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People lie, cheat, swim rivers, climb fences, and walk through deserts to give their kids half the chance mine has just for being born here! Pockie Ninja 2 Original Hack refreshed Pockie Ninja II Original is an anime style program based amusement created by Ngames. The game is set in the medieval period. BAM Hack; Pockie Ninja Social 2 Hack; Slingo Quest (Steam) +. No Cheat Engine required. Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking Entertainment How To Music & Dance News & Events People & Stories Pets & Animals Science & Tech Sports Travel & Outdoors Video Games Wheels & Wings Other 18+ Only Fashion.

Here's my list of top games to try out on the system, what am I forgetting?

Racing games
BS F-Zero 2
Super Mario Kart
Top Gear
Top Gear 2
Top Gear 3000
Stunt Race FX ( FX Command line modifier is useful here )
Biker Mice from Mars
Rock and Roll racing
Nigel Mansell world Championship racing
Uchuu Race: Astro Go Go! (sfc)
Shmups (Here I’m trying to include the best games with minimal slowdown and some unknown titles, I’ve left a lot of well-known titles out)
Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie (sfc, this Is a top 3 on the system imo)
Super Aleste / Space Megaforce
Dezaemon (sfc)
Flying Hero: Bugyuru no Daibouken (sfc)
R-Type 3: Third lightning
Aero Fighters
Cotton 100% (sfc)
Super Earth Defence force
UN Squadron
Firepower 2000 / Super Swiv
Pop’N Twinbee (sfc/e)
Parodius Da! (sfc/e)
Beat Em Ups
TMNT 4: Turtles in Time
Legend (E version includes turbo mode, not sure if this is because of 50/60hz difference)
Ninja Warriors
Final Fight Series
Batman Returns
Sonic Blastman 2
Knights of the Round
King of Dragons
Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage
X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse
The adventures of Batman and Robin
Battle Toads and Double Dragon
Fighting Games
Street Fighter 2: World warrior Street Fighter 2 turbo
Super Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Killer Instinct
Weapon Lord
Mortal Kombat 2
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
TMNT: Tournament Fighters
Fatal Fury Special
Gundam Wing Endless Duel (sfc, this game is fantastic!)
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension (sfc)
RPG (English translation patches are available for Japanese games)
Legend of Zelda: Link to the past
BS Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone tablets (Nintendo release,LTTP Engine new dungeons)
BS Legend of Zelda (Nintendo release, remake of Zelda 1)
Final Fantasy V (JP, Translation patches are available)
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Chrono Trigger
Treasure of the Rudras (JP)
Secret of Mana
Secret of Evermore
Dragon Quest III remake (JP)
Dragon Quest VI (JP)
Super Mario RPG
Illusion of Gaia
Alcahest (JP)
Gunmans Proof (JP)
Seiken Densetsu 3 (JP,Secret of Mana 2)
Tales of Phantasia (JP)
Star Ocean (JP)
Lufia and the fortress of doom
Lufia II : Rise of the Sinistrals
Breath of fire II
Harvest Moon
Tactical RPG (Almost all of these are JP and require patches)
Bahamut Lagoon
Treasure Hunter G
Live a Live
Fire Emblem series
Chaos seed
Energy Breaker
Front Mission
Front Mission Gun hazard
Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together
Der Langrisser
Run and Gun / On rails shooter
Contra 3
Sunset Riders
Pocky and Rocky
Pocky and Rocky 2
Super Turrican
Super Turrican 2
Rendering Ranger R2
Super Smash TV
The Firemen (JP,E)
Zombies ate my Neighbours
Starfox 2
Legend of the Mystical Ninja (This had 2 sequels only released in Japan)
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
Super Mario All Stars
Super Castlevania 4
Castlevania: Dracula X
Super Metroid
Metal Warriors
Mickey Mania
Mickey Magical Quest
Great Circus Mystery Mickey Mouse (Magical quest 2)
Mickey Magical Quest 3 (JP)
Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim 2
Out of this world
Super Star wars Trilogy
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
Megaman X
Megaman X2
Megaman X3
Megaman 7
Rockman and Forte (JP, Megaman and Bass)
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2
Donkey Kong Country 3
Super Ghouls and Ghosts (Restoration patch removes slowdown)
Demons Crest
Hagane: The Final conflict
Kirby’s Dreamland 3
Puzzle games
Clock Tower (JP)
The Lost Vikings
The lost Vikings 2
Kirby’s Dream Course
Tetris Attack
Yoshi’s Cookie
Wario’s Woods
Kirby’s Avalanche
Tetris Attack
Tetris & Doctor Mario
Puzzle Bobble
Super Bomberman 1-5 (4,5 are JP only)
Sports / Simulation
Super Punch Out!
