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Petrel Colony Tours (Punakaiki) - 2020 All You Need to

Case Study Saudi Aramco Develops and Implements. You may use these HTML tags and. Golden Mallard Challenge: Oh, Canada. Employee Health and Safety is the most important priority and core business value of Hellenic Petroleum Group, across all of its activities. You could not single-handedly going later than book increase or library or borrowing from your contacts to entry them. Petrel and Studio 2020.2 - Schlumberger Software. Download Schlumberger Petrel.

Thermionic Culture Snow Petrel Review

Elpe - Health + Safety Awards 2020: HELLENIC PETROLEUM. Minor fixes in the electrical system (battery charge) Jul 2020 v1.2. This will be the 27th year of monitoring at Benidorm Island. The release adds new functionality to ECLIPSE simulators in one of the largest development efforts to date in the industry. All Ocean library and third party library is going to be binary compatible with the commercial release. No need to register, buy now! Mais elle est de ces artistes pour qui.

Schlumberger Petrel (2 Downloads Available)

Certified for use in Zone 1, 21, 2, 22 this is a modern and versatile range of luminaires. Due to hardware differences, not all features are available on all models. Members of the family Hydrobatidae are increasingly called storm petrels; those of the Pelecanoididae are usually. Simplifying your search should return more download results. Black-capped Petrel - 37. Cory's Shearwater - 28. Sep 2020 - I recently spent a very enjoyable week. Details about ASR-14 USS Petrel Patch.

'The Song of the Stormy Petrel' inspired Russian

Petrel Workflow Tutorial other. Petrel 2020 1 cracked. To create more accurate search results for Petrel try to exclude using commonly used keywords such as: crack, download, serial, keygen, torrent, warez, etc. Petrel Restaurants; Petrel Attractions; Petrel Travel Forum; Petrel Photos; Petrel Map; Petrel Guide; All Petrel Hotels; All things to do in Petrel; Sights & Landmarks in Petrel. Ocean modules are managed by the Core layer. Mangonui, New Zealand 65 contributions 14 helpful votes. Results for search petrel 2 crack: Crack Access Password, Crack MDB Password, Crack Tracker, Crack Killer4/5.

Bulwer's petrel nicknamed Buggerlugs found on Cronulla RSL

Free petrel 2020 Download - petrel 2020 for Windows check it out. Allow interpreters to gain full confidence in the data used for domain conversion. Still not sure about Petrel E&P Software Platform? Want to know the purchase price of 1 Petrel Court, Wurtulla QLD 4575 sold in Feb 2020 - Dig deeper into the neighbours - See house median prices & other properties you may like in Wurtulla. Well made with decent. Petrel 2020 Manual kchsc org. Other local specialities include 'Grants' Storm Petrel, Barolo's Shearwater, Bulwer's Petrel, Wilson's Strom Petrel and vagrants recorded on previous trips include Zino's Petrel, Brown Booby and South Polar Skua.

X-Plane 11 Super Petrel LS Amphibian 1.0
1 VERSION 72 2020.01 - Shearwater Research 68%
2 Dancing Petrel (Mangonui) - 2020 All You Need to Know 83%
3 Do I have a Petrel or Petrel 2? - Shearwater Research 85%
4 2020.1 Interconnector - Ikon Science 25%
5 Schlumberger ECLIPSE Simulation 2020.1 full cracked 43%
6 What's New In Petrel 2020 - Session 2 Registration 37%
7 West Roxbury, MA Patch - Breaking Local News Events 92%
8 Roxborough-Manayunk, PA Patch - Breaking Local News Events 6%
9 Petrel - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 76%

DGB Earth Sciences - Download

The Super Petrel LS utilizes the Rotax engine models 912 ULS, 912 iS and 914 UL, with digital. Petrel - Shearwater Research https://usolieservis.ru/download/?file=606. Schlumberger petrel training manual Created Date Page 5 9 Get Free Schlumberger Petrel Manual 2020 10 12 2020 12 26 15 PM Petrel Quantitative Interpretation is a product development collaboration. This is a large seabird, with a body length of 42–45 cm. The bird is completely dark brown except for a variable patch of white near the base of the bill, which is black. Address a large variety of challenges quantifying geophysical signatures of rock and.

