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Serial key diablo 2 patch notes 1.13

Diablo II GAME PATCH v.1.14d

But there's a suggestion in a quote. Diablo 2 manual patch download. We've never experienced a character wipe with new patches- some of them, the major ones, have come with ladder resets so that characters that have items or statistical abnormalities are wiped from the ladder and cast in to nonladder, where they cannot affect or interact with ladder characters. Diablo II: Patches, Updates, Addons, Downloads (The. For contact information, please check out the team page to find out who should be e-mailed, depending on the topic. Patch notes - Search https://usolieservis.ru/download/?file=509.

Patch kingpintz Item Pack - Diablo 2 Modding Resources

Diablo 2 1. 13c Patch Notes diablo 2 lod v1. 13 no cd crack rapidshare megaupload hotfile, diablo 2 lod v1. 13 no cd crack torrent download, diablo 2 lod v1. 13 no cd crack full free download Rapid downloads. This is the latest official patch for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. In order to run a mod, Diablo II needs to be patched correctly, or the mod will most likely not start at all. Diablo 2 patch notes 1.13.

Diablo 2 1.13 new patch news patch notes

Diablo 2 b PTR patch notes I have no problems buying a new game for a new key but I need to know if when I get the Patch will it work offline through LAN. While we try to cater to all needs, feel free to look around and don't forget to drop in on the Phrozen Forums where thousands of members and visitors try. Diablo 2 1.13b PTR patch notes. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on the PC. Diablo 2 Lords Of Destruction No Cd Crack 1.13 - DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) 1bcc772621 Diablo II LOD no cd. Report errors in the Arreat Summit here.

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Diablo 2 Patch 1.13c Released. Diablo and Diablo 2 (and "soon". Download - 328.23 KB Diablo 2 Views: 182, 523 Downloaded: 91, 184 Final Kingpintz. Registered users can also use our to download files directly from all file hosts where diablo 2 expansion iso was found on. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! Diablo 2 Multires Patch 1.13C. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction v1.14d Patch file - Mod DB.

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Diablo II. Fans have been waiting for the patch for quite awhile, and. StarCraft II Patch Notes; StarCraft II Beta Patch Notes; StarCraft. This is achieved by keeping all players on one single realm and ladder, while also allowing them to create their games on one of our 28+ servers around the world. Up until Patch the changes affect only the classic game. Diablo 2 1.13c d2me Maphack free diablo 2 crack 1.13d no cd. Posted in Blizzard Games News, Diablo 2 News.

Diablo 2 Patch 1.13 back in Development

LOD Patch 113c For Windows file - Diablo II: Lord of

How to generate a Steam Key. Diablo II - 1.13 PvP Smiter Guide Guide - PC. When an angel is truly deceased, the Arch will immediatly create a new one of similar purpose to replace him. Click to download: Download zom. Lord of Destruction CD. Mac users will need to copy these music files and rename them to 'Diablo II Music' and 'Diablo II Expansion Music'respectively. This is a list of the changes and improvements made by Blizzard Entertainment to Diablo II and its expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Wiki : What are the differences between Slash and Bnet ?

Note : Hi Slashers, I made this to help our new players figure out the changes from Battlenet. Feel free to add in the comments. I suggest the mods add this to the wiki and link it so it's easy to find for the newcoming player.
EDIT (Oct 2018) Recycling this old post to reflect recent changes that were made.

Welcome to Slash !

This is a private server that's designed to be as close as possible to a Vanilla Diablo 2 experience (Vanilla means non-moded, we do play Classic and Expansion, Softcore and Hardcore). This should be functionally identical to Battlenet, without bots and dupes. Multiple connections (aka multiboxing, maximum 4 per IP) and maphack are however allowed but every other automated feature will result in a ban. For the rest, it is as closes at it gets to Battlenet. However, there are some slight differences I wish to highlight for our new players.