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
NBA Jam Tournament Edition
NHL 94
submitted by nuxxvonire to miniSNES

Paladins Fan Skin Concept Collection // August 2019 update

Hi all! A couple months late, but that was because graduation season came along and the skin competition completely overwhelmed me with the amount of skins that were posted (an estimated 400 is still what i dont know about, since they were only submitted to the competition and nowhere else, or i just havent come across them yet) But finally, i got everything added from the backlog, and the total skincount crossed the 1000 border!
Skins added for these past months - 376
This list does NOT contain all of the skins by name that got added, i forgot to log some of them until i was halfway through :c
  • Tesla Androxus by MoberRPG
  • Unnamed Androxus skin by he_creat
  • Infected Androxus by MoberRPG
  • Unnamed Androxus by chaffuer
  • Summer Ash by 52Hertz_art
  • Steampunk Ash by Ultimatrium
  • 80’s Aerobics Ash by Geleekinder
  • Aerobics Ash by b0ng_b0y
  • Valkyrie Ash by jhonatancastro
  • Angel Ash by Castel
  • Crimson Chaos Ash by void6436
  • Valkyrie Ash by K-ST
  • Aquatic Guard Ash by YingYang455
  • Esports Ash by sulakevinicius
  • Cuddly Ash by Eloxist
  • Shark Ash by A_Laio
  • Lumberjack Ash by LumenIzampel
  • K-Ash by WestD99
  • Wickerman Ash by WestD99
  • Orc Ash by WestD99
  • Tribe Machine Ash by Scorph
  • R.A.M. Battle Suit Ash by blazeac
  • Cosmonaut Ash by he_creat
  • Dragon Knight Ash by HoshiSama94
  • Bighorn Crystal Ash by Tsubasa9472
  • Zero Ash by Aoryus
  • Satyr Ash by WestD99
  • Unnamed Ash skin by Agitatia
  • Black Flag Ash by RickSBS
  • Slumber Party Ash by CarvalhoDough
  • Gang Buster Ash by AsakoShura
  • Bass Boosted Ash by Tetrapakz
  • Northlander Ash by Meltgar
  • Scrap Bandit Ash by PanSilent
  • Reporter Ash by e-maniak
  • Cyberpunk Ash by EnzoSenpai
  • Metal Rage Ash by BoneCrusherII
  • Dragon Hunter Ash by TDTrinity
  • Unnamed Ash skin by TZchan
  • Ashtronaut Ash by Judice42
  • Haunted Armor Ash by magique33
  • Warlord Ash by Makuta_Servaela
  • Lifeguard Ash by alexhook
  • Pirate Cannoneer Ash by angryraccoondraw
  • Dragon Slayer Ash by BR_Blaze
  • Nature’s Defender Ash by rorschachPE
  • Ganesh Ash by Rafaam-Lainfham
  • Circus Ash by uh-anna-uh
  • Barbarian Ash by Lofiu
  • Basher Ash by Tetrapakz
  • Raging Bull Ash by TheYakate
  • Deep Blue Ash by MarshallowArt
  • Light Armor Ash by drakaeden
  • Old Captain Atlas by MoberRPG
  • Ritter Atlas by MoberRP
  • Mafia Atlas by MoberRP
  • Toy Avenger Atlas by MoberRP
  • Barik
  • Garden Gnome Barik by Rakuda88
  • Baewatch Barik by marluspandesal
  • Drummerboy Barik by LoneWanderer2580
  • Viking Barik by chaffuer
  • ToyMaker Barik by MarshallowArt
  • Highlander Barik by TheYakate
  • Goth Girl Barik by japan_LUVR
Bomb King:
  • Paintball Bomb King by MarshallowArt
  • General B.O.M.B. by MoberRPG
  • B-Ball Bomb King by EnaBuns
  • Crystal Maiden Cassie by AngemonTK
  • Demonette Cassie by Kimirasu
  • Street Style Cassie by yume_no_dorei
  • Adventurer Cassie by TheYakate
  • Ballroom Cassie by HoshiSama94
  • 1 Shot 1 Kill Cassie by stuart_graphic
  • Veteran Dredge by MoberRPG
  • Oni Drogoz by AccaliaFox
  • Cuddly Unicorn Drogoz by AngemonTK & infernalseris
  • Breakfast Drogoz by MarshallowArt
  • Unnamed Drogoz skin by SpotLost
  • Queen bee Evie by beebeekaAAAAA
  • Street Style Evie by AngemonTK & FanzyRendz
  • Mad Raider Evie by MoberRPG
  • Magical Guardian Evie by Minty_Miu & MatiMadz
  • Mad Hatter Evie by Crossmasque
