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My thoughts on Overwatch

My thoughts on Overwatch
Hi there. Since September of 2017 my brain was generating ideas for Overwatch, and now I finally decided to showcase them to the outer world. Btw, I am not English, so my text may contain mistakes
Warning: text wall ahead!
Everything between hyphens is a part of the original post that i want to change. These changes are written in italic below the hyphens, skipped line means that hyphenated things are stupid, and i spent not enough time brainstorming and editing post' contents.
Things in square brackets were added to post later.

Here are the contents of this post:
  1. Ideas for social systems
  2. Thoughts about balance
  3. Heroes concepts
  4. A pinch of game modes
  5. Maps and stuff

The Most Important Things

Similar to R6S or recent Apex Legends' one. By pressing a mouse wheel (or any other key you want) or clicking in the middle of the communication wheel you set a waypoint.
  • If set on an enemy, tells that there is the enemy. If that enemy has 50% of health or less, tells teammates to end it
  • If set on a teammate, tells to protect it. If the teammate has 50% of health or less, tells that it needs healing
  • If set on the ground, just tells "Look!"
  • If you use "Acknowledge" on the mark, it tells that you are going there
  • If you use "Thanks!" on the mark, it thanks for providing info.
  • If you use "Need healing!" on the mark, it tells to defend the marked point
  • If you use "Group up!" on the mark, it tells to group up on that point
Map and hero editor. They could make it p2p, or paid, or both, whatever they want, but we need it AF. To prevent piracy, make player log in his battle.net account, and make all mods and other players' made stuff connectable modules. Make it p2p, friend-to-friend connection, to not consume official servers' power. They can do anything they want with it, but let players access it and make their own fan content.
The Player Impact system

Approximate arrangement of system elements

Blue - Impact on Game. Shows your percentage of all your team damage dealt to enemies, healing given to allies, damage taken from enemies, direct kills, and time spent on the map tasks.
Red - Personal Performance. Shows stats for a hero you're playing as, which are compared with an average performance of players from your league. And i have to mention crits - it should be a percentage, not a counter.
Yellow - a place for Impact Points counters. These are based on both Blue and Red areas, also adding some points for impactful moves. It also affects SR gain after a match.

Social systems

If a player leaves a competitive match, a vote is held among his teammates: should the slot be reserved for him or should the player from the line take him away? Voting begins in preparation for the next round and continues until it starts. Reservations require 3 positive votes. If a player leaves in the middle of a match and does not reconnect for 1 minute or until the end of the round, the game is extended by one round. For every 10 rounds that you play in a row, you automatically get 20 SR, and if you leave after the end of the 10th round, there will be no penalty.
By first, you should be able to "blame" your teammates. Blames are opposites of usual endorsements: Sportsmanship - Toxicity, Good Teammate - Egoist (playing alone, ignoring teammates), Shot Caller - Neck Stone ( bad trolling, failing teamplay). Blames are shown on endorsement wheel with the same colour as their opposite endorsements, but darker. Blames do not lower your endorsement level, but instead make it harder to increase it, because blame nullifies next endorsement of this type.

Second thing, that should be added in my opinion, are two new endorsements - Skillful (red colour; "Dummy" blame) and Decisive Play (white; "Static" blame). First one is given for good mechanical skill, positioning, and timings, second - for winning crucial fights and clutching. Both of them can be given to enemies.
Third, allow to endorse teammate for 3 times and increase the number of endorsements per game to 5.If you reach 30% of blames of one type, your team will be notified about that every time you join a match.
Teams and team ladder
You could form your own team from the "Find A Group" menu. You can invite up to 17 people in it, the minimal count is 7.
Each team may have up to 2 6-player line-ups, up to 4 substitute players, and 1-2 coaches (one of substitute players can become a coach). Players can move between line-ups, but if the slot is already occupied, the poll is held between other team members. Both lineups are independent but fight under one name (although, their names must be a little different, like Desert Legends 1 and Desert Legends 2, or Dynamic Furnace Major and Dynamic Furnace Minor).
Team ladder is built on a tournament system and split into leagues, that is the same as solo queue’s. A team is put into a league that matches their average elo. One tournament lasts 4 weeks, with 5 days of offseason, it uses a round-robin system, and there are 20 participating teams. The game goes on five maps, with 10-minute breaks between them, each win-lose-draw goes to ladder score: win adds 3 points, draw - 1 point, lose - 0. Best five teams go to the higher league, worst five are going lower in rank. In the highest league, 10 worst teams fall into lower league. One team ladder season lasts 4 months, teams from the highest league are automatically invited to next OOD.


