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Heroes 6 patch 1 5 change log

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Volskaya Every 6 seconds, the Core shoots 3 Rocket Fists at nearby enemy Heroes, dealing 150 damage and knocking them back. The next morning brought the first taste of genuinely chilly air that Royal had felt in Auradon. This page was last edited on 24 April, at Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA unless otherwise noted. Heroes 6 patch 1 5 change log.

Horn of the Abyss (Changelog) - Heroes 3 wiki

Reply Good karma Bad karma +2 votes. Patch Changelog - Might & Magic Heroes 6 Wiki - Age of Heroes. Steel Golem unit (neutral), an update of the Resistance skill to Interference, a new Rampart hero Giselle and several new artifacts. Change Neutral Stacks to ANY SIZE!

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Update Log (Sep/07/2020 Patch): IdleHeroes

Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until November 30, PST. Horn of the Abyss v1.6.1 crash fixing update - Heroes 3.5. Radio upgrade fuel cost increased by 5; Penetration from 1/1/1 to /1/1. Heroes 6 1.8 Crack Chomikuj.

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Dota 2 - Gameplay Update 6.84. Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking cookies (or similar technologies) to understand your event. More Developer Tools More Developer Tools. Troubleshooting steps to resolve lockups or crashes in Heroes of the Storm.

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Princess Connect ReDive: A Primer for the Upcoming Collab Event

The Dragalia team is really hitting it with these collabs for me.
Princess Connect Re:Dive is one of Cygames's most successful series, alongside Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse, as well as the successor of the original project: "Princess Connect!". Princess Connect is a rather unique mobile RPG where players don't fully control the characters. Rather, players form a team of 5 characters that fill in specific roles: Attacker (Magic and Physical), Special Attacker, Tank, Support, and Healer. Each character has her own moveset and attack pattern, and while the game plays itself for the most part, players need to be conscientious about each cast member's positioning in a group, as that offers both defensive and offensive advantages, as well as synergies with other characters.
Princess Connect is most known for it's female-only (aside from one specific character) set of playable characters, along with a self-insert style, male protagonist ("Yuuki" as the default name), although there are male NPCs of both the generic and special variety as supporting characters. Staying true to Cygames's style, it's also a very colorful series that is almost fully voiced by a recognizable line-up of voice actors/actresses.
While the game is not available in the English language, fans/potential fans can enjoy the anime adaptation, which may easily come off as familiar to fans of Konosuba. The series adds to the "Isekai" sub-genre, but doesn't take itself too seriously. Similar to Konosuba, a lot of the charm comes from exaggerated expressions/reactions, absurd situations, and over-the-top quirks exhibited by the characters. In that sense, it is an easy-to-enjoy anime, however, despite being predominantly laid-back, actually can get rather serious as the main story develops.
As mentioned earlier, one of the main draws of Princess Connect is its cast of characters. Taking place in a simulated space (see: Log Horizon), each character mainly appears as a sort of "avatar" and shows off their human (or Llama) after progressing their personal story section. In addition to this, each of the girls (and guy) are grouped in different guilds/factions, each having a different goal in mind. Some of these include:

Gourmet Edifice

A guild that is dedicated to travelling in order to find a variety of ingredients used to concoct new dishes. This is guild houses our main characters, including the one confirmed to be featured in Dragalia, Pecorine.
Pecorine (Guild leader)
Voiced by MAO: Narmaya (Granblue), Europa (Fate/Grand Order), Melascula (7DS), HMS Howe (Azur Lane)
"The Stomach that is Always Starving", as indicated over her taking a big bite out of our delicious friend, Pecorine is a glutton who lives to cook and eat unique dishes. Pecorine is extremely friendly, if not airheaded, who tends not to be aware of negativity. Deep down, however, lies a burden behind a front of optimism.
Yuuki ("You")
Voiced by Atsushi Abe: Male Hakuno (Fate/Last Encore), Tobin (Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia), Toma (Magical Index series), Andrew/Bill/NUS 64 (Starfox 64 remake)
The protagonist of the series. Somewhat unremarkable by design, Yuuki is a teenage boy who suffers from amnesia. Despite this, he is a diligent individual who holds the ability to enhance the strength of the female characters. Best described as a "walking liability" in the anime.
Voiced by Miku Ito, who is relatively new to the scene: Mitsuba (Dragalia Lost), Miku Nakano (Quintessential Quintuplets)
One of the primary characters, Kokoro is the first girl Yuuki meets after having come up with Amnesia. Being the servant assigned to care for Yuuki, Kokoro is extremely loyal and can be viewed as a motherly figure, despite her young age. Recently became known for her "0x0" face in the anime adaptation.
Voiced by Rika Tachibana: Yuisis (Granblue), Plume/Gravel (Arknights), Ria Ami (Magia Record)
The third primary character, Kyaru originally joined Gourmet Edifice with ulterior motives. Tsundere character, Kyaru is the type to complain about her friends, but goes along with their plans regardless. Can be stand-offish as a means to hide her loneliness and desire for positive feedback from others. The third member of the Aqua/Ishtar expression trio.

