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Oct/28/2020 news wrap-up:\\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ Azerbaijan bombs birth clinic & civilians \\ battlefield news; analysis; videos \\ hill retaken \\ Artsakh's recognition \\ jihadists hired by Azerb. \\ international response & diplomacy \\ demonstrations & donations \\ economy \\ world media

some media for your consumption before the news

MoD spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan has garnered an army of fanboys on Twitter:
A video of soldiers in the northern front reading letters and drawings sent by children:

Image showing the human rights and press freedoms in Armenia vs Azerbaijan


more reports about Syrian jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan and Turkey

Syrian organization SOHR has learned about Turkey's recruitment of 300 more jihadists for the Azerbaijani army. However, "there are now problems with the recruitment."
"Mercenaries are facing difficulties in Azerbaijan, although the temptation to go there is high. The SOHR Research continues to monitor the transfer of mercenaries by the Turkish government to Azerbaijan, where a new group of 300 mercenaries has arrived in recent days.
Turkey has difficulties involving them in the Karabakh war. Most of the militants refuse to fight because they realize that they will find themselves in difficult conditions.
This is due to a large number of casualties, as well as the fact that many of the militants did not know that the Azerbaijani forces are supporters of Shiite Islam.
320 out of 2,350 militants have refused to fight and returned to Syria already."

Azerbaijani ultra-nationalists are arrested in Russia

Russian ultra-nationalist groups began displaying some "activity" around the topic of Karabakh. These groups often remind the close cooperation between Azerbaijan and Chechen terrorists in southern Russia in the 1990s. They often complain about Azeri ultra-nationalist and radical-religious activities within Russia.
One such Azeri ultra-nationalist group present in Russia is "VBON". It has similarities with the "Grey Wolves" Turkish terrorist organization.
Now a Russian ultra-nationalist group reports about the arrest of two alleged members of the Azeri VBON group. One of the suspects is named Agayev Roman Matlib oglu, an aide to a Russian deputy. Agayev is a frequent guest of Russian prime-time TV shows which invite Armenian and Azeri guests for debates. He is a "famous" individual.
The report also says the suspects are charged with "hooliganism". The Russian group believes it should be escalated to charges relating to incitement of religious/ ethnic extremism.
It's unclear whether the arrests are related to recent reports on Russian Telegram channels of ethnic Azeris assaulting Russians in Moscow.
Update: Another (more reputable) outlet "Baza" has confirmed the report of arrests. Rahim Bayramov and Roman Agayev are currently under house arrest. The arrest was conducted on October 19th.
Their apartments were raided; a handgun silencer, 19 cell phones, religious extremism materials, computers and USBs, and large sums were found/confiscated.
The authorities accuse the suspects of monitoring social media posts negative to them and organizing physical attacks against those who criticize them. The suspects forced several [presumably Russian] victims to apologize in front of the camera.

severl war crimes were committed by Azerbaijan today

Azerbaijan bombed the civilian settlement Shushi. Then they bombed it again, injuring 3 emergency workers and 1 other civilian. Smerch missile was used.
Shortly afterward, Azerbaijan carried out an airstrike against a childbirth center and school in the capital Stepanakert. The government is analyzing whether the airstrike was done by Turkish F-16.
Russian ANNA correspondent witnessed how the Azeri jet dropped a bomb with a parachute.
Armenian MFA condemned the indiscriminate bombing of civilians.
Armenian Healthcare Ministry urged the international community to take action against Azerbaijan for targeting the clinic.
Artsakh president described it as an attack on the whole civilized world.
ANNA video: https://m.facebook.com/vahagn.tevosyan/videos/10159193215589026/
ANNA about parachute bombs: https://twitter.com/razminfo/status/1321409641184743427?s=20
Photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033051.html ,
Video: https://m.facebook.com/ArmenianUnifiedInfoCentevideos/690206525250477/
Photos showing the damage to Stepanakert clinic: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033033.html
Video of Stepanakert clinic damage: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/709708762965576/
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033072.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033074.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033075.html

how does the world media cover the Artsakh topic?

