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Feb 24, 2020 - Super Angel Stone Hack Tool Download features generator for unlimited free Carats, Gold & Other Angel Stone Cheats / Hacks like Speed hack, Damage. Battlefield Veterans were granted access to the open beta four days early on March 31, 2020. Occasional crash minutes after login - Page 2. Posted by The Game Tips And More Blog at Saturday, May 30, 2020. Battlefield play4free (BFP4F) funny love hate montage (not go to website.

Crate Keys - The gamblers trap (microtransaction)

Firstly, there is "nothing" wrong with microtransactions (as long as they are only for cosmetic items). And is there anything wrong in adding a gambling element to it, like say opening a crate? No, i guess not, I mean its not very player friendly and extremely annoying. There is a certain feeling of greed of whatever company rather uses micro transactions, ESPECIALLY if the actual game has a price tag as well. But, its the players choice, they can opt out of buying keys if they feel abit disgusted by the idea. To me, it is often a good way of showing continued support for the game and ensuring it will keep it developing (not counting EA games which lets you buy stuff then a month later says "ohh weell we dont wanna do this anymore so we are shutting down all the servers cough BFP4F cough). Then we have what I call the gamblers trap (im guessing there is an actual name for it in dark design). The gamblers trap is easy and could exist in various degrees. The essence is to misrepresent your chances of getting a higher value item. It IS on purpose and it IS to trick you into spending more money than you usually would have. I was appauled when i noticed its presence in h1z1, because its not honest, not respectful to those who actually already paid money to play the game, it is deceitful and low. But, for the hell of it, and to see if its actually a gamblers trap and not an honest mistake (and for a chance to get that bandana i want) I opened 16 marauder crates, for those counting thats about $30, thats enough to buy more than one game during steam sales and is actually more than the game itself cost. Now the problem with microtransactions is that it usually have a tilted recieved value, that means that on average the item you recieve is worth FAR less if you would sell it (that is if you are ALLOWED to sell it, which strangely isnt true for every item in h1z1). Now this is not an issue if you once in a while recieve an item of higher value to balance it abit. But on average you will still have payed far more for the items than you can ever gain back, and remember people, basicly we are talking about buying pixels, its not like it should be a supply and demand issue. Now some of you may think "Idiot, why would you spend so much if you already know its not worth it", well because i can afford it and i want to support developing games that show great potential. Then I realized it was as worse then I thought. Not only is there a gamblers trap at works, if you start exchanging your recieved items to get a better one, you seem to have higher chance of getting certain items of that tier. And IF you get enough items to exchange them to the very highest tier, if its something you dont want you cant even sell it (at least i couldnt). So I spent $30 for the CHANCE of getting the item i wanted, meaning i knew that the chances were low (even tho the whole spinning through items part of opening a crate made it seem very plausible that i could get an high value item). I didnt get what i wanted, i didnt even get any item of the purple tier, and when i exchange all the crap i got (plus bought some from the market because it was actually cheaper) and i finally get a yellow tier item, its not what i wanted (which of course was expected) but i couldnt even sell it to someone who might actually want it in order to get some money back.
So not just trying to deceive those you choose to spend extra money on the game (thats right microtransactions should be a BONUS not the budget model if the game has a pricetag). Not only does the spinning wheel of items very often seem to land juuuust abit to far or land abit short of a much higher quality and sought of item, making you think "ohh next time ill get it", tricking players to spend even more money just for the chance of getting the pixels they want because it seems so plausible. Not only is only some items available to exchange for better items (i honestly dont see why myster bag items wouldnt be exchangeable since now they quickly become inventory clutter, and it would be a show of graditude towards the patrons of the game) but if you get enough crap items to exchange to that glorious highest tier, it might just be more useless crap that you cant sell and dont want. Sure you can trade it, if you find a player that owns what you want, are willing to trade, and want the item you have, which often is "No".
Needless to say, my money will from now stay in my wallet and ANYONE who says "oh i got a crate, ill go buy a key" will recieve this very warning from me; "Dont do it, its a scam, just another company wanting to f*** you over for a quick buck". And game company wonders why there are pirates.
But, if anyone can and want to make changes to not only show some respect and gratitude towards those who want to spend abit extra on their game but also to do some actual PR work and be a game that earn its income, here are a few tips.
Dont use dark design to deceive players to misinterperate the odds. If you so badly want to (or need) to have microtransactions, ponder the word "micro", you shouldnt have to spend enough money to by an entirely new computer just to get the pixels you actually want. If you need more funding so badly, just be freaking honest, you have players that love the game, that see the potential of the game and who WANT it to make it big, if you feel like you have to scam for that extra funding then either you dont believe in your own game or maybe its just bad (i would not say that h1z1 is a bad game, considering its alpha and its already a working game with loads of potential) Dont be so greedy, show some good faith, free items (as in exchanging mystery bag items) and allowing players other means to gain the items/keys they want only seem like a bad buisnessmodel if you dont know people, especially gamers. Show respect, receive respect. No one likes a greedy douchebag that tries tricking you into giving him money, people learn not to trust him and quickly stop caring for said douchebag. Listen to your community, if you f*** up they know and will call you on it. Be honest with your community, if you f*** up they will be more understanding and forgiving.
Now these are just a few quick tips, fairly new to this game but i already spent to much time playing it. But I still get suprised when companies keep using these ultimately retarded buisnessmodels then scratch their heads and wonder why some people choose piracy. Your product is worth paying for, but not worth bending over for a butthump.
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