Brigitte rework
  • Health reduced to 150, with 50 additional armour.
  • Shield Bash: replace stun with knockback, enemy flies 5 meters, brig - 2 meters. This ability deals 40 damage.
  • [Whip Shot: now deals a microtun with 0.5 seconds duration]
  • Repair Pack: remove healing; instead, it adds 80 units of temporary armour, that starts depleting after 4 seconds with a speed of 20 units per second.
  • Inspire: now has 20 HPS, with an additional 10 armour units repaired per second, for 5 seconds.
Reaper rework
  • Death Energy: passive. Replaces Reaping. You spawn with 100 energy. More can be gathered by damaging enemies, with 2/1 convert ratio (damage/energy). If energy exceeds over limits (100 units of permanent storage), it starts depleting and healing you with a speed of 8 units per second both. The maximum amount of temporary energy is 100.
  • Wraith: now lasts until you lose all death energy. You lose 20 units of DE for each meter you travel, and for every second you stay idle. Cooldown is 3 seconds.
  • Shadowstep: now teleports you anywhere in your sight. 0.5 seconds of entering/leaving teleportation, 1 second of teleportation itself. You lose 25 DE per meter you travel with this skill. Cooldown is 3 seconds
Mercy rework
  • Guardian Angel: now can also be used to leap on the distance up to 5 meters.
  • Urgent Intervention: passive. When you get your blaster pistol, caduceus beam remains linked to last targeted teammate.
  • Cleanse: replaces Resurrect. Can be used on a teammate to remove all negative effects, e.g. discord, anti-nade, sleep, and even Earthshatter stun. Skill has 15 seconds cooldown and can be stacked up to 2 charges.
  • Resurrection: ultimate. Resurrects dead teammates in 3 meters radius. All resurrected teammates get 50 damage per second for 5 seconds
McCree tweaks
  • Fan the Hammer rework: shoots singular bullets, the faster you press the button, the higher the rate of fire and bullet spread is. Body damage reduced to 65, but can headshot. Also adds a 0.8 delay to the next usual shot.
  • Deadeye tweak: now lasts until bullets shot or cancellation.
Symmetra tweaks
  • Turrets amount increased to 6, but turret's DPS is reduced to 10.
  • Turrets are placed similarly to the Teleporter, i.e. they can now be placed in 10 meters range.
Torbjorn tweaks
  • When the turret is placed, it only has the first level. You have to mallet it 4 times or wait for 5 seconds, so turret will be upgraded to the second level.
  • The turret can now be switched in manual control mode, in which it follows the last enemy damaged by nailgun. In manual mode, turret's rate of fire is increased to 5 rounds per second, but damage falls to 11 per bullet, also Torbjorn's nailgun rate of fire is decreased in this mode.
  • In automatic mode, aim lock is now delayed by 0.5 seconds.
A Genji tweak
  • Deflect: is now consumed like Moira's healing or D.Va's matrix. It can be held for 3 seconds. Also, now deflection starts with a 0.5 seconds delay. If you fully deplete skill's charge, it will regenerate in 5 seconds. Skill cooldown is 2 seconds, this does not stop charge regeneration.
Sombra tweaks
  • Hack should no longer disable passives, although, EMP still should.
  • Opportunist should detect heroes below 25% health.
  • Translocator should have no cooldown when cancelled, but the overall cooldown is extended to 6 seconds
  • Stealth should have a 65% movement speed bonus
Moira tweaks
  • Secondary fire should do 40 damage and 35 self-healing per second
Orisa tweak
  • Fortify should have 8 seconds of cooldown
Tracer tweaks
  • Reduce Blink cooldown to 2 seconds
  • Increase Rewind cooldown to 15 seconds
Mei tweaks
  • All freezing effects now disable movement abilities, instead of freezing an enemy
  • Freezing beam's range is increased to 12 meters
Ashe tweak
  • Add a spread to Bob's guns, and turn his bullets into projectiles.
Outdated reworks
These were made before both Symmetra and Torbjorn reworks were on PTR and now are slightly outdated, but I think they still deserve a mention
Note: all abilities listed below replace current ones.
Drone: an upgraded Turret, mounted on a gravipad. You can make a path for it by either tapping or holding a Drone placement key, and Drone will fly to these waypoints.
The Drone was developed by Briggite. She used it to convince father and Bastion to join forces with her and Reinhardt, forming a "Stahlbarden" military squad
Repair Hammer now repairs teammates' armour, even a temporary one, when you strike them with it.
Overload: a good old ultimate, not changed at all
Photon Projector: primary fire works like before the last rework, but now can charge teammates' barriers and shields and "overheal" with them. It also charges your projector. Orbs have the same effects but do not charge the projector.
Turrets: the max number is 6, damage output is 5 DPS per turret
Photon Barrier: the one she had before the last rework
Teleporter: ultimate. Symmetra places a teleporter in a certain range from her, either on a floor or a wall, that can instantly travel her teammates from the spawn to a battlefield.
Projection: Sombra creates a projection of a hacked thing.
  • If it is a medkit, creates a medkit hologram, that heals half of its usual healing
  • If it is an enemy, draws his sillouette for Sombra and her teammates
EMP: works in 10 meters radius]