Twinkle Wish

An old guild that works toward one crucial goal: to reach the top of "Sol Tower" in order to find the wish-granting entity that rests at the top.
Normie Girl Yui Kasano
Voiced by Risa Taneda: Sazanka (Dragalia Lost), Ai (Zombieland Saga), Kiyohime/Marie Antoinette/Mata Hari/(Originally) Mash (Fate/Grand Order), Palla (Fire Emblem), Xenovia (Highschool DXD)...according to a friend, of course.
"Girl next door" type, Yui is Yuuki's childhood friend who (not so) very clearly has feelings for him. In order to better herself as an adventurer, Yui desired to journey to the wish-granting AI, "Minerva", eventually meeting and grouping up with Rei and Hiyori.
Best Girl, Rei Shijo
Voiced by the extremely pleasant Hayami Saori: Elisanne (Dragalia Lost), Meltryllis (Fate/Extra CCC, Fate/Grand Order), Atalante (Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Grand Order) Ushiwakamaru/Saint Martha (Fate/Grand Order), Fubuki (One Punch Man), Shinobu Kochu (Demon Slayer), honestly, if it's best girl in a respective series, she's likely voiced by Hayamin, and I say that without any sort of bias at all.
Knightly Character, Rei started off as a loner until she found and protected Yui from a band of scam artists. Hesitant at first, Rei eventually warmed up to her 2 guildmates, who seek the legend atop Sol Tower. Extra emphasis on Best Girl.
Hiyori Harusaki
Voiced by Nao Toyama: Lyria (Granblue), High Elf (Goblin Slayer), Ibaraki Douji/Calamity Jane/Suzuka Gozen (Fate/Grand Order), Celica (Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia), Trish Una (Jojo's/Golden Wind)
Tomboyish/high-energy type, Hiyori is the kind of person to act before thinking. Despite this, she is extremely loyal and reliable to her friends and acts as encouragement throughout their struggles.


A guild composed of fiend-raced members (demon-like race), Diabolos seeks to restore their leader, Ilya Ornstein, to her full power before the battle against the Gods.
Ilya Ornstein (Guild Leader)
Voiced by Sakura Tange: Mitsuhide (Dragalia Lost), Nero Claudius (Fate/Extra, Fate/Last Encore, Fate/Grand Order), Jack the Ripper (Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Grand Order), Uncle Cagliostro (Granblue), Cardcaptor Sakura
A fiend-race woman who, after having been defeated in a major war, was forced to retreat and rest in her coffin. Upon waking up, Ilya would be unable to maintain her true form, becoming child-like and weak to the point of being bullied by her own minion army. Headpats from Yuuki allow her to temporary change into her extremely powerful "adult form", however. Basically Shinobu Oshino.
Yori and Akari Kazemiya
Voiced by Sayuri Hara (Yori): Philia/Yachiyo (Dragalia Lost), Luna (Konosuba), Reimi (Jojo's/Diamond is Unbreakable)
Azumi Asakura (Akari): Misaki (A Certain Scientific Railgun), Asia (Highschool DXD), Cardigan/Specter (Arknights), Fraux (Granblue)
Twin sisters, Yori is the extremely shy type who often finds herself stammering over her own words, especially when interacting with men. Despite being as socially competent as a Reddit user, Yori is relatively tough and, unknowingly, has a habit of calling those who have bad behavior out.
Akari is the complete opposite of her sister, as a girl who is extremely outgoing. "Little sister" type who tends to become unseemly when excited. Fantastic at playing Jazz music.
Shinobu Kamiki
Voiced by Yuka Otsubo, who I only recognize as Corbeau (Magia Record) and Leaf (Pokemon Masters)
A calm, cool, and collected girl with a rather different, gothic aesthetic about her. Shinobu makes a living off fortune-telling, having the ability to contact the departed. The skull she travels with is her father, who has the habit of flirting with girls, something that's best not to think too hard about. A sweetheart, despite her father's antics.
Miyako Izumo
Voiced by Sora Amamiya: Louise (Dragalia Lost), Aqua (Konosuba), Yachiyo (Magia Record), Nessa (Pokemon Sword/Shield), Kasumi (Persona 5), Elizabeth (7DS), Thrud (Fate/Grand Order)
A ghost of a girl whose obsession with pudding is more or less equivalent to Louise's obsession with her brother. Very childish and troublesome spirit, however, it's best not to irritate her, or you'll be cursed (transformed into pudding).