Schlumberger Petrel (1 Download)

Wildlife Sound Recordist, Chris Watson, presents the Leach's Storm-Petrel. Microsoft Excel Basic Tutorial for Beginners. File name: Petrel Full +[HOST] Upload Date: TZ Size: content_copyThis file is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Oct 08 2020 Petrel-Manual 1/3 PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. Looking For (and Finding? ) The Jamaican Petrel. Petrel2-PerdixAI-Perdix-Nerd-2-v81 Release Notes. What are synonyms for petrel?

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❄️ Abyssrium Pole MEGATHREAD!! ❄️

Pole update as of 3/9/2020! 3 new fish!

There's 2 new pearl fish and 1 new fish for completing the tutorial. They also seem to have bugged out everyone's fish costs, so you'll just have to bear with that until they patch it. They changed the distance between some achievements and the pearl rewards for them.
They changed the unlock requirements AGAIN and I'm boutta really cuss. New stuff in bold.

Pole update as of 2/20/2020! 11 new fish!

The new hidden fish are numbers 47 and up on the list below. 3 of the new fish are regular fish, and the rest are hidden. There are two new fish that cost 4,000 pearls apiece, and 2 new IAP. There are 2 new corals: Deep Snow Coral and Deep Anemone.
They have also changed a bunch of the hidden fish unlock requirements (again!)

Pole update as of 1/29/2020! 10 new fish!!

The new hidden fish are numbers 37 and up in the list below. There are also two new 2,000 pearl fish and a new IAP (that costs a hundred fucking dollars). MOST OF THE HIDDEN FISH UNLOCKS HAVE CHANGED SLIGHTLY, PLEASE READ THE UPDATED INFORMATION!! Thank you u/Kurevin for all the unlocks~!
Abyssrium Pole is live! All hidden fish are found!
Overall, the game is very similar to Abyssrium. You start off with 5,000 vitality and 5 pearls. Use vitality to buy fish and level up your Iceberg, use skills to boost your vitality earnings, rinse and repeat.

Attendance Reward Fish

  1. Harp Seal (Day 2) - although the menu pops up on day 1, you won't actually unlock this 'til day 2
  2. Arctic Hare (Day 5)
  3. Snow Petrel (Day 9)
  4. Arctic Wolf (Day 15)
Not technically an attendance reward, but completing the 9-step tutorial unlocks the Brown Bunny.

Mailbox / Preregistration Rewards

Check your "Mailbox" (like the Abyssrium inbox) when it has a red dot on it for rewards!


Level up your Iceberg and your skills. The Iceberg generates per-tap vitality. You get a bonus every 25, 50, 100 etc. Iceberg levels (just like in the Freshwater tank). You can also watch an ad for vitality, buy Blessing of Snow and Vigorous Plankton (DON'T - you get them for free from the Treasure Chest and a few minute trial every day for watching an ad!), and buy instant vitality with pearls (waste of pearls). The Iceberg maxes at 70k levels.


Skills are basically the same as in Abyssrium. Skills now max at level 100.
  • Bird Chorus - unlock at Iceberg Level 100 - Auto-Tap 15x/sec and double vitality for 180 seconds at level 1 (this is your "Volcanic Eruption")
  • Whales Blessing - unlock at Iceberg Level 300 - Vitality Production x1000 at level 1 (this is your "Delicious Food")
  • Moon's Song - unlock at Iceberg Level 500 - Doubles Vitality production for 60 seconds at level 1 (this is, perhaps obviously, your "Song of the Moon")


Also basically the same as in Abyssrium. Artifacts max at level 10.
  • Singing Clam Coral - Unlocks at Iceberg Level 600 - permanent auto-taps - 11400 times per minute at max level 10
  • Shining Grape Coral - Unlocks at Iceberg Level 800 - permanent vitality boost - 2000% at max level 10
  • Resurrection Tower Coral - Unlocks at Iceberg Level 1000 - reduce skill cooldown - by 55% at max level 10


Works exactly like the Coral tab in Abyssrium. Unlock various corals, which generate passive (per-second) vitality as you level up. Corals max at 100k levels.


Common Fish

Normal fish unlocks are listed in game. You get a ~3% bonus for each fish created. Fish now have "types" and "subtypes", e.g. mammal, land-sea, etc. You can see a fish's type and other info by looking at it in Manage Fish.