How widespread are Artsakh War reports in international media, and are they pro-Armenian or Azeri? The research is conducted by Lexis Nexis on behalf of Russian RIA Novosti.
Russian media made the highest number of reports. 91% of 82,000 reports were neutral.
USA had 27k media reports (8% pro-Armenian, 0% pro-Azeri, the rest neutral)
UK with 15k (mostly neutral)
Germany with 13k (mostly neutral)
France with 6k (42% anti-Azeri, 58% neutral)
Turkey with 2k (47% pro-Azeri, 46% anti-Armenian)
Kazakhstan with only 145 reports (neutral)
Iranian media reports were 8% anti-Azeri, 9% anti-Armenian, the rest neutral.
Israeli outlets often cited the oil deal with Azerbaijan and expressed the need to support their "ally". 34% anti-Armenian coverage, 4% anti-Azeri.
Chinese media was neutral.
Ukrainian media is pro-Turkish in general, therefore, as expected, 30% of reports were anti-Armenian and 31% pro-Azeri.
Goergia: 84% neutral, 8% anti-Azeri, 8% anti-Armenian.

Armenian demonstrations reach the space

TechCrunch: Armenian email campaign asks SpaceX not to aid Turkish regime with sattelite launch.
"SpaceX is slated to launch the Turkish satellite Turksat-5A in the next month or two, a geostationary communications satellite"
"the [email] senders explain that they represent or stand in solidarity with Armenians worldwide, an ethnic and national group that has suffered under the authoritarian rule and regional influence of Turkey’s President, Tayyip Erdogan"

October 28 events / battlefield & analysis / international response & diplomacy / demonstrations and donations