Twilight Caravan

An extremely volatile and terrifying guild whose motives tend to be unwieldly and self-serving. Putting that aside, they're pretty dandy individuals.
Ruka Tachiarai (Guild Leader)
Voiced by Rina Sato: Johanna/Sinoa (Dragalia Lost), Makoto (Persona 5), Yugiri (Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood), HAYATO (Jojo's/Diamond is Unbreakable), Lakshmibai (Fate/Grand Order), Mikoto (Magical Index series)
Surprisingly normal woman. Has the appearance and mannerisms of a "wandering samurai" type and acts with maturity and rationality that come into contrast with her fellow guidlmates. Likes relaxing evenings fishing.
Mitsuki Yoigahama
Voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi: Boa Hancock (One Piece), THE LEGENDARY Tae Yamada (Zombieland Saga), Pipimi (Pop Team Epic), Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion), Aoko Aozaki (Melty Blood), Sailor Moon (Original series)
Rejoice, Tae Takemi fans. Mitsuki is one of the older characters in the series and serves as a woman of science...using humans for her experiments. Terrifying by nature, Mitsuki has earned infamy among residents of the land for her scientific/medical practices. A viable alternative to the United States Healthcare system, all things considered.
Eriko Kuraishi
Voiced by Chinami Hashimoto: Priscella/Rebecca (Fire Emblem Heroes), Chiyo (Prison School), Prince of Whales (Azur Lane)
Yandere type character. At the end of her sword, Shinobu's father told Eriko that she would meet her "destined one" in the near future. While on the verge of losing consciousness after inhaling some of her own concoctions, Yuuki would approach the fallen maiden with a helping hand, solidifying himself as Eriko's soulmate. Fantastic with kids and is extremely talented at cooking, sewing, and gift-making.
Nanaka Tanno
Voiced by Haruka Yoshimura: Hazuki (Magia Record), Yang Guifei (Fate/Grand Order)
An otaku girl who is into anime and video games, especially that of the magical girl subgenre. High in energy, Nanaka seeks to find rare magic books and is known to enthusiastically (read: recklessly) try out any new spells she comes across. Despite having the appearance and equipment suited for a caster, Nanaka desires to fight in close quarters, much like the characters from her favorite anime. Owns a dakimakura with her likeness.
Anna Hiiragi
Voiced by Asami Takano, who, unfortunately, I don't recognize from any other roles.
Chuuni-type character. Anna fits this archetype to the core, referring to herself and others in grandiose nicknames, performing unnecessarily dramatic poses, owning an extremely powerful eye, etc. Despite being a complete weirdo, Anna is well-respected for how well she entertains the neighborhood kids.
There are a lot more characters/guilds, but because this post is already long/straying from being on-topic as it is, I'll stop the character introductions right there.
Overall, Princess Connect is truly a cousin series to Dragalia and is managed very similarly. The remainder of this post will be directed at those who are interested in trying the game out (before or after playing the collab), where I'll go over some likely questions a Dragalia player is likely to have.