Hidden Fish

Hidden fish work slightly differently than in Abyssrium. The game will tell you the unlock for 1 hidden fish at a time. You can "change target" every 24 hours by watching an ad, which will tell you the unlock for a different hidden fish. You also can "change target" by unlocking your current "target" fish. The order in which the game "targets" fish is somewhat random. You can unlock hidden fish even if they aren't your current "target". Hidden Fish don't appear in the Manage Fish list until you unlock them.
Number Hidden Fish Unlock Requirements
1. Chinstrap Penguin Own Ice Bracken. Tap any Gentoo Penguin's bubble 1 time.
2. Ross Seal Own Pink Ice Branch Coral. Use Bird Chorus 3 Times. Own 8 Penguins.
3. Arctic Tern Own Snow Coral. Complete 10 achievements. Take 1 photo of Cape Petrel using Blessing of Snow.
4. Antarctic Lanternfish Level 100 Small Branch Coral. Own 3 Antarctic Silverfish. Own 3 Marbled Rockcod.
5. Lemming Own White Table Coral. Own 20 Land-Sea types. Own 10 Air types.
6. Humboldt Penguin Take 1 photo(s) of Magellan Penguin with African Penguin. Own 15 Penguins.
7. Galapagos Penguin Take 1 picture of Adelie Penguin with Lemming. Take 1 photo of Humboldt Penguin using Blessing of Snow.
8. Pink Salmon Own White Fan Coral. Tap any Mackerel Icefish’s bubble 1 time.
9. Arctic Cod Take 1 photo of Mackerel Icefish with Patagonia Toothfish. Tap 150 bubbles.
10. Snowshoe Rabbit Take 1 photo of Lemming with Chinstrap Penguin. Own 20 sea types.
11. Harbor Seal Use Whale's Blessing 10 times. Take 1 photo of Harp Seal.
12. Nelma Take 1 photo of Omul using Blessing of the Snow. Tap any Ray-finned fish’s bubble 20 times. Own 5 Antarctic Herrings.
13. Skua Take 1 photo of Snowy Sheathbill with Arctic Tern. Cast Bird Chorus 30 times.
14. Thick Billed Murre Own 5 Skuas. Complete 150 achievements.
15. Dall Sheep Use Moon's Song 15 times. Own 5 Arctic Hares.
16. Skipjack Tuna Takee 1 photo of Yellowfin Tuna using Blessing of Snow. Tap any Scombrid's (Tuna's) bubble 15x.
17. Longfin Tuna Take 1 photo of Pacific Bluefin Tuna with Yellowfin Tuna. Own 5 Skipjack Tuna.
18. Northern Rockhopper Penguin Take 1 photo(s) of Erect-crested Penguin with Galapagos Penguin.
19. Southern Rockhopper Penguin Take 1 photo(s) of Snares Penguin using Blessing of Snow. Own 7 species of Penguins.
20. Southern Bottlenose Whale Take 1 photo of Snares Penguin with Hourglass Dolphin. Level 5 Whale's Blessing.
21. Muskox Own Yellow Anemone. Tap Dall Sheep bubble 5x. Take a photo of a Hooded Seal with an African Penguin.
22. Burmeisters Porpoise Take 1 photo of Risso's dolphin with Chilean dolphin. Complete 300 achievements.
23. Spectacled Porpoise Take 1 photo of Burmeister's Porpoise with Southern Bottlenose Whale. Take 1 photo of Burmeister's Porpoise using Blessing of Snow.
24. Canadian Goose Take 1 photo(s) of Snow Goose with Snow Petrel. Level 5 Bird Chorus.
25. Porbeagle Take 1 photo of Spiny Dogfish with Salmon Shark. Own 6 Cartilaginous Fish.
26. Royal Penguin Own Pink Torch Coral. Take 1 photo of Macaroni Penguin with Harp Seal. Own 5 Fiordland Penguins.