  • Ghastly Flame Evie by SEB
  • Magical Girl Evie by Vistoril
  • Street Style Evie by yume_no_dorei
  • Winter Cowgirl Evie by goddessvladlena
  • Battle Byte Evie by Eloxist
  • Panda Evie by Paladinsanity
  • Candy Queen Evie by XduNoir
  • Maid Evie by AngemonTK
  • Schoolgirl Evie by AngemonTK
  • 1 Shot 1 Kill Evie by stuart_graphic
  • Goalie Evie by CanadianArtGuy
  • Street Style Evie by 52hertz
  • Air Ace Evie by CanadianArtGuy
  • Presto Evie by puglieuso
  • Unnamed Evie skin by doqkey47
  • Hellbound Evie by Kimirasu
  • Flame Trooper Fernando by TheYakate
  • Battle Squad Fernando by MoberRPG
  • Angel Fernando by SoloEmi3
  • Shore Patrol Furia by goatink224
  • Hellbound Furia by AngemonTK & Flamexo
  • Bunny Furia by BoopleSoup
  • Summer Furia by EliyEssence
  • Teddy Bear Grohk by SwitchBoi
  • Couch Potato Grohk by Rakuda88
  • Genderbent Grover by elaltato
  • Bunny Grover by Castel
  • Pirate Grover by Castel
  • SoulBriar Grover by Squeaky101
  • Haunted House Grover by KellyNewbie
  • Shõgun Grover by DoomsDay303
  • Troll Grover by Fieldspire
  • Minotaur Grover by Nifne
  • Haunted Tree Grover by Eloxist
  • Ice Cream Grover by BigDaddyGangang
  • Vodjanoj / Marsh Grover by Yuri_Moro
  • Speakeasy Grover by AsakoShura
  • Firewood Grover by CaveofRice
  • Stone Construct Grover by AngemonTK & Hellblade1010
  • Viva Mexico Grover by CYT_StarK
  • Unnamed crystallic Grover by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed volcanic Grover by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed aquatic Grover by MikeKatar
  • Black Hole Grover by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed medieval Grover by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed demonic Grover by MikeKatar
  • Dentist Grover by e-maniak
  • Infernal Grover by AngemonTK
  • Blackwood Reaper Grover by Kimirasu
  • Frostyrover Grover by Ohm Prakash
  • Octopus Grover by Nilo1011
  • Void Master Grover by LordTekron
  • Volcanico Grover by cazaratas1000
  • Super Robot Grover by Matekwong
  • Defender of the Deep Grover by Meltgar
  • Wendigo Grover by MarshallowArt
  • Sandcastle Grover by Frostysss
  • Scare Crow Grover by TheWrest
  • Dragon Grover by jesetro
  • Ninja Grover by Kimirasu
  • Silverback Grover by tacodan2645
  • Carniver Grover by ReonSeiRS
  • Unnamed Grover Skin by Rafaam-Lainfham
  • Grokong Grover by ReonSeiRS
  • Golem Grover by MoberRPG
  • Excecutioner Grover by mysteryGuyX
  • Pendulum Grover by clertex
  • Sunflower Grover by BigDaddyGangang
  • Nightmare Grover by goatink224
  • Human Grover by BigDaddyGangang
  • Groover Grover by A_Laio
  • Deep Sea Grover by BR_Blaze
  • Pyroclastic Grover by aryafortis
  • Faceless Grover by clertex
  • Bunny Imani by Revov
  • Bunny Imani by bushinryu11
  • Street Style Imani by EnaBuns
  • Steampunk Imani by TheYakate
  • Summer Stone Inara by TheYakate
  • Mother Inara by MoberRPG
  • Soulkeeper Inara by ori-taku666
  • Fallen Warden Inara by GyroPetra
  • Queen of Hearts Inara by HarukiShimizu
  • Feral Io by vevernova
  • Demon Fox Io by Pocky_art
  • Magician Io by Alex222d
  • Samurai Io by Kimirasu
  • Young Jenos by Archsidepro
  • Tricera-Khan by A-BRAVE-KNIGHT
  • Mexi-Khan by JustDifferent10
  • Stone Gatekeeper Khan by BR_Blaze
  • Mechanical Titan Khan by MoberRPG
  • Steampunk Kinessa by Lorika_Ren & Ally_Scara
  • Desert Hunter Kinessa by AngemonTK & Hellblade1010
  • Street Style Koga by HarukiShimizu
  • Huntsman Lex by LoneWanderer2580
  • Bastet Lian by sloppyfreddy
  • Wonerland Lian by Crossmasque