How similar is Princess Connect to Dragalia Lost?
In terms of gameplay, Princess Connect is about as opposite as things get from Dragalia. While you play a very active role in Dragalia (as an action game), your role in Princess Connect is passive, where you're responsible for building a team that is high in synergy and activating each characters super attack. Things become more similar when looking at mechanics, however. There are raid bosses that have different mechanics and behaviors that you'll need to build around. Rather than an elemental system, Princess Connect simplifies things into magic/physical damage/weaknesses.
Comparing story is rather moot, unless you're able to read Japanese, although there is a small, dedicated team of translators who work on delivering event/character stories in English. Putting that aside, every character has her own sidestory, each being multiple chapters long. Additionally, there are guild-exclusive stories that focus around, as you can guess, each respective guild.
The most off-putting part of the story is the fact that the playable cast is pretty much female only, while the main character is a typical harem protagonist. For comparison's sake, Princess Connect tends to focus more on the characters falling for the protagonist moreso than Euden and Guda(o) in FGO, although Euden is an independent character (albeit with our name), rather than a straight self-insert.

How fair is the gacha?
Priconne's gacha follows the same format as your typical Cygames title, where it sports high base rates, but lower rateup. There is sparking, where, after 300 rolls, you are able to redeem a featured character.
After every roll, you get an item that is somewhat similar to Eldwater in Dragalia. These items can be collected and used to purchase character pieces of characters you own in order to upgrade their rarity/stats. This gives a pretty hefty boost to a character, but isn't very necessary to progress in PvE.
A good chunk of 3 star (5 star equivalent) characters are technically free, as you are able to collect a large sum of pieces and summon them. You can earn these pieces by clearing hard mode maps (limited to a few times a day) that they are featured in, as a reward for events the character appears in, and by logging in during their birthday.
You get a pretty steady income of summoning currency, especially as a new player who has a ton of story maps (all difficulties), character stories, permanent events, etc. to go through. Likewise, Cygames likes to host daily ten-rolls during special occasions and pretty much will hand out rolls just because the director saw a beautiful flower on his way to work that morning. With that being said, there is a bit of incentive to use this currency as a means to refresh your stamina in order to make quick progression, but this is by no means a necessity.
Like Granblue and Dragalia, there are special banner events called "Princess Fest" that feature limited characters and higher base rates for the gacha. To my knowledge, new players will have one available for a few days after starting.

How balanced is Princess Connect?
For PvE, it's very easy-going, and while there are characters who are clearly stronger than others in their respective roles, you can get away with using just about anyone, so long as the team composition is well-made and the particular map is appropriate for them. Many low-rarity characters are among the strongest in the game after having received their "uncap" that puts them at 6 star rarity with improved abilities. Likewise, characters regularly receive "unique gear" that further boosts their skills. Characters featured during Princess Fest tend to be more powerful/unique, but f2P-friendly characters are still, at the very least, useful for filling a key niche.
PvP becomes a bit more strict, and thankfully, you're up against AI who don't always make full use of super timings. Nonetheless, some characters end up being oppressive if you are not prepared to deal with them.

How is the grind compared to Dragalia?
Princess Connect is pretty laid-back and well-suited as a side-game, if you choose to treat it as such. In that regard, I would compare it to Arknights, in that it's quick to burn through your stamina, but still make meaningful progression. There are skip tickets that you can use on most stages after clearing it with a 3 star rating and you can use these in bulk. You pretty much have an endless supply of them, too.
Outside of events/story, your main goal is to farm for equipment, which, after having collected a full set, can be consumed by a character in order to increase their rank (not to be confused with star rarity). This is your main source of poweprogression.
Events follow a similar structure to your typical Cygames title, you progress the story and farm the event boss for lotto currency. Said currency can be used to roll boxes with goodies, including summoning currency, the currency used to upgrade characters, equipment, EXP potions, and character pieces of featured characters.