27. Greenland Shark Take 1 photo of Pacific Sleeper Shark with Blessing of Snow. You have to take the photo first for this to work. Then, don't do anything for 20 minutes. (i.e. leave the app open with the screen on and DON'T TOUCH IT for 20 minutes.)
28. Reindeer Own Blue Plate Coral. Tap any Greenland Shark's bubble 10x. (If the Greenland Sharks aren't generating bubbles, restart your app.)
29. White Flippered Penguin Take 1 photo of Northern Rockhopper Penguin with Southern Rockhopper Penguin. Take 1 photo of Reindeer using Blessing of Snow.
30. Little Penguin Own 15 Penguin Species
31. Narwhal Own Yellow Cylinder Coral. Take 1 photo of King Penguin with Longfin Tuna.
32. Killer Whale Own 8 Sea-Surface Type species. Take 1 photo of Narwhal with Adelie Penguin.
33. Walrus Own 9 species of seals. Own 23 sea-type species. Own 12 sea-surface type species.
34. Emperor Penguin Own 33 species of birds. Take 1 photo of King Penguin with Killer Whale.
35. Polar Bear Own 42 species of mammal. Own 10 Blue Whales. Take 1 photo of Reindeer with Arctic Wolf.
36. Humpback Whale Own 10 Polar Bears. Take 1 photo(s) of Polar Bear with Emperor Penguin. Take 1 photo(s) of Polar Bear with Walrus.
37. Wolverine Level 2000 White Barnacle. Own 50 Land Types. Take 1 photo of Snowshoe Rabbit with Harbor Seal.
38. Moose Level 5000 Pink Torch Coral. Take 1 photo of Dall Sheep with Muskox.
39. Giant Petrel Level 1500 Blue Barnacle. Own 10 Thick-billed Murre. Take 1 photo of Snow Petrel with Arctic Tern.
40. Beluga Whale Level 4000 Vine Coral. Own 20 Killer Whales. Take 1 photo of Narwhal with Killer Whale.
41. Sperm Whale Level 500 Vine Coral. Use Whale's Blessing 50 times. Own 6 Right Whales. Own 260 fish.
42. White-tailed Deer Level 6000 Luminescent Coral. Take 1 photo of Reindeer with Royal Penguin. Take 1 photo of Dall Sheep using Blessing of Snow. *Own 9 Land-type species.
43. Gray Whale Level 500 Deep Branch Coral. Take 1 photo of Right Whale with Killer Whale. Own 305 fish.
44. Blue-eyed Shag Take 1 photo of Snow Goose with Canadian Goose. Own 10 Snow Goose. Own 155 fish.
45. Minke Whale Own Deep Blue Table Coral. Share 1 photo of Sperm Whale using Vigorous Plankton. Own *610** fish.* Own 5 Sperm Whales. Own 5 Gray Whales. Take 1 photo of Humpback Whale.
46. Bryde's Whale Level 10,000 Deep Anemone. Own 80 Sea-Surface types. Own 100 species. Take 1 photo of Humpback Whale with Minke Whale
47. King Salmon Own 16 ray-finned fish species. Take 1 photo of Longfin Tuna with Atlantic Salmon. Use Whale's Blessing 50 times.
48. Snow Bunting Lv. 5100 Snow Coral. Take 100 photos of Air types. Share 1 photo of Cape Petrel using Blessing of Snow.
49. Antarctic Prion Take 1 photo of Black-Legged Kittiwake with Blue-eyed Shag. Own 5 Procellariid species (Petrels). Take 25 photos of Procellariid (Petrels) using Vigorous Plankton.
50. Siberian Crane Lv. 9000 Yellow Cylinder Coral. Tap any Wandering Albatross's bubble 50x. Own 20 Canadian Geese.
51. Arctic Ground Squirrel Level 8,000 Deep Snow Coral. Own 20 Lemmings. Take 1 photo of Blue Arctic Fox with Lemming.
52. Wild Yak Level 5,000 Deep Anemone. Own 20 Muskoxen. Share 1 photo of Arctic Ground Squirrel using Vigorous Plankton.
53. Black-Legged Kittiwake Own Red Barnacle. Own 20 Air types.


