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looking for a program like ubot studio but that actually works

yeah I love the concept of ubot studiobut its so junky , what are some good alternatives that dont require coding, and yeah free is better than not
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Don't use Ubot Studio

Edit 12/28/16: I have been working on a framework for replacing UBot Studio. You have to know how to write python. Here is the repository
Hopefully by the end of this, I will be able to answer the question, "Is ubot worth the money?".
Just a warning to anybody out there considering Ubot Studio to build web crawlers. I don't recommend it, as there are plenty of tools out there that mimic the features of Ubot Studio, and they will work much better than Ubot. Don't get me wrong, if you have never done any programming before, Ubot might be what you are looking for, but to anybody else it's a nightmare. And there is also botchief, which is free. So if you might even try that before Ubot if you don't know how to program.
Here are a few reasons I ended up abandoning Ubot Studio:
  1. It's way buggier than some of the beta software I have participated in, and it's being sold for $200-$1,000.
  2. Simple actions will lock up the program for a few seconds(copy, paste, clicking an ok button). Not the worse thing in the world, but still really annoying, and the time adds up.
  3. Some features are missing sub-features that are required to make the original feature work(they offer http socket control, but you can't set custom headers for the requests. Not being able to set all http headers means you don't really have socket control).
  4. There is 1 developer working on the entire suite last time I checked. That means updates are slow. Like really slow, and not a lot gets done when updates do come out.
  5. Ubot Media requires that you connect to their server when you compile a bot due to licensing issues. They really don't want pirated copies getting out, so this is the only way to compile a bot, or even launch Ubot Studio. If their servers are down you are shit out of luck.'
  6. Compiled bots randomly crash.
  7. Compiled bots will either work on your windows machine, or they won't. There is no way to actually tell if the will work before-hand, and compiling the installer does not change this fact. Forum posts from as far back as 2013 show that this problem is likely to never be fixed since it hasn't been fixed in 3 years.
  8. When I approached their support staff about Ubot features that didn't work, I was told that I should "just run python code". If I can "just run python code", why not use something like selenium and avoid the headache?
Here is what I did to replace Ubot Studio.
First, I got selenium and installed the python bindings.
Selenium is a suite of tools designed to help you automate your web browser. This will give you pretty much all of Ubot Studio's features(plus thousands of others) for free, if you are using a programming language to run the automations. Considering that in order to get some features that Ubot Studio offers, you are paying close to/over $1000, there is really no reason not to check this out. Selenium does not have any of the issues that Ubot has, period. It succeeds in every place that Ubot fails.
For doing sql stuff, just find a decent ORM for whatever programming language you are using. I'm using python, and I chose peewee orm, but I also am using pyodbc. I would probably recommend using pyodbc as it works with SQL Server as well.
Then the only thing I had to build myself was a web element filter. It basically just lets me throw a bunch of WebElement objects that I get from selenium into the filter, and I can use exact value, wildcard and regex to filter them down based on parameters.
Beyond that, if you need to do image recognition-based scraping you should be able to accomplish that with openCV, however I have replicated some of my Ubot bots that used image recognition and I was able to do it without image recognition when using selenium.
There are plenty of other features Ubot has that could be re-built, but I was able recreate a Ubot bot with selenium in 2 work days, without much extra work. The initial bot took me around a week to make. The bot scrapes multiple sites, compiles reports, and emails them out to clients. It's way faster than the Ubot version and it doesn't randomly crash.
In conclusion, there is really no reason to use Ubot Studio if you have programming experience(or even if you are interested in learning to program). Stick with your programming language of choice, and go grab selenium. You can write me a thank you card with all the time you'll save :P
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