Are there any plans for an English release?
Last I checked, Cygames seems to be interested, but cannot find a publisher to handle the project.
That's about all I have. As you might have guessed, I enjoy Priconne and seeing it finally visiting Dragalia is pretty exciting to me, although I'm a bit sad that I probably won't be able to make a dream team with Elly and Rei.
submitted by Genprey to DragaliaLost

Thanksgiving Letter from MLA Producer

Dear Adventurers,
Hello! Since the anniversary of MLA, new Adventurers have continued joining us over in the Land of Dawn. Now we have more than 20 million players who have signed up as Mobile Legend Adventurers! This year, we have been recommended by App Store and Google Play multiple times, which would have been a mission impossible without your love and support. In the Reddit community of MLA (btw, join us here if you haven’t already!), we have also been surprised and moved by Adventurers’ endless creativity and passion for the game. The world of MLA is unique and lively all because of you! So, at this special time of the year, we want to express our most sincere gratitude to our fellow Adventurers! Thank you for your support and encouragement. Your love gives us motivation and confidence to move forward, to create better gameplay and adventure stories. It is your love that makes us shine!
We would like to give special thanks to our Adventurers for your various feedback and suggestions. Your game experience has always been priority number one for the MLA dev team, and we have made a series of optimizations and adjustments in this regard. For example, in the ongoing Hero Revamp Project, we have redesigned and adjusted the heroes who were generally less used and considered weak by many Adventurers. The project is based on game data and player feedback in the community. Our goal is to adapt the heroes to new settings and help them play a greater role in battles! The revamped Clint has been added to the game in a recent update, while Karrie and other heroes are also in our plan. The newly developed Player Info system can help Adventurers keep track of their great Achievements and showcase their rewards to friends in the game. In addition, we designed a new Skin system that allows Adventurers to unlock Skins for free by completing tasks. Hopefully, these changes can add to your enjoyment of the game!
Like a friend who brings fun and joy, MLA has always been trying to present a world of intrigue and excitement. In the upcoming patches, we will upgrade several existing systems that have been very popular among Adventurers. Brand-new gameplay is also ready and will be launched soon!
Labyrinth and Dungeons are among the favorites for many Adventurers. The Nightmare Mode of the Dungeons will certainly bring new challenges to the show! It will not simply repeat the existing gameplay, but will include new mechanics and different types of monsters. We believe the bravest Adventurers can break through the barriers and take the treasure chests—wait. Speaking of the chests, they are gonna be quite different this time! Adventurers can complete the Nightmare challenges and collect Nightmarish Coins, then exchange for the powerful Order Epic Hero Karihmet! The Nightmare Mode will be unlocked soon. Are you ready? (We have prepared a special prop for you at the end of this letter. Don’t forget to claim it and unlock the new feature before anyone else!)
Every hero in the MLA world has their own unique story, and their tracks in space-time are all recorded in a unique astrolabe. The brand-new gameplay Lunomancy (Lunox + Cartomancy) can help Adventurers better understand and empower their heroes! By collecting heroes’ exclusive Orlay Cards, Adventurers can not only boost heroes’ attributes, but also foresee their destiny. The Disposition and Roles shown by the Orlay cards will help Lunox foretell the future. Lunomancy will be added to the game soon. Stay tuned!
Jingle bells, jingle bells— Listen, the Christmas bells are ringing with happiness! At the end of this special year, we are preparing a festival feast for all Adventurers, hoping to express our gratitude to everyone! Snowmen have made a great many gifts, waiting for you to try your luck with snowballs! During the festival season, Adventurers can also give each other Christmas Mittens, so as to pass on warm blessings and also feel the warmth from friends. Besides, as the astrologer responsible for Lunomancy, the goddess Lunox will also gift her special “incarnation” to everyone at the party! There are even more log-in rewards, value packs, and other surprise gifts, all waiting for you!
Every hero upgrade, every Campaign Stage cleared, and every new record in the Tower of Babel and Endless Darkness—these are all amazing achievements made by Adventurers in the Land of Dawn. However, the journey has not ended. A new challenge awaits. Therefore, we have prepared a special key to unlock the Dungeons - Nightmare Mode: HV4K4V2223K. Please don’t forget to redeem them in the game before the new adventure begins! Greater challenge, greater rewards. Isn’t that the fun of the game?
Thank you all again for being here with us. See you at the Christmas party. :) Stay healthy!
MLA Producer, Gary
Plus, all of us from the MLA team :)
submitted by MLAdventure to MLA_Official

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