In the shop tab, you can buy IAPs, buy creatures with pearls, and receive free in-game currency.

Pearls Subtab

  • Watch an ad every 3 hours for 10 pearls
  • Midas Tap (auto-clicker) - $7.99 - you get a free trial
  • Various pearl packages at various costs

Packages Subtab

  • Balloon Penguin - $3.99 - 100 pearls (400 pearls if you buy on Feb. 20th), 30 minutes of Vigorous Plankton and Blessing of Snow - limited for 30 days (Feb 20th - March 20th 2020)
  • Snowy Owl - $1.49 - 200 pearls and 1 hour worth of all Skills
  • Sea Otter - $3.99 - 700 pearls and 1 hour worth of all Skills
  • Red Fox - $7.99 - 1800 pearls and a vitality bonus
  • Husky Pack - $24.99 - 2.5x vitality production, 30% discount on fish creation cost, 6,000 pearls, 1 hour of Vigorous Plankton, and a vitality bonus
  • Baby Penguin - $40.99 - 10,000 pearls, 1 hour worth of all Skills, and a vitality bonus
  • Baby Polar Bear Pack - $99.99 (holy shit) - 22,000 pearls, 3 hours of Vigorous Plankton and Blessing of Snow, and a vitality bonus

Characters Subtab

  • Stoat - 2,000 pearls - Doubles Vitality production, -20% cost of fish creation - once you buy 1 with pearls you can buy additional with vitality
  • Arctic Fox - same as above
  • Bald Eagle - same as above
  • Blue Arctic Fox - same as above
  • Peregrine Falcon - same as above
  • Canada Lynx - 4,000 pearls - 2.5x Vitality production, -30% cost of fish creation
  • Snow Leopard - same as Lynx
  • Strawberry Harp Seal - New! - Same as Lynx
  • Trapper Penguin - New! - Same as Lynx

Treasure Chest

A bird will periodically fly by and drop a treasure chest. Open it by watching an ad. This works just like the Mystery Chest in Abyssrium. The rewards are vitality, pearls, or a trial of Blessing of Snow. Don't waste pearls on Blessing of Snow for the unlocks, because you can get it for free from the chest.

Manage Fish

There is improved UI for interacting with the various fish. Clicking on a fish in "Manage Fish" gives you information about the fish's category, sub-category, rarity, and movement type. It also shows the fish's unlock condition and allows you to interact with the fish by deploying or storing it. It also tracks your number of photos of the fish and how many times you've tapped vitality of that fish (useful for tracking unlock progress!) And, you can drag and drop fish to mass-deploy them in the tank!!
You can sort fish by type, e.g. birds, mammals, etc. by clicking on the icon that looks like 4 boxes.
You can also purchase additional tanks in this menu (max of 5), which allows you to create various ecosystems. You can deploy fish on a per-tank basis, which allows you to have custom sets of fish. But, a single fish can only be in 1 tank at a time.


Works exactly like Abyssrium, but you can take "couple photos" with 2 or more animals in it. This is required for some unlocks. To take a couples photo, focus on one animal and wait until it walks/swims/flies close to the other animal, then snap the picture while both are in the viewfinder. If you're successful, you'll get a message in the top left of the screen that the couples photo was taken. The camera also tells you what fish you are looking at (top left corner) when you focus on it.