Diablo Clone Event

To trigger Diablo Clone Event, instead of vendoring a Stone of Jordan (soj), the trigger was replaced with Herbs, a new item that can be generated with Horadric Cube by transmuting a Gul rune and a Scroll of Town Portal. This means that Diablo Clone can no longer be spawned in Classic (and he would not drop the Annihilus charm there anyway).
Diablo Clone will only spawn in the single game where the Herbs are sold. This means one has to sell the Herbs in a hell game otherwise nothing will happen and the Gul rune would be wasted. At the time of writing this, the Cube recipe is not yet available in the Non Ladder realm, but this should be patched soon. Ask if you are not sure.
The difference between spawning mechanisms on respective servers has important consequences on the value of the Annihilus charm on either server. Because it is relatively easy to spawn Diablo Clone, the charms here hold little to no value - perhaps only about the Gul rune that was required to trigger the event.
Therefore we should not see fights over Annis in public or private games, the respectability of one's name is worth much more than that on a small private server. It is not rare that people ask for help to nail down the clone and most people would gladly do it for free. If a fee is ever received in return of the trouble, it is mostly out of haste.

Uber Tristram

Private servers run on a software called D2GS (Diablo 2 Game Server). This software is not supported officially by Blizzard. This is why we need to run the 1.13 version of Diablo (until a custom patch to D2GS becomes a real thing, if this is even possible). One other important consequence of this is that the files that control the Ubers in the Pandemonium Event have been constructed by trial and error. They are not the same as the ones on Battlenet, those are obviously not freely available. It results that the AI of the Ubers is not completely identical to what would be experienced on Battlenet. We try to make it as similar as possible. This is definetly better that the implementation that can be found in PlugY for single player, for example.

(No)Drop rates

There has been a long story to this, different drop settings were tried and in the end it was decided to stick with the so-called parameter NoDrop=0. What this means is that every single monster killed will drop an item - i.e. a 0% chance that nodrop will be rolled by the item generation engine.
This effectively makes drop rates better (or easier) in comparison to Battlenet or Single Player. In the original game, nodrop starts at approximately 66% and decreases up to slightly less than 1% as the player count increases. This means on Slash we get about the same rates (less than 1% difference) as the maximum rates of the original game but for any player count - not just for p8/8.
Rare items still will be rare. This generates more items of everything, more crap just like more goodies. The important difference there is it changes the item finding paradigm from hunting unique monsters that are less affected by nodrop dynamics to hunting any monster at all in high density areas like Cows, Worldstone Keep, ...
It can be argued that this change is better for the health of economy on a smaller server and that it helps with build diversity as it makes some p1/1 builds more viable than they would be otherwise. It probably also stalls the market faster for low/mid-end items as p1/1 will generate here 2,67 times more items than it would on the original rates.


Most people play on the ladder realm. However, some might want to finish their builds as the ladder cycles progress. For this purpose, as opposed to single player and Battlenet, the ladder content have been introduced in the non-ladder realm. This means that you can make ladder-only runewords there too, transmute all the runes and even find the ladder-only items.

Duration of Ladder cycles

Instead of the 6 months duration, our ladder are a bit shorter at approximately 4 months. We thus get an extra reset experience per year.

"Perming" the characters

There is no such thing here. Every character created is automatically saved and will not expire (unless the admins make it happen). It is no longer needed to park a new mule in a game for it to stick any further. Also note that each account can hold up to 16 characters.

Games per Hour limit

There is no such thing here. You can make as many short games as you want without the fear of being "Realmed". You will only get blocked if you get caught botting or duping.
Not that you cannot make games as long as you want. D2GS puts a limit on game duration of 4 hours. If you stall or play in a game for any time exceeding that value, game server will kill the game and you should be booted to the game lobby.
Also, please don't idle in game without a purpose, this creates lag on the server.

CD key Check

You will need a valid set of keys only to install the game. Keys are not checked further when connecting to the server. This means that a key that was banned from Battlenet, or one that's already in use, will work just fine. Bans here are performed IP and account-wise, CD keys are not relevant to this process.


