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[Deadfire] I've been stuck on the final Oracle of Wael battle for the past week. I've never been more frustrated with a boss battle before. Please help!

I'm on Normal Difficulty. (Yes, I know.) I have a LVL 20 party with the following members:
My PC, a Paladin (with Mace and Shield)
Eder, a Fighter (with Dual Sabres)
Xoti, a Priest (with Pistol and Lantern)
Aloth, a Wizard (with Wand and Scepter)
Serafen, a Cipher (with War Bow)
All equipment is superb or legendary, and I've decked out each character with a healthy mix of healing potions, poisons, scrolls (for Xoti and Aloth), and figurines (for Eder and my Paladin).
Consistent issues I've found with this fight:
  • Those eyebeams knock out Aloth and Serafen almost instantly. I've had Aloth cast Arcane Reflection, and given Serafen some Potions of Improved Arcane Reflection, but it's almost like the game doesn't recognize these eyebeams as "spells," or "magic," or whatever. In short, although it's quite likely I'm mistaken, these defensive spells or potions seem to have little to no effect.
  • Speaking of, my characters' AI seems to make it impossible for them to drink healing potions. As soon as I command them to drink a potion, their AI switches to an Auto-Attack and the "drink potion" action is therefore cancelled. I've tried turning AI off, which sometimes allows them to drink the potion, but they'll often die before they action is able to be completed.
  • Aloth and Serafen will also just randomly wander off (???) in the middle of the battle, usually to handle some of the Oracle's minions, running away from my Paladin's passive AOE healing abilities, as well as Xoti's Circle of Protection and other defensive spells. Usually, by the time it takes for me to get them back to the battle, they'll be isolated for long enough that the other enemies finish them off. They'll also randomly perform abilities that require them to be in close, close contact with the Oracle, which also requires them to break away from the party.
Please help. I love this game, but I've never been more infuriated with a boss battle in any game, ever. Tell me what I'm doing wrong, or provide me with any tips I can use to mitigate this occasionally shitty AI, or bugs, or whatever.
TL;DR: I cannot for the life of me beat the Oracle of Wael in its final appearance. Usually, it's due to Aloth and Serafen's shitty AI causing them to wander off and get killed, which forces Xoti to use most of her resources to heal and resurrect them again and again and again. I don't know how to remedy this. I also don't know any decent strategy to beat this boss overall. It's just incredibly frustrating.
submitted by EmpressSlut to projecteternity

My thoughts on Control Warrior to Legend

Heh, Greetings~

I hit Legend two days ago with relative ease thanks to Vol's Control Warrior. I believe this deck is not only very underrated, but also uniquely strong into the meta (beats Enrage Warrior, beats DH, even with Rogue and slightly losing to Priest). I think Control Warrior's worst matchups are Mage, Pally, and Warlock, but performs better than Enrage Warrior in certain matchups because it doesn't have one gameplan/linearity Enrage Warrior suffers from, and also has a surprise factor since most people will mulligan and play half the match expecting Enrage Warrior. Opponents will often race to taunt up/heal themselves out of burst range as you smile, amused, and continue to armor up :)
MU W/L record
Bunch of Stats
Reasons to play this deck:
  • Zephyr lover or Archivist Elysiana lover
  • Want to beat the Warrior mirror consistently and DH at the same time
  • Like playing some good ol' fashioned Control Warrior
  • Don't mind long games
Reasons not to play this deck:
  • Hate long games
  • Don't want the Rogue MU to be a nail-bitehaving a favored mu is important to you
  • Priests stealing your best cards absolutely tilts you
  • You like the Enrage Warrior mirror


  • Just like Enrage Warrior (ew from now on), we run Armorsmith + Skippy + Anchar + Corsair + Livewire + Battle Rage as our core, and it's a damn strong one indeed. The core alone is removal/board cleaarmodraw/burst, so hitting these cards each game is essential to our gameplan. Unlike ew, we're not aiming to burst the opponent down, but use our bountiful resources to neuter the opponents threats, armor up beyond their reach, and grind them down in the long game to fatigue where we shine with Archivist and Zephyr.