  • Street Style Lian by yume_no_dorei
  • Mermaid Lian by LavenderShiore
  • Forest Lian Recolor by drxstrange
  • War Monger Lian by AngemonTK / Nyphe
  • Royal Armoury Lian by Meltgar
  • Pirate Lian by Castel
  • Bunny Lian by Castel
  • Succubus Lian by Castel
  • Street Style Lian by Castel
  • Ice Lady Lian by Grisintenso
  • Samurai Lian by he_creat
  • Serpentine Lian by irischroma
  • Moth Queen Lian by myheaven0
  • Eldritch Witch Lian by themagicwalrus
  • Demonette Lian by dudsflausino
  • Peacebringer Lian by angryraccoondraw
  • Eastern Empress Lian by angryraccoondraw
  • Monarch Lian by yume_no_dorei
  • Blood Oath Lian by CrossMasque
  • Black Desert Princess by Lenk06
  • Bumpkin Lian by Judice420
  • Pink Thief Princess Lian by XduNoir
  • Nile’s Queen Lian by Raydroxus
  • Unnamed asiatic Lian by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed ice Lian by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed anime Lian by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed demonic Lian by MikeKatar
  • Dark Elf Lian by Titaria
  • Unnamed lian skin by yu-ko
  • Hero of the Magistrate Lian by CarvalhoDough
  • Beach Bae Lian by XduNoir
  • Untouchable Lian by AsakoShura
  • Military Lian by Nifne
  • Unnamed Lian by Meganyx
  • Geisha Lian by taylynanastasia
  • Businesswoman Lian by A_Laio & Tarralia
  • Queen of the Nile Lian by skyeifu
  • Devil Hunter Lian by Pro07
  • Raven Queen Lian by Sigirium
  • Dragon Queen Lian by myheaven0
  • Scarab Queen Lian by Yuri_Moro
  • Bollywood Lian by TDTrinity
  • Fairy Slayer Lian by lestyar
  • Masquerade Lian by dominicsteynart
  • Mistress Lian by BR_Blaze
  • Spectre Lian by Lofiu
  • Shattered Queen Lian by magique33
  • Cannoneer Lian by Kimirasu
  • Stripper Lian by syberbolt
  • Captain Lian by puglieuso
  • Western Lian by Tetrapakz
  • Knighthood Lian by Arxil
  • Europe Lian by TDTrinity
  • Huntress Lian by Kelenkel
  • Vampire Princess Lian by Wickedlatte
  • Ita-Lian Lian by PanSilent
  • Corpse Bride Lian by AngemonTK
  • Sailor Lian by Agcoelho
  • Atlantean Lian by AngemonTK
  • Triage Lian by LoneWanderer2580
  • Papillon Lian by clertex
  • Hoodie Maeve by TheYakate
  • Chesire Cat Maeve by Crossmasque
  • Unnamed Maeve skin by d4rk0p4l
  • Catnip Maeve by AngemonTK & Farq
  • Lunar Maeve by AngemonTK & Delver
  • 1 Shot 1 Kill Maeve by stuart_graphic
  • Unnamed Maeve skin by EnaBuns
  • Police Makoa by Revov
  • Kaiju Makoa by Riba9495
  • Cyber Cobra Mal’Damba by MoberRPG
  • Sawn Asunder Mal’Damba by clertex
  • Genderbent Mal’Damba skin by Animated_Being
  • Emo Moji by RuddyRzaq
  • Battle Squad Moji by MoberRPG
  • Magical Guardian of Love Moji by ShootingStarfish
  • Jaga Moji by Gwakkerboybaggot
  • Summer Moji by jorbut
  • Basket Case Pip by SEB
  • Radioactive Pip by Kuba45321
  • Steampunk Pepper by nightfury3200
  • Unnamed 3d Pip skin by hanna_kime
  • Battle Squad Ruckus by MoberRPG
  • Abyss Ruckus by CWHardKnight
  • Frost Ruckus by BRACEDSHARK
  • Racer Ruckus by BR_Blaze
  • Summer Ruckus by BRACEDSHARK
  • Medusa Seris by ElenyaRevons
  • White Bride Seris by hirokimihiro
  • Sacred Seris by Kimirasu
  • Vacation Seris by Altriza
  • Unnamed Seris skin by BegoJakov
  • With Seris by dominicsteynart
  • Corrupted Seris by Pro07
sha lin:
  • Shatterwind weapon skin by engi40
  • 1 Shot 1 Kill Skye by Stuart_graphic
  • Bunny Skye by BoopleSoup
  • Abyss Skye by Titaria
  • Goth Skye by AngemonTK
  • Steampunk Strix by Lorika_Ren & Ally_Scara
  • Special Agent Strix by AngemonTK & Dachshund
  • Hellfire Strix by Asel