With a small population (and no bots) the economy has settled in a different way. The major difference being the value of the runes as compared to the Battlenet standards. In most cases here, runes are worth their cube transmute equivalent. For example 1 vex = 2 gul. Exceptions prevail for the highest runes. Here are some common guidelines (prices always vary according to supply and demand) :
  • Runes lower than Ohm : Cube Value Eg : Gul = 2 Ist. (Often Pul = 2 Lem instead of 3 because Lem is very useful)
  • Lo = 1.5 Ohm
  • Sur = 2.5 Ohm
  • Ber = Jah = 5 Ohm
  • Cham = 0.5 Ohm
  • Zod = Ohm
As mentionned already, another difference arising from form the fact that Dclone spawns relatively easily impacts the trade value of the Annihilus : (Except for the very high rolls) Next to nothing. Rushes are free. One should not have to pay its forge for one, we want people to help each other. A very common practice is to pass the starting gear along once one is finished using it.
Trades are also very commonly performed on the ground instead of the usual trading screen. Don't get surprised if that happens. We do trust eachother alot. Don't try to scam, you are likely to get banned for something like this ... Another very common thing is to set mules up for a trade. This is sometimes more convenient that way due to different time zones and schedules of our player base. Make sure you also read the trade etiquette post for additionnal guidelines.


Make sure you know the rules to avoid a ban !

Happy Slashing !!

