena For CS 1.6 or CSCZ or CSPB By Wildan Wiarta Wildan Wiarta 2/13/2020 Counter-Strike, Weapons Pack Comment See Also. This is not justa reskinned CS 1.6, the changes made to the game are significant.

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Weapon skinns and models are made to look like those in Modern Warfare 2, player models, even some animations, too. Counter Strike 1.6 Team Fortress 2 Counter Strike: Source insurgency Counter Strike: Global Offensive Left 4 Dead 2 Garry's Mod Killing Floor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Day of Defeat Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Left 4 Dead Team Fortress Classic America's Army 3 Condition Zero Alien Swarm Age of Chivalry Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Brink Pirates, Vikings & Knights II Zombie Panic!

Garena CODM Lucky Draw Cost Breakdown (Philippines) (+other observations)

This is a long post so you could skip right ahead to the numbered list at the end of the first part for the total COD points (CP) cost and actual cost. The post is split into two parts: 1. the enumeration of lucky draw costs and 2. the methods for purchasing CP in the Philippines for the cheapest price.
As stated on the title of this post, I play the Garena version of the game which is the version that is available in the Philippines.
This detail could be important because from what I have observed from the global version, prices for the draw could differ from player to player with regards to their region. Thus, I cannot generalize my findings here for the entire Garena version. I also don't know if prices could vary from player to player in the same region; just as how prices for bundles differ from player to player in the global version. But this is the lucky draw so it could still be the same for players across one region or even the game version.
I tried the other lucky draws before but not to the point that I will spending too much CP (and of course, money). I only draw about two to three times before moving on. With the release of the Void Combat Rig lucky draw, I decided that it would be the opportune time for me to complete a draw especially since I liked most of the items included and most importantly because I cannot find any information with regards to prices of items in the Garena version.
With all that said, if the CP prices that I have indicated here differ from yours, especially if you're playing on the Garena version of the game, please let me know in the comments. I will surely appreciate it since most information are about the global version.
  1. 20 CP
  2. 50 CP
  3. 80 CP
  4. 150 CP
  5. 280 CP
  6. 450 CP
  7. 700 CP
  8. 1000 CP
  9. 1800 CP
  10. 3500 CP
  • TOTAL: 8030 CP ((PhP 3500 / USD 68.99) or (PhP 5200 / USD USD 102.49))