The city of Glendale, California has officially recognized the Republic of Artsakh after a unanimous vote by the city council. It also condemns Azerbaijan's attack against civilians, churches, schools, and hospitals. The resolution was introduced by mayor Vrej Aghajanyan.
Update: A Redditor has noted that McDonald's and Burger King's Azeri franchises have removed their tasteless Instagram posts that promoted the Azeri aggression.
Army spokesman Artsarun gave a TV interview yesterday and said: the air defense situation has changed significantly. It's not ideal but in recent days we've been hitting 1-2 very complex drones in north and south on daily basis.
We know that Azeris brought new reserves and groups of terrorists, but it won't save them from the situation. Eventually, the chain of false victories will stop somewhere. It's impossible to invent news every day about invading a new city.
The most important thing is not "losing territory" during the war; it's to maintain the combat effectiveness and management of your army.
There were many settlements that the enemy was able to capture but our artillery didn't allow them to enter the settlement for weeks. In some areas, we had to pull back the artillery so they came and sat in the settlement.
The same situation is in the Vorotan river basin (Qubatlu). There are some battles there at the moment. If we look globally, we consider these territories lost only temporarily. The war is very fast.
We mobilize, we regroup, we understand the enemy better. We correct our mistakes.
When the opponent uses its maximum potential in its initial attack wave to make a push, it's clear that this intensity won't be preserved in later stages. The strength ratio that existed in the first days was big but our forces resisted brilliantly.
https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1321400430950318080?s=20 , https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1321400859260051458?s=20 , https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1321399519972569089?s=20 , https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1321398083813593088?s=20
French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo does what Charlie Hebdo was destined to do. They published a satirical image mocking Recep Tayyip Erdogan, days after his spat with the French president Macron over religious extremism.
Ankara has condemned the cartoon and launched a felony investigation against Charlie.
The cartoon: https://twitter.com/Charlie_Hebdo_/status/1321134572105572352
https://news.am/arm/news/610171.html , https://news.am/arm/news/610201.html , https://news.am/arm/news/610250.html
9:26: Artsakh president Arayik gave the title of Artsakh Hero to the wounded ex-MoD Jalal Harutyunyan. "This is, first of all, the assessment of the heroic struggle of our army. The struggle that, from the very first day of the war, has been waged by both the command staff and all the units, showing the highest professionalism and dedication. Jalal Harutyunyan is our hero, we must educate generations by his example.
According to doctors, Jalal will recover soon and will be able to join his fellow servicemen. I am sure that the rich experience and knowledge of the commander will serve our Motherland for a long time."
9:45 Artsakh govt: the battlefield was stable-tense at night. Localized battles continue in some areas. The location and neutralization of infiltrator groups continue.
10:37: the army shot down another Azeri drone and shared the footage.
10:52: US Congressman Jimmy Gomez has urged the White House to apply the Magnitski Act sanctions against Azerbaijan for violating the ceasefire. The sanctions include financial account freezing and visa restrictions.
[the following incident was partly mentioned above]
11:13: Azerbaijan has bombed the civilian settlement Shushi. No injuries.
12:46: Shushi was bombed again, with an illegal Smerch bomb. 3 emergency workers injured, one civilian died. Another bomb fell on a hill near the capital Stepanakert.
14:13: Armenia's MoD refuted Azeri claims of firing Smerch at Azerbaijan's Barda city.
14:21: Azerbaijan carried out an airstrike against a child birth clinic and school in Stepanakert. The govt is analyzing whether the airstrike was done by F-16.
Russian ANNA correspondent witnessed how the Azeri jet dropped a bomb with a parachute.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032999.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033012.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033021.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033023.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033038.html , https://factor.am/301604.html
11:36: the Golden Apricot festival will join the fundraiser for Artsakh on November 1st. French-Armenian producer's "Երբ որ քամին հանդարտվի" movie will be presented at the Cannes Festival, along with other Armenian movie projects around the world.
11:57: $150,000,000 has been donated to Artsakh through Himnadram so far. The organization shared the pie chart showing the origin of donations.
USA 45%, Armenia 33%, Russia 11%, France 3%, Germany 1%, etc.
12:01: Armenians held a demonstration in Czechia, in front of the Czechoslovak Group headquarters whose DANA mobile artillery missiles were sold to Azerbaijan (allegedly through a middle-man in Israel).
President Sarkissian congratulated the Czech president with the Independence Day. "I'm confident that friendly Czechia is standing by our side at this difficult time."
12:17: Armenian demonstrators shut down the A7 road in France to raise awareness of the conflict.
A group of ten Turkish residents, including a woman and a child, began attacking the demonstrators with knives and hammers. The Armenian demonstrators hit them back. A fight ensued. Three of the terrorists and one Armenian demonstrator were taken to a hospital. The police arrived.
12:34: the Deputy Justice Minister Vahe Danielyan has been drafted to join the army.
12:43 European Parliament MP Martin Sonneborn: Turkey has attacked Armenia directly. France, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Austria, and the Netherlands are shocked that Germany continues to defend Turkey and supply them with arms and European funds.