submitted by SlashFap to slashdiablo

Why Diablo 2 itemization is great starting point for D4

I'm really, really sorry for such a long post but I belive to do justice to that topic you need to write wall of text. I'm sorry if there are some logical/gramatical typos because i wrote it in one go. Also I want to mention that I'm not talking about PoE(however I do advise players and dev's to get to know other arpg competitors). I also dont want Diablo 4 to be reskinned PoE and I do want D4 to be great game. There is a lot of talk here on reddit about Diablo 4 itemization system. Some people claim that Diablo 2 itemization system is bad. I wholeheartedly disagree with that statement. Diablo 2 item system is flawed, but with some work it might work gloriously. My main comparison point will be Diablo 3(for obvious reasons). I'm not saying that D4 should use Diablo 2 item system copy pasted - they got my blessing if they try to do something completely new. But their starting point should be Diablo 2 item system, not the one presented in Diablo 3. I base this wall of text out of my own personal experiences that I gained through many years of playing games in this franchise(I still tend to play both D3 and D2.). First of all let me answer most common arguments against usage of D2 system. I feel i 'catched' most of them, but I might be wrong.
  1. "Item drops were too low." - I personally disagree with that(especially after 1.13 patch), but boosting loot drops is not a big problem. With enough magic find/efficiency you were finding a lot of uniques. I belive that p8 drops are on point when it comes to solo experience(and I played quite a lot of 'solo self found' on p8 drops) and I would personally use this as reference point in Diablo 4.
  2. "Diablo 2 runewords were overpowered." - Runeword system itself wasnt overpowered, but some runeword items clearly got skipped in QA testing(if there were any, remember that this game was created 20 years ago). The original rune words batch were on point with balancing in my opinion(http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/runewords-original.shtml). Runewords that came after that were bad and trully lacked balancing. There is easy way to improve it by simply balancing the gear properly.
  3. "Enigma was must have." - Ignoring the point presented above, enigma creation was caused by imbalanced skill called teleport. Coldownless mobility skill that passed the walls,rifts, edges and any other obstacle was simply too strong in a game where other classes lacked any movement ability. That's why enigma was there - to balance out classes. There won't be similar issue in Diablo 4 I'm sure. And if there will be - balancing the characters themselves is the key.
  4. "Charms were bad." - Yes indeed, Charm system was deeply flawed. If it would be up to me I wouldnt like them to return unless they got seriously changed.
  5. "Most items you dropped were garbage." - Yes, most items that dropped for you were junk that you sell or dont pick at all. That is the common problem in arpg's. There is the same problem with diablo 3 itemization. Important thing to note is that Diablo 2 uniques were constructed to be decent for certain level. You dont expect angelic sabre that can drop almost right from the start to carry you through whole content. Diablo 3 have similar thing, but it got handled by simply upscaling the items to maximum once you reached max level - and even there most items were junk that you will never use. Diablo 2 handled it partially through Horadric Cube formula, that let you upgrade the item to higher type(best example is https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Bloodtree_Stump ). Another way Diablo 2 handled it is that some items can be considered as an endgame ones even thought they are low level ones. Examples: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Bloodfist , https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Magefist_(Diablo_II)) , https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Hotspur, https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Goblin_Toe and many others, great examples are ~~40ilvl items like herald zakarum, jalalal mane, areat face etc). Solution to that problem D4 can use might be some kind of drop system that tend to drop items more 'accurate' to your level and character class.
  6. "Diablo 2 uniques don't feel as powerfull as Diablo 3."- Most uniques dont feel as powerfull in Diablo 2 that is true. There is no highly emphasized 'player empowerment' factor here. There are however items that do that job. Dont try to tell me that Chaos rw( https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Chaos_Rune_Word ) didnt make you feel powerfull when you could use whirlwind as your assassin. Or wielding beast( https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Beast_Rune_Word ) and making a bearsorc. I personally like as it is because those kind of items are build defining and if you create too many of them then build variations start to feel the bland(because those items are obligatory). I'm not opposed to improving that further. Player have to feel good about his character. Another thing is that item not always have to be 'flashy' to feel powerfull. I still remember how good i felt while handling magic 6/40 javelins on my javazon - they are not flashy but they were strong and super rare - that gave me the better feeling than ANY diablo 3 item ever.
  7. "D2 items are glorified statsticks" - Im not sure I understand this argument... Diablo 3 items are statsticks aswell plus the unique affix(and there is or was a lot of those that didnt had any). Please explain it to me.