Bugs, Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

I can't get the Narwhal! The Longfin Tuna is never close enough to the King Penguin!
Clear out your tank. Fill your tank with as many Longfin Tuna as you can afford. A minimum of 10 of them, more if you can afford them. Create a single King Penguin and stalk him with the camera. Once he dives, take pictures like crazy. If you have enough tuna density, you should get this pretty quickly and your biggest time suck will just be waiting for the penguin to dive.
My game is in Korean! Help!
Navigate through the tutorial by clicking wherever the arrows tell you to click until you reach the main screen. Click on the "Settings" menu (the gear in the top right corner) and click the 3rd full-length button to change your language to one you recognize.
My ads won't work!
Hard close the game and restart it. If this doesn't work, try clearing your phone's cache or resetting your Advertising ID (in your phone's settings).
I can't upgrade corals/icebergs!
Hard close the game and restart.
I didn't get the Harp Seal!
The new day resets 24-ish hours from when you downloaded the game. Just be patient, and you'll get the Harp Seal on your 2nd day of play.
I can't focus on the birds for photos!
Yeah, these are a pain and there's no real trick. My suggestion is to store everything in your tank (Go to Manage Fish -> Reset Tank) and then deploy only the bird you want to take a picture of. Long-press on its icon and then drag it into the deployed fish box to put it back in the tank. Then, there's only one thing other than the Iceberg to focus on in the tank. You can also try tapping on the icon that looks like a compass rose/crosshair in the top right of the screen and locking your screen on a higher-up focus, apparently this helps some people target the birds a bit easier. You can also try just creating a new bird; that automatically locks the camera on whatever animal you just created.
Couples photos are taking forever!
Store everything in your tank (Manage Fish -> Reset Tank) and deploy only the two creatures you need for the photo. They should deploy into the tank near each other, and you can follow one around with the camera until both are within the viewfinder. Alternately, you can make a bunch of Creature #1, store everything in your tank, and then deploy just all of your Creature #1 into the tank. As soon as you do this, go to the fish tab and create a new Creature #2. The new fish should spawn into the tank right where the other critters were deployed and you should be able to get a couple's photo in a few seconds. The couples photos do require the fish to be pretty close to each other and on roughly the same "plane" of depth on the screen. Once you've taken a photo, you can pan around while the screen is frozen to try to set up a better shot for your next attempt.
I have 444442 pearls!
This is just a display bug and might mean you have a crummy internet connection. You don't actually have hundreds of thousands of pearls, sorry to disappoint.
I'm stuck at a wall at F (G, M, O, etc.)!
The "trick" for Pole is similar to the Freshwater Tank in Abyssrium. Because fish aren't worth much in terms of bonuses, your real star of the show is the Iceberg (and the corals in the early levels, especially if you're a more passive player). The basic sequence is Cast Skills -> Buy Iceberg Levels -> Buy Coral Levels -> Cast Skills again. Only buy fish when they're fairly cheap if you're stuck. The free Vitality ad in the Iceberg tab is also fairly useful, especially in early game, so take advantage of that. If you watch the vitality ad while Moon's Song is active, it multiplies your vitality earnings by your Moon's Song multiplier. The "Blessing of Snow" and "Vigorous Plankton" boost is useful but not something you should waste pearls on; you can get it for free by watching an ad for 3 minutes per day or as a reward from the Treasure Chest. Here is a great post by u/JapeCity about how to overcome the vitality walls
I can't unlock the Walrus!
Update your game! The Walrus used to require 13 Sea-Surface type fish; however, only 12 of those are unlockable in the game prior to getting to the Walrus. Unfortunately, this meant the Walrus (and the Humpback Whale, which depends on the Walrus), were unavailable, but this is patched as of Jan 14th 2020.
What counts as a Sea Type / Land-Sea Type / Sea Surface Type?
Each creature lists its Type under its entry in the Manage Fish section. A helpful user created a chart of which creature is which type which you can find by clicking here!
How can I get pearls?
The fastest way to get pearls in the early game is definitely by completing Achievements, though these do eventually max. Your fastest achievements are gonna be your coral level achievements (make sure you level up even your cheap/ineffective corals and you'll get tons of pearls!) and your taking/sharing photo achievements, which can be spammed by taking photos of any old thing and clicking "share" then backing out before a draft has been completed. If you have the Midas Tap skill you can easily spam the "tap x times" achievements, too, by just leaving a stylus on the screen (or a lime or water bottle!), or you can "trap" it on the screen by activating it and then watching an ad without releasing your tap. Put out some Greenland Sharks/Porbeagles with Midas Tap on screen to max the "tap fish bubbles" achievement quickly (they swim below the coralite). You can also get free 20 pearls per 8 hours in the Shop tab by watching an ad - the time between these ads reduces as you level up your Resurrection Tower Coral. And of course open the Treasure Chest as soon as it's dropped, for a 1/3 chance of 10 pearls. (And you can buy them, if you have money. It's more cost effective to buy the fish packages than the pearl-only packages.)
What should I spend pearls on?
Your first pearls should go to leveling up your Whale's Song and Bird's Chorus skill to Level 5, as these are required for an unlock. You can intersperse this with buying levels of the Resurrection Tower Coral, which is the most useful artifact. The Resurrection Tower Coral decreases your skill cooldown (including the time between ad watches to refresh skills) and the time between Free Pearl ads, so it substantially increases your pearl earnings. You'll want to max it out. Then, you'll want to consider saving up your pearls for the 2,000 pearl fish. You need the Blue Arctic Fox for a late-game unlock, so that's your best choice. Finally, dump the rest of your pearls into levels of Moon's Song and Whale's Blessing (they cap at 100 levels), as they're the most effective vitality earners. You can also consider buying and leveling the other two artifacts, but only do that if you like them aesthetically - they grow twice as you level them up and look very pretty, but don't otherwise do much for your gameplay.
I got the Blue Whale - what's this white box in the corner of my screen?
It's a default placeholder for whatever the next "normal" fish will be. The text in Korean says "Next Fish Here".
submitted by farmerlesbian to AbyssRium