  • The biggest piece of advice that significantly helped me while playing ew and doubly applies to Control Warrior (cw from now on) I read on these very forums--treat risky/armobattle rage as combo pieces costing 6 mana (since they're often played 6+ and above) and not 1*/2* drops. Would you hold a 6 mana combo piece in your mulligan? I thought not. You want to *draw* into these cards mid-game as you're starting to stabilize, as playing Risky/Armolackey/lackey/Battle Rage or some of the various combinations you can do is a significant and critical turning point in most mus, especially aggro/DH. This often gives you armor, clears their board while developing your own, and refills your hand while getting you closer to Zephyr being online + potentially having another round of the same risky/armor combo going off. The more armor you have, the more leeway you have since you're not in danger of dying asap if you armor up + pass a turn or two or make passive plays.
  • Don't get greedy with the armorsmith/skippebattle rage combo. Having a high enough life total to be alive after next turn >>> waiting a turn or to fully combo risky/armolackey/lackey/battle rage. BR is the lowest priority of the bunch, 2 mana draw 2 is still great! Know when it's more important to get armor pings off, then drawing 5 cards and almost milling yourself is key. You can always set up more draw turns if you're still alive. The 9 cards in your hand don't matter if you got bursted down from not having enough armor gain from last turn. Sometimes you won't have a battle rage in hand, and will have to combo just to survive, that's fine, you have plenty of removal to allow comebacks from behind, and shield block/corsair helps thin out your deck and search for that BR. Sometimes you have BR but no armorsmith, in those cases BR early into the combo instead of towards the middle/end and sometimes you can find an armorsmith to plop down. Even if you only get 1/2 pings of of her, as long as she's on the board the opponents has to use their removal on her awkwardly asap, lest they give you more armor.
  • I tend to think of the core as coming in two waves, the first being the essential risky/smith/lackey (+ br same turn/next turn if I have it) that swings the game in my favor, then later on in the game wave 2 of the same risky/smith/lackey (+br) combo. Of course, some games you don't have that luxury, and might need to play risky/smith/risky, or risky/smith/smith, meaning you can't cleanly do another wave-which is fine, the deck's flexible like that. Knowing when it's necessary to play both copies of risky/smith to survive and stay in the game/vs knowing how many turns can you hold off playing is a skill you'll develop from experience.
  • BR is the most flexible part of this combo since it's perfectly fine being played separate from the combo. In control mu's, if you decide to play slow, you may end up not using this card at all/using it as a 2 mana draw 1 to avoid fatiguing yourself faster, or if you're going for a more aggro approach, you may try and race to have pressure on the board constantly and use BR after you've Archivists to draw her cards and get your Zephyr back online ASAP. In aggro mu's, you might want to play it alone after you've stabilized the board and you're searching for armorsmith. The point is BR isn't as married to the risky/smith combo as risky and smith are to each other.
  • Don't be greedy with your weapons. Many times you'll have 2 corsaired weapons in hand and a weapon equipped. If you're facing control that's the dream, but vs aggro you really want to use Ancharr first to get risky for RiskySmith combo and thin out your deck, then equip Livewire Lance later for board control + lackeys. You can forgo a use of Ancharr if it's corsaired/already have a pirate or two in your hand, don't feel obligated to use every use of either weapon. Even if you have a 3/3 Livewire and you draw Anchar before swinging it once, if you need risky/thin out your deck asap (aka vs DH), it's better to just equip ancharr over your prized 3/3 lance. This could be the difference between armorsmith showing up two turns earliezephyr being online 2 turns earlier, which vs aggro is huge.
  • Know when to pass and leverage your life total, esp vs other control decks. You don't always have to play something, unless you're aiming to exhaust a deck because reasons, and you'll win most fatigue wars (outside of priest thoughtstealing/madaming/gala invoke madaming your archivist...)