Hero Concepts


"Discipline is the best defence"
Role: Tank
Difficulty: 2
300 HP + 100 shields
The main weapon is the Attaka Projectors. These are hard-light projectors able to penetrate through enemies and to build temporary barriers right on a battlefield.
Attaka Beams (hold LMB): Singh fires beams of hard light from his attached Attaka Projectors, which penetrates shields and enemies.
  • 16 DPS per projector, up to 64 max
  • Each Attaka Projector has 100 ammo units, with a shooting speed of 20 per second. Reload takes 2 seconds.
  • Damage falls by 4 with every obstacle that beam passes, minimal projector DPS is 5.
  • Max range of beam is 15 meters.
  • While beam touches a wall, it knockbacks Singh on 0.25 meters for every unit of DPS he does.
Focus Beam (hold RMB): Singh concentrates beams from attached Attaka Projectors in one point.
  • Deals 24 DPS per projector, but do not penetrate anything.
  • Has same ammo consumption speed and hit range as the primary fire
  • Has no knockback
Attaka Barrier (Shift): Singh sends two of Attaka Projectors to form a wall of hard light.
  • You can recall projectors at any time.
  • Projectors' flying speed is 40 meters per second
  • Barrier works on ammo, not health, thus it can not be destroyed by Sombra's EMP; although, it can be hacked by her, what makes barrier's owner team deal damage to it
  • Barrier ammo storage is 200, the same as the usual projector
  • Barrier consumes 10 ammo per second and 0.4 ammo per unit of damage dealt to it
  • If you set 2 barriers closely, they will merge into a bigger one, combing their ammunition and extending in size
  • If barrier depletes, it falls down and recharges for 4 seconds
Recharge (E): Immediately reloads all Attaka Projectors, recharges all teammates barriers, and restores shields to them.
  • Cooldown is 10 seconds
  • Recharges barriers by half of their max health
  • Restores 100 shields
  • Covers teammates in 5 meters radius, and projectors all around the map
Magnetic Pistol: passive. If Singh sends all his projectors away, he takes out a magnetic pulses generator, which he uses for self-defence purposes.
  • Deals 30 body damage
  • Can headshot
  • Has 0.8 seconds per shot rate of fire
Magnetizer (Q): Ultimate. Singh sets his portable magnetic field generator, which prevents his teammates around it from being moved by enemies, gives them some shields, and recharges friendly barriers, while also dealing damage to enemies, that step on a magnetized surface.
  • Area of effect is 15 meters
  • Works for 15 seconds
  • Has 200 health and 300 shields
  • Deals 20 DPS to every enemy hero or object, that touches surface connected to one on which Magnetizer is set
  • Provides your teammates with 20 shields per second, and immediately starts the regeneration of pre-existed ones; does not negate Sombra's EMP shield regeneration disabling
  • Recharges barriers with a speed of 40 units per second
  • Can be hacked by Sombra for 3 seconds
  • Requires 2176 damage points to charge. Automatically generates 3.2 charge points per second.