13:01: Turkey is not happy about Tuesday's Russian-Syrian coalition airstrike against a pro-Turkish terrorist cell in northern Idlib, Syria. 40 dead and 60 wounded among the ranks of the Jabal al-Dweila cell.
Ankara accused Moscow of "not wanting peace" and threatened with a new military operation in Syria.
"As Turkey’s closest proxy in Idlib province, this “wasn’t a Russian attack on the Syrian opposition as much as it was a direct hit against – and message to – Turkey," writes Al Jazeera.
https://factor.am/301460.html , https://factor.am/301224.html , https://factor.am/301224.html , https://news.am/arm/news/610275.html
13:16: France has urged the European Union to act against Erdogan's behavior.
13:20: Canadian Senator Leo Housakos has urged the govt to recognize the Artsakh Republic, to condemn the aggression against it, permanently terminate the military tech export to Turkey.
Video: https://m.facebook.com/ArmEmbCan/videos/726512521282852/.
13:24: photos of more reservists training before frontline deployment.
13:34: the names of 59 more deceased soldiers were identified and published, bringing the total to 1,068. Among them was volunteer Kamo Grigoryan who made numerous round trips to supply food for soldiers.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033016.html , https://news.am/arm/news/610247.html
13:50: Iran sent an envoy to Azerbaijan to discuss the restoration of peace.
14:05: Azeri media spread fake news about Armenians recruiting children to fight in the army. They shared unrelated footage from 2016.
They spread another fake news allegedly showing a video of police forcefully enlisting men to the army. The video was from an unrelated old protest by VETO activists.
Another image taken in a cemetery in Russia was presented as being from capital Stepanakert.
14:06: Russian writer and politician Eduard Limonov organized a protest in Moscow. The attendees gathered in the Muslim Magomayev Square and placed a sign that read "Ilham Aliyev is a disgrace to Azerbaijani people.”
His political party "Different Russia" supports the recognition of Artsakh and condemned the attacks against civilians.
14:18: "Artistes Unis Pour L'Artsakh". French-Armenian artists will hold a charity concert on November 15th. Patrick Fiori, Andre Manoukian, Elodie Frege, Waxx, and others.
15:17: Iranian army general said Iran will defend its citizens near the border and won't allow geopolitical changes and introduction of ISIS terrorists at its borders.
15:21: Volgograd-based Russian-Armenian businessman Arthur Martirosyan has donated large quantities of food, clothes, cable and vehicles for front-line use.
15:27: there are unverified reports on social media stating that Azeri Major Natiq Əjdər oğlu was killed in action.
15:43: Armenian trade unions contacted their international counterparts to spread awareness of Azerbaijan's war crimes and encourage steps towards the recognition of Artsakh.
15:44: a group of soldiers received medals.
Azeris used artillery then attacked a position with 4 tanks and 1 armored vehicle. Captain Nairi Abrahamyan's unit repelled the attack and threw them back after causing casualties, while himself sustaining a wound. He's awarded the Medal for Courage.
Colonel Samvel Grigoryan receives Combat Cross for skillful management of troops and destruction of an enemy unit. Four more Colonels were awarded for various similar acts.
A few Leuthenants for shooting drones.
A group of female medics received Medal for Courage for saving lives under dangerous conditions.
15:50: aid for Artsakh residents continues to arrive from small and big settlements of Armenia. Tsovak residents sent boxes.
15:55: Azerbaijan has so far lost 6,748 soldiers, 6 TOS missile units, 618 tanks and armored vehicles, 25 aircrafts, 16 helicopters, 223 drones.
15:56: first war veteran Vitali Balasanyan has called for everyone to take up arms and defend Artsakh.
16:11: Armenian-American singer Daniel Decker has urged his Israeli friends to pressure the Israeli govt not to sell suicide drones to Azerbaijan which uses them against Artsakh civilians. "One day they will bite the hand that feeds them."
16:44: IRS prepared a video tutorial on how to donate from abroad without paying taxes (IRS helping to evade taxes what I time to be alive 🤔🤔🤔🤔 jk )
The new law allows you to donate to specific agencies/Ministries without import fees. You'll need to file some paperwork if you live in the EAEU trade bloc country.
16:51: the Soccer Federation has organized a tournament for Artsakh kids. They received gifts from soccer clubs.
17:08: European Parliament MP Nikolaj Villumsen urged the EU to take urgent steps to establish a ceasefire to avoid new war crimes. He cited the Human Rights Watch research that described Azerbaijan's war crimes against Artsakh civilians.
17:19: Armenian-Australians are working hard to promote the official recognition of Artsakh by the Australian government.
17:23: the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs of Armenia will help Artsakh refugees with finding work or volunteer jobs to preserve the skills.
17:32: another list of 100 Azeri soldiers were identified by activists as dead. The Azeri govt hides the numbers.
18:00: capital Stepanakert was bombed again.
18:04: Luxemburg has donated 100,000 Euros to Artsakh through the Red Cross.
18:06: here is a more detailed look at how the Turkish and Azeri air force operates. The movements of F-16 in Azerbaijan and the activity near the Turkey-Armenia border are captured by Armenian radars:
18:58 Armenian MoD: Azerbaijan spread false information about "5,000 deaths in Armenian army".
InfoCenter: Unlike the Azeri side, which keeps their death count secret under the "military secret" excuse, we openly publish our data every day. Our losses are currently at 1065. Azerbaijan has lost 6749 soldiers.
Security expert Samvel Martirosyan: Azeri hackers claim to have published a list with names of deceased soldiers. It's fake. The names were likely taken from publicly available voter lists.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033077.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033078.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033083.html
19:00: photos of volunteers, some of them as old as your grandfather, defending the front lines.