  • Know when to bladestorm, when to brawl, and when to plague of wrath. Bladestorm should be used at the first reliable encounter, as it's the worst of the 3 at killing large boards. Brawl is better than plague of wrath considering it doesn't need an activation condition, but it may leave the minion you want alive... Plague of wrath can for sure kill what you want, but it has a conditional effect and it can be hard to meet that effect w/out a skippy or a bladestorm in hand. In some mus, bladestorm is key, however (DH, Warrior, Mage, Rogue) so knowing what to save bladestorm for is crucial.
  • Knowing when to use your cards for removal and when to use your face/minions to. The goal is to minimize the amount of removal needed to clear a threat while keeping in mind your resource bank and life total. This takes experience and knowledge/anticipation of your opponent;s threats, so the more you play,, the easier it gets. Taking face damage/trading to remove a minion to save your card removal for a bigger threat later >> saving face damage that turn by using your removal and not having removal for your opponent's big threat next turn. Essentially this tip is saying to think a turn or two ahead and use your resources wisely.


  • Vs Aggro you want to aggressively mulligan for corsaianchawarmaul/quartermaster, if I have coin vs aggro every now and then I'll keep armorsmith if I feel iffy with my opening hand, but you have so much armor gain you don't need to rely on it because it's not your only source of armor (unlike ew). If you get Livewire, it's up to you whether you keep or not, just know corsair, anchar, quartermaster, and warmaul are all better picks.
  • Vs Control you can be a little more greedy depending on the mu, Kargath's good to get his prime self in the deck asap, send away wires but keep Ancharr, pray for corsairs.

Overview/Notes about the Card Choices

  1. Risky Part of the Armorsmith/Battle Rage combo, want to ideally draw them with Corsair. If you get the health buff lackey it's amazing to give it to her during an armorsmith combo. If you need more armor and don't have any lackey's left, you can use another risky as part of the combo as a last resort, just know your future armorsmiths won't have any easy pings.Trap! Don't keep in your opening hand.
  2. Shield Slam One of my favorite cards, rewards you for good armor usage and can remove almost anything for an extremely low cost. Remember you need armor to use it, so shield slam a minion first and then hit w/your weapon for the most efficient removal. Combos well with quartermaster and shield block.
  3. Armorsmith My bae, my boo, I love her to death. C O R E to this deck, gives lovely lovely armor gain. Here's one of my favorite replays where I gain 31 armor in one turn (I known I could've gained more if I played that turn more optimally, I was rushed and trying to think of the best order to clear + gain life). You'll always breathe a sigh of relief when she shows up after you've been praying for her arrival--she does bring life to the party after all! ;DRemember, the more minions you have on board while doing risky/smith combo, the more armor you'll gain, so setting up a pre combo turn with high-ish health minions can do wonders! This means, in most cases, while doing your combo, it's better to play the higher health minions first then lackey's/1 health minions last (aside from the lackey that's spawn a random 2-minion ) to gain more armor. Of course, if you're fishing for things (armorsmith while you have BR in hand, rush/2 damage/taunt lackey) this changes, but don't sell yourself short of armor. Every. bit. counts. Using Warmaul on a high hp/low attack minion during your combo means you get even more armor, since you gain armor for each hit he does + another one after he's finished fighting from risky activating and pinging smith.Sometimes okay to keep in mulligan, but most times trust in the deck that'll you get her when you need her. She's the lifeblood to your deck, and having good skippesmith turns will make or break alot of mus.
  4. Battle Rage Try and break even at 2 mana draw 2, realize that anything better than that is bonkers! (I had an issue of only using it when I could draw 3+ cards, until a friend spectating me noticed that tendency and reminded me of other draw cards (arcane intellect, spectral sight) either cost more mana or have a cap, so me not being satisfied with 2* draw 2 was being preeeettyyy greedy. If you have the mana, use it early in your riskysmith combo to draw the most cards, otherwise you'll kill off damaged minions and lose some potential draw. Of course, if you'll mill yourself doing this, don't do that. Remember, its not married to the RiskySmith combo! It's A-OK to use alone! Also don't throw it away late game, bc sometimes you might want to use it to draw through Elysiana cards/get your Zephyr back online asap if you've already Archivist'd.