Real name: Sanjay Korpal
Age: 42
Affiliation: Vishkar, Talon
Occupation: Security director
Base of operations: Utopaea, India
Sanjay Korpal was born in a Kshatriya family. His parents, his elder brothers and cousins, and all his known ancestors were soldiers, so Isha knew which career to choose from the very birth. The Korpals family was very large and branchy, although not very rich, so every Singh knew that their second duty after serving in the army was to help all known uncles, aunts and their children with everything you can provide. Isha grew up in this atmosphere for 5 years, imbued with concepts of honour and mutual assistance.
When the first omnic attacks occurred in India, his parents were immediately sent to the front. They left him in the care of the local cadet corps commander Pradip Desai, a great friend of their family. And, of course, Sanjay was very happy to accept the offer to join his military unit.
Korpal's baptism by fire took place near his hometown, Chennai, when he was only 14 years old. Omnics captured the city, and Overwatch was called in to help fight back. The decisive moment of the assault was retaking a nuclear power plant, and headquarters decided to send there the most experienced strike team available. The power plant was heavily protected by omnics. The assault team led by Wilhelm Reinhardt managed to get to its gates when enemy decided to overload the reactors. The explosion was inevitable, and an order was given for retreat. Fortunately, all members of the squad survived and were evacuated before the explosion occurred.
And Sanjay saw it. He saw thousands of people who could not escape the explosion, he saw his own house burning in a nuclear flame, and, finally, Overwatch, whose best agents cunningly escaped. And he vowed to prevent the recurrence of such a tragedy, as also not to have any deals with Overwatch rats.
When the war ended, Sanjay decided to find his parents, but could not find any evidence of their existence - they disappeared in the first years of the war. At that time, Vishkar corporation hired security agents, and Isha decided to sign a contract with them to feed himself in hungry post-war times.
He rushed up the career ladder, soon becoming a security director. This talented young man, who was rapidly getting quite a reputation among all the Vishkar corporation soon got attention from the powerful ones. He was invited to a banquet, which was held to celebrate a deal between Vishkar and Antonio Bartalotti's company, as a bodyguard of Vishkar's CEO. There, Sanjay was approached by Antonio himself, and he invited Korpal to Talon.
Sanjay got a reputation of the greatest Overwatch hate among all the Talon. This name always drove him mad, and he always asked to send him on missions to fight against them, even explosions at Overwatch facilities in Oslo was his idea.
After Antonio died in a Blackwatch assault on Rialto, Akande Ogundimu decided that Sanjay should take his place. From that time, Sanjay became a part of Talon council, continuing to retaliate Overwatch for his hometown.