In this part of this post, I will be indicating how much money I have spent in purchasing the amount of CP needed for me to get all of the items in the draw. But before we get to that, I will first describe the methods in which you could get CP in the Philippines, as well as price comparisons for context. I have no intentions of shaming the developers in any way, shape, or form because I think that the prices were adjusted with regards to how much money most people make, as well as their cost of living, in their respective contexts.
The most obvious way to purchase CP is through the in-game store. I will be comparing the rates that we have in the Philippines to the US' version of the game. The same amounts of CP can be purchased in the Philippines, however the price for CP is actually higher (except for 80 CP) compared to the US (I used Bobby Plays' video (paused at 3:56) for reference.
These are the prices for CP in-game. The first sub-bullet is that of the Philippines while the second one is that of the US':
(Exchange rates were taken from Google on 2020 May 17th, 6:26 PM GMT+8)
  • 80 CP
    • PH - PhP 49 / USD .97
    • US - PhP 50.23 / USD .99
  • 420 CP (400 + 20 CP)
    • PH - PhP 260 / USD 5.12
    • US - PhP 253.17 / USD 4.99
  • 880 CP (800 + 80 CP)
    • PH - PhP 560 / USD 11.04
    • US - PhP 506.84 / USD 9.99
  • 2400 CP (2000 + 400 CP)
    • PH - PhP 1300 / USD 25.62
    • US - PhP 1267.87 / USD 24.99
  • 5000 CP (4000 + 1000 CP)
    • PH - PhP 2600 / USD 51.25
    • US - PhP 2536.24 / USD 49.99
  • 10800 CP (8000 + 2800 CP)
    • PH - PhP 5600 / USD 110.38
    • US - PhP 5072.99 / USD 99.99
If a player would want to complete the lucky draw, they would have to spend PhP 5200 (USD 102.49) (for two 5000 CP packages) or PhP 5600 (USD 110.38) (for the 10800 CP package). However, there is another method which would result in a better deal and overall cheaper cost than that of the US global version.
The way how I purchased CP for my account is via the Garena prepaid cards which are, to simply put, similar to Google Play and Apple gift cards. Prepaid cards can be bought at various stores in physical form. I buy mine however at my local 7/11 via the Cliqq machine. You would need to enter your mobile number and the amount of Garena shells that you want to purchase. Garena shells is basically the currency in Garena and a shell is 1:1 to Philippine Peso. You could buy up to PhP 1000 (USD 19.71) for each transaction. After taking the slip that the machine prints out and paying for it at the counter, you will promptly get a text from Garena with your prepaid card code which you would then need to redeem online. This isn't an attempt to market anything, it's just that you could have more bang for your buck if you'd use the prepaid cards.
By logging into Garena Philippine's shop website and selecting CODM, you could enter your prepaid card's code and redeem your shells which in turn you would use for CP. There are two ways to get CP via the Garena Shop, you could either (1.) put in the code directly to your CODM account via the online shop's CODM app which would automatically turn your shells into CP or (2.) use existing Garena shells in your Garena account. Below is the list of how much CP each amount of shells would get you, with the first sub-bullet indicating the CP gained by directly putting in your prepaid card's (PPC) number to the CODM app in the shop's website, and the second bullet indicating how much CP you'd get by using currently existing shells in your Garena account.
  • 10 shells (PhP 10 / USD .20)
    • PPC-CODM
      • 20 CP (16 + 4 CP)
    • PPC-Shells-CODM
      • 16 CP
  • 20 shells (PhP 20 / USD .39)
    • PPC-CODM
      • 40 CP (32 + 8 CP)
    • PPC-Shells-CODM
      • 32 CP
  • 50 shells (PhP 50 / USD .99)
    • PPC-CODM
      • 100 CP (80 +20 CP)
    • PPC-Shells-CODM
      • 80 CP
  • 100 shells (PhP 100 / USD 1.97)
    • PPC-CODM
      • 208 CP (160 + 48 CP)
    • PPC-Shells-CODM
      • 168 CP (160 + 8 CP)
  • 200 shells (PhP 200 / USD 3.94)
    • PPC-CODM
      • 416 CP (320 + 96 CP)
    • PPC-Shells-CODM
      • 336 CP (320 + 16 CP)
  • 300 shells (PhP 300 / USD 5.91)
    • PPC-CODM
      • 648 CP (480 + 168 CP)
    • PPC-Shells-CODM
      • 528 CP (480 + 48 CP)
  • 500 shells (PhP 500 / USD 9.86)
    • PPC-CODM
      • 1080 CP (800 + 280 CP)
    • PPC-Shells-CODM
      • 880 CP (800 + 80 CP)
  • 1000 shells (PhP 1000 / USD 19.71)
    • PPC-CODM
      • 2320 CP (1600 + 720 CP)
    • PPC-Shells-CODM
      • 1920 CP (1600 + 320 CP)
The first option will yield more CP because it will give you more bonus CP. For 1000 Garena shells you would get 1600 CP plus a bonus of 720 CP, amounting to 2320 CP. If you loaded the shells in your Garena account first, then using that existing shells to buy CP, you would only get a bonus of 320 CP, amounting only to a total of 1920 CP. Comparing the in-game option of buying CP to the PPC-CODM of the Garena Shop, it would cost PhP 1300 (USD 25.62) as opposed to only paying PhP 1000 (USD 19.71) for roughly the same amount of CP (2400 CP and 2320 CP respectively).
Taking everything into consideration, the amount of CP that you would need to complete the Void Combat Rig Lucky Draw in the Philippines if not the Garena version is 8030 CP which amounted to PhP 3500 (USD 68.99). The price could go higher depending on how you would purchase CP. But if you read my post up to this point, you would certainly get it at the cheapest cost possible.

Final Remarks (You could really skip this part now, I'm just giving my two cents beyond this point.)
This post was initially intended to be made for the breakdown of the lucky draw costs on the Garena version of CODM due to the fact that I couldn't find any existing breakdowns. In the process of buying CP, I also stumbled upon other methods of payment that would get Garena players, or at least those in the Philippines, more CP by paying less. I am actually not surprised that this hasn't been talked about yet, because not a lot of players would actually buy in game currency for games that they could enjoy for free, let alone that the part of the community playing with the Garena version is overshadowed by the those who play on the global version.
It is actually quite commendable of Activision and Tencent to create a game which users can actually enjoy for free. With the constant updates and balances, gameplay is just becoming more and more desirable. The adjustment of prices for each region is also quite commendable because realistically speaking, I won't spend a single cent if the skins were really out of my price point. Although I also do get why the developers are getting some flak for unfair prices. From my perspective, they needed to make a system in which they could make money from each population that CODM caters to. Yet again, the skins are actually just bonuses at this point.
You could definitely enjoy the game without spending a single cent on it because of the unlockable items, rewards for completing challenges as well as items that you can purchase with the in-game credits. Sure there are certain things that you wouldn't be able to get without paying real world currency like the HBRa3 in the current meta, but that won't really make you a better player.
(EDITS: Grammar corrections, cost of the first draw, and correction in the total of CP needed for the lucky draw)
submitted by Gewbie to CallOfDutyMobile

People in garena public lobby countered akimbo fennec

Today i used akimbo fennec (yes i did)
I got crossmapped by level 72 player (not a bot)using agr 556 , level 150 player using echo, PlasticFoods using thermite then left the game.
submitted by arifhaziq10 to CallOfDutyMobile

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