  8. "Particular items feel like must own items(i.e. Shako, Enigma, hoto etc)." - There are some items that work like that and they deserve the nerfs(again, lack of QA testing). However beside few items like enigma, items are not irreplaceable. For example beloved Shako can be easly swapped for better or worse items(sometimes shako is not even best in slot) - for example: powerfull rare(2sk 20 fcr adds) or magic(3sk 20 fcr) circlet, other unique(Crown of Ages, Griffon) or runeword(lore, delirium - yes i know it got downside but let me talk about it little bit later). Diablo 3 DONT HAVE THAT. Thats beacuse Diablo 3 is balanced around items instead of skills. That creates the issue that if there is a build you have to own exact items and without that items the build WONT work!
  9. "Physical classes were worse than casters." - This is very... broad topic. Caster classes due to them not scaling off weapon are usually better especially early on. However in the endgame 'physical' classes can possibly outclass casters(bowzon is an example). I personally love how it works in theory - casters are stronger early game when they got worse gear, and with time they get more equal(or even worse). That how it's handled in many rpg's and it more or less works. HUGE problem however is the fact that Diablo 2 classes dont have AOE physical abilities! Yes thats right. There is no aoe abilities for that classes. There are few exceptions like multishot bowzon but overall they simply lack aoe clear potential. More balancing around castephysical classes and actuall AOE skills(or other means of obtaining it like jewels/runes/gems giving AOE attacks) can solve this issue to the big extend, another thing that improve this here is stats like crushing blow that is number one stat against bosses(i dont like that stat, its imbalanced btw). Another important thing to note is that diablo 2 provide caster possibilities for every class - druid got tornado, paladin got hammers, assassin got traps, amazon got javelins and barbarian got warcries(although singbarb deserve a buff). I personally think that this is better way than mage type classes running around with 2handed axes, overall feeling that your mage is generic warrior and strive for weapon damage only.
  10. "Good Rares/Magic/Crafts are extreme rare" - Yes they are, but thats the point! Not every item of this type will be good, most of those item types will be bad. However there is one in a thousand chance that one of those items will be BETTER than any other item in a game. Examples? https://i.imgur.com/0KEINOG.png, https://i.imgur.com/VkzENmH.png, https://i.imgur.com/Y66rl1i.png and many many others. That is the wonderfull thing. Rares that usually are not as strong as top items beside rare scenarios(but there are this kind of scenarios). To the extend Blizzard can even use the same 'item stat rolling' guidelines like they introduced in Reaper of Souls.
  11. "You had to pick up tons of junk for crafting" - I dont mind changing crafting formula. The outcome of the crafting is what is important for me. And I was satisfied what crafting was giving you.
  12. "There is huge amount of unimportant drops that are creating visual clusterf*ck" - I guess its common arpg problem but well.. easy solution is to provide a player with some kind of loot filtering system. Another solution is to not display text but icons(like d3 highlighting system did). Harder solution is fixing the problem but I dont feel it's absolutely necessary if there are filtering possibilities easly accessible.
  13. "Speed breakpoints are archaic." - IAS/FCFHR breakpoints are caused by the fact that Diablo 2 was runing in 25 frames per second. Those breakpoints were simply 'reaching' next frame. That is caused because how Diablo 2 worked, not because of itemization. On the another hand FCFHR breakpoints were interesting and I felt good about them. That is because you had a choice with it. You could 'try' to reach next breakpoint or go for more damage/survivability/utility instead of it. And that was interesting compared to what is commonly used aka people spam that speed stat.
  14. "I don't want to wear white items" - You never use white items in D2 latageme. The only time you somewhat wear white items is when you use a runeword that is completely different type of item. Thats how it works and thats good imo. I do think that it would be better if runewords would have 'special' item colour to distinct them further from whites. If you meant that you dont want to use 'lower tier' kind of item(like magic, rare, white) then I guess we can agree to disagree - possibility to wear any type of item is much better for me.
  15. "Diablo 3 items got many more variations than fixed Diablo 2 items" - yes, Diablo 3 items are random to the extend, while Diablo 2 uniques are static. That creates more variations of the same item. That is however 'fake' diversity because in reality everyone persue the same stats and noone is going for unique things. Also every item slot have the same stats.
Overall, most of the points against d2 system can be rather easy to fix/improved. The only ones that stand out and might require some work is 'player empowerment' and caster vs physical debate.
And now let me talk about some 'advantages' aka good things that D2 system provided.
  1. You can replace most of your items. Beside few build defining and and some overpowered items(op ones should be nerfed) used got creativity to choose what he want to use. The player dont feel forced to use certain item. While I play Diablo 3 I feel that I have to use certain items to take advantage of the build im striving for. I dont have that feeling in Diablo 2. For example I'm lategame light sorc and here are my viable possibilities that i can choose from: Helmet - Griffon, Shako, Rare circlet 2sorc skills 20 fcr adds, Magic circlet 3 light skills 20 fcr Amulet - Mara's kaleidoscope, Rare amulet 2sorc skills 10 fcr adds, Magic amulet 3 ligh skills 10fcr(or 100 life), Crat amulet 2 sorc skills 20 fcr adds, Tal rasha amulet Ring - Stone of Jordan, Bul Kathos Wedding Band, Crafted or rare ring with 10 fcr and adds(strenght,mana,life,res etc), magic ring with 10 fcr and 90 mana Belt - Arachnid mesh, Crafted caster belt with strenght/mana/fhr, verdungo, Tal rasha belt Gloves - Magefists, Trangoul gloves, Frostburns, Bloodfists(only if u dont need fcmana) Boots - War Travelers, Waterwalks, Sandstorm Treks, Rare boots with triple res and other stats, hotspurs, silkweaves, crafted caster boots with high mana and res Armor - Enigma, Chains of Honor, Skin of the Vipermagi, Ormus Robes(with skill you use) even Tal rasha armor Weapon - Hoto, Eschuta's Temper, Rare orb +2sorc skills +3lighting 20 fcr and adds, Magic orb +3 light skills +3lighting 20 fcr, Occulus Shield - Spirit Shield, Lidless Wall, Whistan Shield, Stormshield All items here beside shield slot dont have clear winner that is significantly better than others. That's huge amount of possibilities. I never experienced even fraction of similar diversity in Diablo3.