  5. Corsair Cache Another bonkers card, buffs your already good weapons, tutors and draws (in most cases) thinning out your deck. Most times I prioritize corsairing just to thin out my deck. If you have corsair and shield block in hand (and enough mana), it's better to corsair first then block afterwards since if you block first, you run the risk of pulling a weapon with that draw and rendering your corsair "draw" useless. **Same thing applies with ancharr, before you BShield block/draw in general, use the guaranteed tutor to draw that card first then use Bshield block/draw. Thinking/playing like this will get you the key cards you need quicker and improve your drawn cards and improve your WR%.**Always keep in mulligan, most times keep 2 copies vs control, vs aggro keep one for sure, but keeping two depends who you're against/what your other cards in mulligan are
  6. Zephyr Self-explanatory, get out of jail free card/game winning card. One thing to realize is since this isn't a highlander deck, he'll only be online in certain parts of the match--towards mid-late game, and after you've cycled thru Elysiana's cards very, very late game. Herein lies one of the toughest decisions you'll have to make as you play this deck--do you Zephyr before Elysiana even if there's nothing optimal to use it on, or 6/7 turns afterwards (assuming you don't use battle rage to cycle through faster).That answer's highly variable, depending on your hand (how much removal do you have left), the opponent you're facing, what you suspect they have left, whether they know you have Zephyr, etc. Just realize once you use Elysiana, he's dead for quite awhile again. Don't be afraid to throw him down as a body vs DH or hunter either, every bit of life counts vs DH and sorta kinda vs hunter. Highlander hunter gives you more trouble then aggro, so if you suspect it's Highlander hunter it's not worth to throw Zephyr down as a body. Picking smart zephyr choices is important to, sometimes twisting nethering the entire board is not the play if you have plenty of removal in your hand anyway, but picking an option that forces removal out of your opponent/hard to deal with board state is.Use your armor as leverage late game, you can afford to make a gamble or two since you have the armor gain to back it up.
  7. Ancharr Tutors Risky and Stickyfingers (secret mvp vs DH), keep for sure in aggro mus/mu you plan to blitz through your deck since it's basically a draw card. There's almost no reason ever to throw this back. Don't be greedy and mulligan it trying to get it boosted to a 3/3 through corsair, only to get 2 skippers or worse in your opening hand :| Anchar in hand > no anchar, Ancharr in hand >> risk of mulliganing away an Ancharr for a corsair for a 3/3 Ancharr when there's not even the slightest guarantee that'll happen. You're guaranteed 1 skipper if you get both swings in w/out the opponent removing it with ooze. Pulling skipper through Ancharr early in aggro (and in general, but esp vs aggro) means more chances to draw your key cards like armorsmith or BR. Know when to remove minions and when its okay to hit face and when it's best to save your weapon hits for minions. Be careful when swinging AncharLivewire lance, as you can accidentally mill yourself/not get the full value out of your weapon.
  8. Bladestorm Another mvp in a deck chock-full of them, the #1 rule of bladestorm is not to be greedy with it--use it at the first good opportunity! In DH, saving one for priestess is almost mandatory if you have no other removal options on hand, (wouldn't recommend to keep in your mulligan though), is amazing vs rogue's edwin/crown treasure, hunters summon 4 deal 12 spell, and mage's power of creation. It's bad to rely on vs decks with many low cost minions such as rogue's lackeys, or DH if they 1/1's along Satyr, which is way using it at the first good opportunity is key. It also combo's perfectly with plague of wrath! Use your other removal (warmaul, weapon, brawl) to find creative ways to clear the board. It shinest at clearing Alex 2.0s dragons (usually a 8/8 + another 8/8 or a 4/12, meaning you fully clear the 8/8 and leave a 4/4 body behind)
  9. Evil Quartermaster Great card, can use in RiskySmith combos, provides armor and a lackey (which if you play turn 4 and get the rush lackey, can turn into a 3/3 rush minion give 3 armor). Remember to save some lackeys for RiskySmith combos, and pick smart lackey choices (value targets vs control, removal if needed, armor gain if needed, etc). Picking another deathwing 2.0 is very, very good idea in almost all mus.Definitely keep in mulligan.
