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Spreading the gaming news for gamers. I still have to counter torque, I play RB with joystick with "full real controls" settings because mouse aim controls have problems on my computer due to the fact I play War Thunder with less than 10 frames per second at times and the other joystick modes aren't worth it since the twitchy bounce effect from sudden movements is still there on. Synthesia Crack is an astounding instrument for manufacture music and for knowledge of. David Wilson, their explosive 2020 first-rounder, was the lightning and Andre Brown was the thunder. THE KEY CLUB 9039 Sunset Blvd.

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Updates are major content patches and changes that are applied to War Thunder regularly throughout the year. Deals () to () Lightning Damage Base duration is 6 seconds Cannot inflict Shock Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. The Duality of Gamer: Warthunder. Earned a total of 25, 434 trophies/achievements. We offer free Wi-Fi, comfy couches, a lending library, newspapers, games along with a kid s play area.

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Top free games - Microsoft Store. War thunder patch 1.27 games. Gaming World War Two in real time: An act of Madness or a stroke of Genius.

This Russian LA problem is not a problem. Its Gaijin's schizophrenic development procedure when it comes to Russian planes, and the fact that is obviously INTENDED by the Russian Gaijin devs.

Anyone noticed how badly OP and broken Russian planes were in 1.27, and somewhat fixed in 1.29. From what we know as a community, this shows:
  • There are two seperate FM teams. One that handles pure Russian planes, and the other that handles everything else, and it shows
  • A large outcry of OP finally got it fixed somewhat in 1.29. Gaijin should have taken the hint and learned from this.
  • A more healthy gaming atmosphere came about because of 1.29.
Now 1.31 comes out. What does this tell us?
  • Russian LA planes are obviously OP and broken again
  • Whatever lesson Gaijin learnt from 1.27's outcry was obviously unheeded by whoever handles Russian FM.
  • The overperformance of Russian FM is an obvious intended thing by said devs, and is not a mistake. Claiming it as such when its happened twice is not fooling anyone.
Sure they'll fix this as they've announced, but "fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you". This entire fiasco has left a very sour taste in my mouth and if only War Thunder wasnt as awesome as it currently is I'd have left the game right here right now.
But I wont. It has however permanently zipped my wallet to this company.
submitted by KazumaKat to Warthunder

So, after all these years we'll finally get the A-26 in the standard tech tree.

Back in closed alpha and beta testing the plane "A-26C-45" as an exclusive(tm) plane for those who participated but since then it was a highly collectable and sought after plane...
This is the History of the A-26 in a short page and the struggles involved with it that led up to this moment:


By Open Beta (1.27) some people immediately realized that those rather spammed A-26's (since everyone who played before patch 1.27 had it) wasn't in the main tech tree, this became the first rare plane people ran into that they didn't have. The plane was rather rare and as time went on... less and less flew it, rather from simply playing more and more things and so that people spend less time in it (much like how I doubt most of you played a reserve vehicle for the past few months). As well as less and less of them still played War Thunder...

Release Tech Tree's and promises

By patch 1.29, we received 5 preliminary tech trees which showcased many A-26's intended for standard vehicles... This was the first time A-26's for standard tree was confirmed with the following A-26B and A-26C...

Indian Summer event, possibly the worst ever by our modern standards

Since then, there were a few events to get it... much like the first Indian Summer Event which was more then an easy play but it's the first event to differentiate Arcade Battles, Historical Battles (now known as Realistic Battles), and Full-Real Battles (now known as Simulator Battles)...
The event had 6 tiers and the end reward depends on nation... Keep in mind the SL rewards back in these days were huge, economy was very painful.
  • I: 30/15/10 air kills for 10,000 SL
  • II: 90/50/40 air kills for +20,000 SL
  • III: 290/100/90 air kills for +30,000 SL
  • IV: 490/170/170 air kills for +40,000 SL
  • V: 750/280/260 air kills for +50,000 SL
  • VI: 1,100/360/300 air kills for a total of 250,000 SL and a premium plane... depending on nation you will get...
  • USA: A-26C-45
  • Germany: Fw 190 D-13 (the most OP plane for nearly 6 months)
  • USSR: P-39N-0 (SU)
  • UK: Typhoon Mk 1b
  • Japan: A6M5 Ko
As you can see. This event was very hard and you only had 14 days to complete this event. 1 week approximately. a quarter of a Month and the worst part is that there are Lunatics who actually ended up getting 2-3 planes from this event. If you think Kill stealing was horrible this event was the most extreme kill steal fests in the history of WT, people really wanted those rare russian cobras and invaders.

Give aways and promo's

The following events were a Facebook give away which was impossible due to so many bots in the event that would copy the code give outs immediately and enter them in a second...
The second event was a german magazine promotion gone wrong, people used proxies and thousands got A-26's (I missed out by an hour).
there were many other promos... ranging from buying this rumbling seat in Russia to get an a-26 being the only one I can remember...

Revised "Future Tech Tree"

Luckily, they are still there! This is t he tech tree we still follow, Gaijin said since then they will deviate a little bit time to time to keep us surprised but they follow it generally. Even after all these years quite a lot of planes that are added are from here and luckily... the A-26B is still there, but the A-26C (the rare which was on the standard tree) is exchanged with the A-26A.
One of which included you purchasing up to 2,200 USD worth of content... which became this planes official price until other events and promos came along... and quite a few people did buy that 2,200 product JUST for this rare plane.


Today is the 24th of Feburary, 2017 (24/02/2017), The A-26 for the standard tree was on the announced on 1st of June, 2017 (1/6/2012). It's been exactly 4 years and 8 months since we got a soontm on a plane many back then were hyped to hear on a forum post repeatedly saying that it is coming soontm .
The longest wait we ever had for a standard plane was the Sea Fury, which was announced on a dev blog with screenshots on the 18th April 2014 (18/4/2014) and only was reconfirmed in another dev blog on the 3rd of April, 2015 (3/4/2015) A whole year minus a day and was finally dropped on patch 1.70.1945 (aka 1.49) on the 29th of April, 2015 (29/4/2015).
We've waited a long time for the A-26 Invader, for most of us: we were teased and soon'edtm'ed this was happening any day now for nearly 5 years. I can't remember how many of you played back then or even care anymore. But seeing this just before I head to bed (as it's 4 am right now) I can't tell you how old it makes me feel that what I once thought of "tomorrow" was 5 years ago. I remembered all those thousands of kills I tried to get and those no-lifing waiting for codes in 5 am only for all of them to be gone even before I hit the refresh button the 19th time that few seconds to see the codes. So many memories of my early days of War Thunder but to some this may be a complete surprise plane because you came after the future tech trees were announced and never cought up in the hype or you only look back at them now thinking of them as obsolete (halifax, stirling, hudson, more La's, J7W1, Ki-84's, J2M's, A7M's, G8N1, CL-13 sabre, MiG-15 GR, F9F's, Vampire, Venom, Sea Fire, Sea venom, Attacker, etc... and now A-26 disagree with you).
Won't bother asking your opinions on the plane as we got the Forum, dev blog post, and the reddit post about that. I wounder what you guys thought of this long wait- or did you forget amongst how much the game changed and so many other vehicles we got like the B-25, Meteor F.8, Seafire, Griffin spits, Do 335, B-29, Kikka, Tanks, and the approaching navy?
submitted by R4V3-0N to Warthunder

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