  2. Every item type matters. I talked about it enough - even seemingly pointless normal(white) items have its point and indirectly you can wear them(through runewords). That is great thing. Runewords are seemingly most powerfull but usually hard to farm, rares magics and crafts usually are junk but if you are lucky you can get absolutely best item, uniques and sets are solid'ish. Every item type can be used potentially. Salvaging for mat's is not 'being used'.
  3. Items got their own downsides. Yes, that's it. Not every item is providing "positive" attributes. There are items that provide bad ones - and its great! Why? Because the player got enchanced choice! You get an item that is better than average but there are negative stats as tradeoff. Are the positive stats make up the negative one? It's for player to decide. Some examples to explain further: Andariel face - give player great dps stats but negates fire resistances - is it worth it? You can negate fire res with res jewel/um rune/ral rune but then you waste socket on nagating the negative effect. Occulus - 3 sorc skills, 30 fcr, magic find, vitality, energy and resistances. Add to that it's quite cheap/easy to find item(level around 40 - that is nightmare). No other item for sorc can provide similar amount of utility stats like this one(not even hoto). But oh wait - Occulus got chance to cast teleport on getting hit and that teleport moves you to random place. That can be quite annoying and much more importantly you can die if occulus teleports you into pack of mobs. If you are HC then it might be serious problem. But its for you to decide. Delirium - 2 all skills, some vitality and magic find. Sounds not so great right? But it is a runeword. You can build this runeword on class specific item to boost this item further. And instead of +2skills you got +2skills +3tornado druid helmet. Thats huge damage boost for tornado, especially for the price of lem ist io(if ist dropps from hellfire forge then you are basically set). However there is drawback... If you get hit you can turn into a doll that cannot cast any ability and need to return to town and wait. Thats a tradeoff that you need to consider.
  4. There are other downsides to consider beside the ones i listed. All items got requirements and certain rarity(and rarity means item value usually). Every item got level requirement and some items got strenght or dexterity(or both) requirement. Strenght and dexterity requirement forces a player to choose if it's worth it to go out of his 'comfort' stat zone(aka maxing vitality) and waste stats in order to use item - easy example is wizzard spike that cost 75 dexterity that you usually do not invest into(unless u go block). Remember there are limited free respecs so you need to think carefully about the future. Rarity/value of the item is additional downside to the certain items. If item is so hard to find/to buy then is it worth it? A lot of times powerfull items are more rare thus harder to obtain, so maybe player can settle on little bit worse item and focus on other things? Examples? You are sorc and you dropped Ber rune. Should you wait and try to find Jah for Enigma? Or maybe its better to be satsified with Chains of Honor that is also good runeword. You could also sell the Ber rune and buy yourselve decent amount of other equipment thhat would give you immidiete and bigger boost compared to enigma itself.
There are more points to add, but I wrote huge wall of text already so let me provide you the point why I belive Diablo 2 itemization is great. It's not because it's balanced - its far from it. Diablo 2 itemization is great because it enchances the player creativity and enchancing player creativity results in better product logetivity. Less no brainer choices player have with items the better for him. The player can make up his own idea what to wear without being forced into obligatory legendaries for certain builds. Theres good window for theorycrafting for Diablo 2 players. You want max crushing blow frenzy barb? You can create it. You want 200 fcr fireball sorc? Sure go ahead there is a way. You dont like shako(heresy I know)? You can try to find or buy the circlet that can do the job better than shako. I cannot stress how many times i started theorycrafting about something in Diablo 2. I never theorycrafted about Diablo 3. Diablo 3 item system does nothing alike. Choosing between red and green arrow is boring. Having the same items as the guy next to you is bland.
I'm not saying that diablo 2 system is 'the system', its far from it. But what diablo 2 itemization system achieves or rather tries to achieve is what I think is pretty good. Theres so many ways Blizzard can innovate itemization. For example look at D2 mod called Path of Diablo that with one feature - corruptions created something entertaining. Sometimes monsters drop corruption orbs. You can cube it with item without socket(aka no runewords alllowed) and it can give certain bonus to that item, do nothing or destroy the item. Usually the best bonus is sockets(random amount). Such a simple change makes the gameway more interesting.. whats better enigma or viper with 4 sockets? Death cleaver 6sockets or grief? Grandfather 6socket or BotD in warpike?
Ok thats it, Thanks for listening to my ted talk. Sorry again for such a long text.
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