  10. Livewire Lance Weapon + lackey generator + face hitter (sometimes). Don't be afraid to destroy it to attack with Ancharr if you need skippesticky/deck thinning asap. Be careful when swinging so you don't mill yourself next turn/put yourself in the position where if rogue blackjacks you mill yourself or when you swing you don't generate a lackey because you're already at 10 cards in hand. Sometimes okay to keep if have no other weapon/good card (corsair / anchar / warmaul / quartermaster) vs aggro, but 99% of the time we want to mully for corsair and get lance through corsair.
  11. Shieldblock I think of it as the glue that holds the deck together, gives you both armor and draw, yum. If you're facing aggro, most of the time it's better to just hero power early game vs play shield block and not have enough armor to shield slam a big threat the next turn, like a scavenger ingenuity'd phase stalker. Save your shield blocks for your shield slams if possible. If you have plenty of armoremoval in hand then it's just another sustain+draw card. Think of shield block and shield slam being a 1-2 punch, and your mileage out of both of them will increase.
  12. Warmaul Challenger Super flexible card, another mvp--king of early game but falls off a little bit late game. I can't name all the unique ways you can use this card, but it's another card, like bladestorm, that rewards creativity. If there's a 4/4 minion on the field, instead of warmauling the minion then finishing it off with your 3/3 weapon and having a dead warmaul, you get more mileage out of hitting the 4/4 with your 3/3 weapon first, then warmauling the 4/1 minion, leaving you with a 1/6 minion and the same health you'd have if you attacked in the opposite order vs the same health and no minion at all. You can use it to put things into bladestorm range, or kill a minion interfering with your perfect bladestorm. You can plop it down on an empty board Turn 3 and watch as your foes P A N I C to hit it with removal, (I've had DH's double eyebeam + twin slice hero power to remove it...) not realizing you're not enrage warrior and you're just trying to clear your hand for all those lackeys. This card's good good good. Definitely keep in your mulligan!!
  13. Kargath Bladefist Sleeper mvp, if you top deck the prime version vs aggro it's pretty much a gg. Vs control it helps in the fatigue side of things, as removing their big minion + gaining 10 armor is a huge swing. It's base form is fine too, 4 mana 4/4 with rush removes most Turn 3-5 things, just please don't ever transform this with witchy lackey... Okay to keep sometimes on coin/vs control.
  14. Restless Mummy Used to be a staple in every Warrior deck before Scion of Ruin released, then after GalaWarrior has been blegh people seem to forget this this cards exists, unless rogue finds it through Pharaoh Cat. Very good and flexible removal, the go to choice to test rogue secrets as it beats ambush and most of the time bambooze as well, as 6 damage + any removal you have in hand/board is usually sufficient to kill a 1*/2* bamboozled target. Can use as a Battle Rage target after the first 3/2 dies, also combos well with RiskySmith combo since every attack gives you one extra armor.
  15. Brawl Big board clear, and better then bladestorm at clearing a big varied board, but worse at single target removal then Plague of Wrath. Many people expecting ew play wide and big hoping to kill ew before ew kills them, and brawl just shuts that down.