Armada de Chile recibe fragatas antiaéreas clase Adelaide

Armada de Chile recibe fragatas antiaéreas clase Adelaide

La Armada de Chile recibe las fragatas antiaéreas Capitán Prat y Almirante Latorre

FFG05 \"Melbourne\" rebautizada como FFG-14 \"Almirante Latorre\"
Los buques reemplazarán a dos fragatas antiaéreas clase L retiradas del servicio.
16/04/2020 | Valparaíso
El miércoles 15 de abril se desarrolló en la ciudad australiana de Sidney la Ceremonia de Izamiento del Pabellón Nacional en las fragatas antiaéreas FFG-11 Capitán Prat (ex HMAS Newcastle) y FFG-14 Almirante Latorre (ex HMAS Melbourne) de la Armada de Chile.
La actividad se realizó a las 11 de la mañana en la Fleet Base East (HMAS Kuttabul) con la presencia de mandos navales de la Royal Australian Navy (RAN) y siguiendo las normas sanitarias locales implementadas por el Covid-19.
Las nuevas unidades fueron adquiridas en una transferencia de gobierno a gobierno entre Chile y Australia, en un proceso iniciado el año 2018, en reemplazo de las dos fragatas antiaéreas clase L de origen neerlandés que fueron dadas de baja recientemente por cumplir su vida útil.
Las tripulaciones de las fragatas antiaéreas FFG-11 Capitán Prat y FFG-14 Almirante Latorre continuarán su programa de entrenamiento con la marina australiana en ese puerto y se espera que retornen al país en el mes de mayo.
En relación a los seis miembros de la dotación contagiados con coronavirus, informado por la institución el 31 de marzo pasado, ya se encuentran de alta. Otros nueve efectivos, que tuvieron contacto con los anteriores y dieron positivo a Covid-19, completaron su período de cuarentena y están a la espera del alta oficial de la autoridad sanitaria australiana.

Proyecto Puente IV

La incorporación de las dos fragatas antiaéreas australianas, en el marco del proyecto Puente IV, permitirá a la Armada de Chile mantener una fuerza operativa de ocho buques de superficie para garantizar la seguridad y la protección de los intereses nacionales.
La institución recibió en 2018, tal como publicó Infodefensa.com, la autorización del Ministerio de Defensa Nacional para realizar los estudios de reemplazo de las fragatas antiaéreas clase L que cumplirán a mediados de la próxima década su vida útil por obsolescencia logística.
La Armada de Chile analizó, entre las alternativas para reemplazar a estas unidades, la construcción en Astilleros y Maestranzas de la Armada (Asmar) y la compra de fragatas usadas. La primera opción fue descartada por la gran inversión necesaria y el tiempo que demandaría la implementación de un programa naval de estas características.
La institución se enfocó en las opciones que ofrecía el mercado de buques que serán retirados del servicio en el corto plazo. En este plano emergieron cuatro alternativas: las fragatas Type 23 de la Royal Navy, las fragatas clase M de la Real Armada de Países Bajos, las fragatas clase Halifax de la Real Armada de Canadá (RCN) y las fragatas clase Adelaide de la RAN.
La Armada de Chile decidió finalmente la compra de las fragatas HMAS Melbourne (FFG-05) y HMAS Newcastle (FFG-06) de la RAN a mediados de 2019. La primera unidad fue retirada del servicio el 30 de junio de 2019 y la segunda el 26 de octubre de 2019. Los buques recibieron una extensa modernización que incluyó la instalación del sistema de gestión de combate CMS ADACS**; sonar de casco** Spherion**, sonar de guerra contra minas** Petrel TMS5424 y sonar remolcable antitorpedo Albatros TMS4350 de Thales; lanzador vertical VLS MK-41 para misil ESSM e implementación del misil Standard SM-2 MR Block IIIA de Raytheon, entre otras mejoras.
La incorporación de los buques considera un completo paquete logístico e instrucción del personal en Australia. Con este propósito, como publicó Infodefensa.com, la institución destinó 3,6 millones de dólares para efectuar 30 cursos de capacitación, traslados de tripulación, implementación de una Inspectoría Técnica de Obras (ITO) por un año y el viaje de las fragatas a Chile.
submitted by nikhoxz to MilitaresEnReddit

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