19:25 mini-Mike Bloomberg.com: amid Turkish Lira's record fall, the Central Bank of Turkey has made inflation predictions that are grimmer than the government's calculations.
Turkish officials say they will soon be able to take steps to control the inflation, however, this is debatable, because Lira is extremely devalued, while the investors stay away from Turkey due to its geopolitical issues and its involvement in several conflicts.
To avoid currency devaluation, Central Banks of other countries usually adopt monetary policies aimed towards stability, but in Turkey, being under the control of President Erdogan, the Central Bank isn't taking the necessary steps.
19:38 Pashinyan: I spoke with the head of IRS today and he told me surprising news. Under these war conditions, the behavior of taxpayers has significantly changed.
Despite economic hardship, they are more willing to properly pay taxes. As a result, we expect an over-fulfillment size of 40 billion ($82m), which is so necessary, especially now. It's an example of national unity. I'm proud of our entrepreneurs. Accept my respect.
19:44: Artsakh MoD criticized Azerbaijan's bombing of Artsakh civilians and said that several Azeri firing points were "silenced" deep inside Azerbaijan.
MoD urged Azerbaijan to respect the humanitarian ceasefire or else "an adequate response will arrive soon".
20:04: Russian-Armenian community in Petigorsk organized the transfer of humanitarian aid to Artsakhtsis and soldiers.
20:10: "Armenian Volunteers are the Backbone of the Army".
20:15 Artsakh MoD: The analysis of the tactics & intercepted conversations of Turk-Azerbaijani mercenaries & terrorists, collated with intelligence data, shows that as the result of the tactical retreat of the Armenian units in some directions, the Azeri Army is establishing bases for terrorist groups in these areas, whose actions can destabilize the situation not only on the borders of Armenia & Artsakh, but also pose a serious threat to the entire region.
20:24: the Associated Press created a video showing the aftermath of Azerbaijan's illegal targeting of civilian areas.
20:28: video allegedly showing a pickup truck captured by Armenian soldiers. It has some light armory and Azeri license plates. Looks like one of those ISIS-roller-coasters.
20:33 Artsakh MoD: We have repeatedly stressed our commitment to a ceasefire. However, Azerbaijan ignores it. They seem to interpret these agreements as a permit to target the peaceful population, the infrastructure, to exterminate the Armenians of Artsakh.
That cannot be the case. The defense army is taking all necessary steps to neutralize any threat to the people of Artsakh.
20:36 Artsakh govt: not one attack against our civilians will go unanswered. Come to your senses. We urge the international community to take measures otherwise the situation in the region will deepen.
As for the Azeri civilians living near military objects, we urged them to leave, so that our response to the Azeri government's war crimes won't result in the Azeri civilians becoming a target.
20:36 unverified/rumor: A Twitter account from Baku [a fan account of a Turkish soccer player] claims he has info that Syrian mercenaries might organize terrorist attacks in Baku, Barda, and Ganja, because the Azeri government hasn't paid their salaries.
[Sidenote: the U.S. government had earlier warned its citizens about possible terror attacks in Baku. Another credible report stated that often, the militants get scammed by their commanders and do not get paid fully.]
20:40 army spokesman Artsrun: technology is important of course, especially during a 5th generation warfare, but still, the most decisive factor in war is the human will and intellect.
This war is getting closer to the stage where the human will and intellect are important. Our better knowledge of our mountains and forests, and our determination, is the decisive factor.
21:45: Italian city of Cerchiara di Calabria has officially recognized the Artsakh Republic.
g.r.a.z.i.e.: https://www.facebook.com/MFA.Armenia/posts/5262688373757316
20:51: Colonel Armen Gyozalyan has received the Combat Cross, while Colonel Ashot Balasanyan is promoted to Major General.
21:23: soldiers shared aerial drone footage showing Azeri soldiers routing from a "strategically important hill" in the south, which was subsequently captured by Armenians.
Azeri soldiers are seen running down the hill while an Armenian drone, controlled from a nearby hill, records their movements. It shows the aftermath of a strike.
The report says that in one location Azeris left 10 dead and in another one 50. These were infiltrator groups who were moving north, towards Lachin.
Footage: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=985654028607050
22:00 army spokesman Artsarun's briefing: throughout the day, Azeri army, special forces, and terrorists, continued their attacks on the soldiers stationed across the Republic of Armenia borders, as well as from Artsakh's north to south.
There were small battles south of Lachin. The opponent failed to advance despite its efforts. We were able to improve our positions.
In the north, it was mostly artillery shootout near Martakert and north of it.
The battles continued in the south, too, as well as the neutralization of infiltrators near villages between the Hadrut-Martakert forests; these are slow battles.
The battles aren't as dense anymore. It's mostly localized. Mostly infiltrators, artillery, limited airforce.
I won't comment the [possibly 21:23] reports about us recapturing a position in the south. The war is dynamic and things change fast. As I've stated earlier, no need for excessive euphoria or disappointment.
22:50: a churchman sings "Hayer Miaceq" for soldiers:

COVID stats

+4,695 tested. +2,241 infected. +21 deaths. + 694 healed. 28,548 active.

How to donate to Artsakh

www.1000plus.am (international, medical help for former soldiers)
www.HimnaDram.org (international, for Artsakh)
www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible, for Artsakh)
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Ok, but then what kind of help can I receive? My Erasmus scholarship is just 250 euros per month, what if I don't have any savings to pay the insurance?? I mean, there has to be a way, what do exchange students do then??
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