  16. Kobold Stickyfinger Undoubtedly the mvp vs DH alongside bladestorm, using Kobold on warglaives is big swing in your favor against DH. Most times it's worth to hold off for their 2nd warglaives when your boards empty then to steal their first glaive if it only has 1 use left. Of course if your health total is very low and you can't afford to wait, then do it asap. Something to remember is you can stickyfinger warglaives-attack-equip your weapon-attack again, but you can't attack-stickyfinger warglaives-attack again. Vs decks with no weapons (unless priest, save in case they thoughtsteal/madame your weapon) you can play it on curve or save for witchy lackey target or armorsmith ping target or rush lackey target or even taunt lackey target. Don't think it's correct to keep in the mulligan, would rather get corsaianchar and draw sticky through those.
  17. Plague of Wrath Conditional board clear that gets the job done when it activates. Combos with risky or bladestorm or just trading with your face/minions/warmaul. Often times a last resort board clear in the late game, and is good at that since you can control what gets destroyed and what doesn't.
  18. Deathwing, Mad Aspect Underrated for sure, and the warriors who use him love him to death (obvious bias here is obvious :) ) This guy is amazing. He's actually our secret trump card vs DH, as they have no good way to answer him that doesn't include hitting him with their dumb face somehow, which puts them in lethal for our weapons/other minions, especially if we drop him on a recently cleared board. He's great for clearing rogue boards and boards in general, as 12 health is quite high and 12 attack is monstrous. Getting another copy of him off a draconic lackey feels so euphorically good, as we essentially get to play 1 copy of him for free w/out worrying if we have to save him for removal later. If he clears a board and survives, your opponent has a must-clear threat to take care of next turn lest they eat 12 damage. Even if he clears a board, and your opponent removes him next turn with their removal, you're still good--you cleared their board and forced a removal out of them for 8 mana! Think how many cards can both clear a board and leave behind a body for 8 mana? Or just have 12/12 stats on turn 8 just for the board being empty. Card's good my friends, use him before you make judgments :D I like to call him my dry eraser, because this thing CLEARS BOARDSSS
  19. Archivist Elysiana What truly pushes this deck into the "control" side of warrior. Being able to discover what cards we want and extend our fatigue is amazing, as fatigue is killer and most decks won't be able to pull ahead of us in the fatigue race (aside from priest <__<)--even if we try and blitz through our deck with battle rages. Picking when to play Archivist is tricky, as early I described the Zephyr dilemma with her--do you keep Elysiana and slowly take fatigue waiting for the perfect time to use Zephyr as removal/burst, or do you Elysiana early, and hope you live long enough/have enough removal to live long enough for zeph to get back online. Another thing to keep in mind is oftentimes Kargath Prime is in your deck still and you don't want to use Elysiana with him still there, so you play a waiting game hoping to draw him asap. Same can apply to Zephyr, as those are the only 2 card's I would wait until I drew them before playing Elysiana. Keeping a witch lackey or rush/taunt lackey to use in conjunction with her isn't a bad idea either :)
Demon Hunter (7-1)
Smart mulligans are key, I'm not above keeping smithy if I feel the rest of my hand is absolute poop, but most times trusting you'll live long enough to draw what you need is the way to go. Biggest thing to focus on is turn 4 raging into turn 5 priestess, thankfully we have a few answers to that including shieldblock + HP + shield slam, restless mummy + 1 damage, plague, brawl, and ofc bladestorm being the absolute best if the boards completely empty. During the early game you will almost always be taking a significant amount of damage, usually by turn 4/5 I was at 11-18 health from clearing his board with my weapons and minions. Shield block and evil quartermasters help you survive and cycle to the cards you need, your goal is to assemble RiskySmith asap (use BR at your discretion, just know it's more important to stabilize asap and put DH in topdeck mode before you go for a big BR).Once you're able to, RiskySmith combo and start thinking about what threats he has left and what removal you have to get rid of it. Does he have 1 priestess left or 2? Will they be discounted? How many adepts does he have left? Does he have metamorphosis still? Does he have another warglaives I can bait out with 1 or two minions then sticky fingers him next turn? If you have deathwing 2.0, this is your trump card. This can clear any board he puts down, meaning you can save it as another removal, but it's even better to play on an empty board, or after a priestess/adept. The minute it's in play, DH has to react--they're usually around 20-24 hp from removing your minions w/their face and deathwing 2.0 will usually have anywhere from 5/6-full hp if it cleared a board. If they use eyebeam/altruis/adept/warglaives/their face to remove it, that's great, that's damage they could've used to hit face wasted on deathwing 2.0, and buys you more time to armor up and steadily threaten their life total.If they try and play passive, that gives you more time to armor up and to get zephyr online--savage roabloodlust can turn your small minions into game ending threats. Warmaul is another mvp against DH, as you can use him to clear a variety of minions or play him on an empty/near empty board to force out removal. Only play him on an empty board if you have other removal/have a rush/taunt lackey, as he only has one attack and won't be able to kill Satysimilar 2 health minions w/out help vs if you kept him in hand and used him to remove satybattlefiend/battlemage/etc.