  • Forest Stalker Strix by TheYakate
  • Ghost Warrior Strix by MoberRPG
  • Infernal Talus by Alexis_Pflaum
  • Kikai Talus by ToaPhantom
  • Wereboss Talus by ChaseyTheFuture
  • Cupid Talus by Castel
  • Pirate Talus by Castel
  • Talus genderbent Casual Talia by Kimirasu
  • Woodland Talus by QueezleJones
  • Angelic Talus by QueezleJones
  • Aquatic Ranger Talus by YingYang455
  • Wendigo Talus by Saikuu_
  • Mr.B Talus by GreenThor
  • Unnamed Talus by DarkArtzz
  • Pirate of Hell Talus by Kiasheo914
  • Black Knight Talus by Jesper0508
  • Laplace Talus by a deleted reddit user
  • Soulshackle Talus by Squeaky101
  • Genie Talus by Yuri
  • Pilot Suit Talus by GiornoGrey
  • Talus "Talisa" skin by Zanthu
  • Party Clown Talus by dribbleondo
  • Serious Boi Talus by Llamabear
  • Detective Talus by AsakoShuraash
  • Cut-Throat Talus by Doomsday030
  • Cyberpunk Talus by Lofiu
  • Vector Talus by MontblancUsopp
  • Desert Nomad Talus by Typiqal_
  • Demon Faun Talus by TDTrinity
  • Magical Boy Talus by ふーにゃ
  • Unnamed Talus Skin by Nyon_Pyon2
  • Unnamed Talus skin by oreoconleche
  • Monk Talus by divvvit
  • Indian Talus by PakyArt15
  • Street Writer Talus by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed alien Talus skin by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed Talus skin by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed sailor Talus skin by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed sci-fi Talus skin by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed end times Talus skin by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed pijama Talus skin by MikeKatar
  • Unnamed Talus skin by Jesper0508
  • Shalus Talus by Yuri_Moro
  • Jungle Talus by FuriasThighs
  • Omega Talus by AngemonTK & Hellblade1010
  • Bad Ducky Talus by TheWrest
  • Pinoccio Talus by A_Laio
  • Dragon Elf Girl Talus by R1CH35
  • Talus genderbent Talia skin by Kimirasu
  • Arcade Talus by BR_Blaze
  • Primal Talus by LucienDegas
  • Retro Talus by Kelenkel
  • Mythical Talus by Arkaiwolf
  • Totally Radical Talus by SoloEmi3
  • Wolfskin Talus by ChaseyTheFuture
  • Metal Rage Terminus by BoneCrusherII
  • Summer Stone Terminus by TheYakate
  • Lumberjack Terminus by ranch0000
  • Gladiator Terminus by aryafortis
  • Dragon Priest Torvald by angryraccoondraw
  • Cyber Engineer by MoberRPG
  • Biker Torvald by AngemonTK
  • Dragonfly Willo by HarukiShimizu
  • Maid Willo by Anastasija Volkova
  • Cream Willo by llamabear (sadly the tweet was protected by the time i was able to enter it into database, so no art)
  • Swan Lake Willo by Zanthu
  • Harpie Willo by WickedLatte
  • Roseberry Willo by Judice420
  • Chrono Swapper Ying by TheYakate
  • White Rabbit Ying by Crossmasque
  • Rock Idol Ying by YingMeow
  • Cowgirl Ying by Makuta_Servaela
  • Unnamed Yign by YingMeow
  • Divine Ying by Castel
  • Bunny Ying by Castel
  • Dragon Spirit Ying by Castel
  • Good Night Ying by Nesteruk_ava
  • Unnamed western Ying by Makuta_Servaela
  • Unnamed Ying by Makuta_Servaela
  • Unnamed angelic Ying by Makuta_Servaela
  • Police Ying by Revov
  • Cosmic Ying by Krilko
  • Ying Popstar by Jibryl
  • Shatterstar blade by engi40 (weapon skin)
  • Battle Byte Zhin by MoberRPG
  • Unnamed Zhin skin by Khramov_Sergei
Total skins currently: 1079
link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K0IaroL7kt7BLZ8P7TYHT0OFrZkD9Tl6etIPrqFdS-Q/edit?usp=sharing
Next update to the list is around the 16th of september
submitted by Estlib to Paladins

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