This is the most important mu to find ancharr (and to a lesser degree, smith) and play it asap, as you need the RiskySmith combo asap to stabilize your health total. The deck has enough draw and sustain to keep you afloat until you assemble your pieces, but it still needs to be done in order to have the edge in this mu. This all circles back to a smart mulligan, aggressively looking for corsaithrowing away riskys/high cost cards.
Overall, I believe CW wins the vast majority of the time it pulls off RiskySmith, and as long as DH doesn't draw the absolute nuts (died from 11 health turn 7 to meta hp + hp + twin slice + second slice + twin slice + adept ): ) You have to accept that'll you'll get very low up until you pull off RiskySmith, but you will survive and win once it goes off :) Believe in the heart of the cards!
Druid (0-0)
Didn't play any, crazy since a few weeks ago spell druid was all the rage. I think we might be favored due to bladestorm, brawl, and plague of wrath being able to wipe their numerous board states, but who knows.
Hunter (5-1)
Aggro Hunter (3-0)
Aggro Hunter is like the DH matchup but slower so it's not nearly as scary, the key to playing into secrets is not playing into them unless you absolutely must/have an answer. Pack tactics, explosive trap, and misdirection are the 3 most commonly run atm, and pack tactics is the hardest one to play around but also the only one we really want to trigger. You do *not* want to test for explosive trap/misdirection until you've RiskySmith'd and have a healthy armor and life total. You can save your minions/use them for BR by not attacking Hunter's face and setting of explosive trap, you're in no rush to kill hunter---they're the ones in a rush to kill you. Once you realize that, prioritizing clearing their board + armoring up every opportunity you can becomes enough to shut them down, and you realize how bad this mu actually is. If it's the porcupine version, it's still the same gameplan; but remember, by not suiciuding your own minions w/explosive trap you can use them to absorb some of the damage from a popped porcupine. Remember, you *want* pack tactics to trigger on the least scary minion so you can remove it. Phase stalker isn't scary, attack into it! Leper gnome isn't scary, attack into it! A 5/2 copied porcupine 5/7 deathrattle lion is however, is is a 5/7 porcupine, so you want to use shield slam/bladestorm/non minion attacks to kill the threat w/out triggering pack tactics and making another copy. You're gameplan is to let them come at you with everything they've got while you're out armoring their damage and assembling RiskySmith, then going in for the kill once they're out of gas/you have tons of armothey haven't conceded already.
Overall, I believe CW is heavily favored provided you don't play into secrets recklessly.
Highlander Hunter (2-1)
All of these games were wild rides. I believe this matchups very, very close to even, as not removing a large threat asap spells certain doom for you. Keeping bladestorm for turn 7 divine shield windfury tiamat is one of my favorite saving graces in this mu for sure. I found myself using all the removal at my disposal until the opponent eventually ran out of steam, however Highlander hunter has A LOT of steam. I literally felt him itching to play his next death threat as soon as he hit end turn. I'd honestly rather play against DH then highlander hunter, because between siamet, alex 2.0, ZEPHYR, brann, zixor prime, dragonbane, NAGRAND SLAM, and whatever BS dragons they discover from primordial explorer there's a TON of -MUST KILL- threats in their decks. Tbh, if they started running brewmaster instead of another card (idk what), the potential for 16 burst damage/double zephysiamet seems absurd. The good news about this mu is you have all the removal to kill their threats.
The bad news is if they curve well, and oh boy are they more than capable of that, it is NOT fun to deal with. Highlander Hunter can apply so much pressure to your precious face that you may find yourself gasping for breath and finding little if no breathing room to RiskySmith and stabilize. You definitely can pull off RiskySmith when they play lesser threats like rotnest or evasive or shadoweaver, but once it reaches the higher mana's and they start firing out those big bois, you'd best have answers because you don't have much leeway to combo + draw + remove their big threats, usually you have to choose one or the other, or some half-baked combination of the 3.
Overall, I believe this MU is even if not slightly favored for us, as if they draw well and we misstep, we lose, if we draw well and they misstep, we win, and if they draw well and we draw, we'll we win.
Mage (1-2)
Spell Mage (1-0)
From the little I played of this, they don't have enough gas to really threaten you, and they barely play any minions so most of yours stick (as long as you don't play into flame ward) meaning big armor come RiskySmith time. Feels like watching a little kid play with magic--cute and amusing, but not even remotely threatening in the slightest.
Highlander Mage (0-2)
On paper this mu seems fine, we can outvalue and outlast them in fatigue, armor up past burn, remove their minions, yada yada yada.
How it actually goes down is mofo solarion prime hits you with 2 pyroblasts, 1 fireball, one blizzard, and one deep freeze. Yaaaaay now you're in pyroblast range :) If you're not already dead :)
I wish I was joking but that's about what happens, especially since MR. Prime prefers targeting the opponent if possible and most the time your board is empty, meaning any face spell is hitting you directly. Ofc course puzzlebox is puzzlebox, it can hurt him just as well as it can help you, but either way, to say rng decides Mage games is an understatement. You have the tools to remove his threats but lately mages have been running anti-dh tools meaning the return of water elemental + shadowweaver + deep freeze being discovered by tortollon + blizzard + ray of frost, meaning half the game you're playing with frostbite if not the whole game. This turns simple 4* 3/6s into threats, as a large part of your game plan is attacking with your weapon to thin out your deck/get lackey value. If you can't do that you're kinda just stuck there waiting for risky/armorsmith/BR to pop up and get you out of this hell(freeze?)hole, and wondering if you might actually have to brawl the board full of water elementals and your own minions. They have zephyr for bloodlust cheese after they've frozen your board for a good 4 turns, box to turn unwinnable situations into ggs, reno to clear mid-sized boards, magic reno to turn the rng fiesta up 3 notches, alex 1.0 to cut your health in half (and in a mu like this that's huge, having +8 to +15 health more would swing games in our favor), and Maly 2.0 to get that sweet, sweet 8 damage fireball.
This mu is not fun. It's like if you're defeating your kid brother in basketball and he says if he makes the next shot he wins, even though you're up elevendy billion to 5. And he chucks it, and somehow makes it, and smiles proudly that he worked so hard to beat you and that he "won".
To win vs Mage as CW you essentially have to pray for the least BS thing to happen and then you'll win :) Good luck :) :)
Paladin (1-1)
Highlander (0-1)
Pure (1-0)
I didn't get enough data to have a solid idea how we do vs paladin in general, but I think highlandelibram/pure paladin probably beats us, and we beat murloc pally. Both highlander and libram have crazy amounts of value, especially with librams, and they have plenty of heals and late game potential. They're kind of like us but steadier, more value, and heals but we have armor and way better card draw.
Overall, I believe we're unfavored vs highlander and pure paladin, but beat murloc paladin. I'm curious how ew fares vs libram pally.

*Guide continued in comments below

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