"Feel the magic in the air"
Role: Damage
Difficulty: 3
200 HP
Main weapon: Palming Device
Throw Card (LMB): primary fire. Majesto gets a card out of his Palming Device and throws it.
  • Damage dealt by it depends on card value: aces deal 30 body damage, kings - 25, ladies - 20, jacks - 15, numbers - 10 damage.
  • Can headshot.
  • The lower card value is, the faster it flies: Aces fly with speed of 50 meters per second, kings - 70, ladies - 80, jacks - 90, numbers - 100.
  • Cards’ flying trajectory is arch.
  • The rate of fire is 2 cards per second.
Fan of Cards (RMB): secondary fire. Majesto takes 6 cards from his palming device, makes a fan of them, and throws it.
  • The damage model is similar to Throw Card.
  • Card pulling time is 0.4 per card, recovery is 0.6 seconds.
Shuffle (R): adds last used card or pack of cards to the beginning of Palming Device deck.
  • Adds 1 card per second if tapped, or all previously used cards if held (0.1 seconds per card + 0.4 seconds of startup animation + 0.4 seconds of finishing animation ).
Elegant Emersion (Shift): Majesto appears behind the back of teammate or enemy.
  • Ability distance is 10 meters.
  • Cooldown is 6 seconds
  • Majesto can't shoot for 0.5 seconds after using this skill.
  • It does not interrupt Fan charging.
Smoke Bomb (E): Majesto throws glass ball, filled with high-impact powder, which blows when touches any surface, and then creates a smokescreen, which fills all available volume.
  • Smokescreen has 3 meters radius.
  • Smokescreen hides all teammates behind it from any revealing skills, i.e. Hanzo's Sonic Arrow or Widowmaker's Infrasight.
  • The explosion deals 50 damage and knockbacks enemies on 5 meters.
  • Has arch trajectory
  • Flight speed is 40 meters per second
  • Cooldown is 8 seconds
Jokers (Q): Ultimate. Majesto takes out 2 Jokers, that have different impacts when thrown into enemy or teammate.
  • Black Joker decreases speed by 25% and adds 25 HPS regeneration, Red increases cooldowns by 40% but boosts ultimate charge gain by 20%.
  • Both Jockers have speed and damage of Ladies.
  • Both Jockers can headshot
  • Both Jockers can hit either enemy or teammate.
  • Ultimate requires 2750 points to charge, passive charging speed is 2.5 points every second.
Real name: refers to himself as Tom Marvello
Age: estimated age is mid-60
Affiliation: none are known
Occupation: amusement park owner (formerly), magician
Base of operations: Blizzard World (formerly), Junkertown
In 2030, cities, towns, and even small villages around the world got filled with advertisement posters of a new amusement park, The Majestic Land. It told about amazing, large-scale magic show performed by a magician called Majesto. No one really had a clue about him, but tickets were free, and people got hyped about the mysterious appearance of this place.
At said time and place, the crowd of excited people gathered. Gates opened, and laughing people filled observation wheels, roller coasters, and snack bars. Some even saw park owner, who was mysteriously appearing behind their backs, showing and teaching card tricks.
Majestic Land was incredibly popular among all ages and nations, but prosperity ended. The park went bankrupt after 10 years of operating, and police, which was doing the search in the park, found several disabled omnics, including Bastions and OR14, data extracted from their heads, and schemes of new robot model. It caused big scandal, and Majesto was forced to sell his park and scraps, including that schemes, on auction. Since that, he was rarely seen on his way around the world making street performances. The last sighting of him was in the mid-2050s, in Melbourne, after which he was seen moving towards the desert.


"Watch your back"
Role: Damage
Difficulty: 2
200 HP
Main weapon: Blades
Swift Cuts (LMB): Savage does swift side-to-side moves with her blades, doing damage to every enemy she hits with them.
  • Deals 50 damage
  • Attack speed is 1 per second
Magnetic Whip (RMB): Savage throws her magnetic whip, which pulls her up to any object or hero it touches.
  • Deals 20 damage to any hero it hits.
  • Has 100 units of charge, which depletes by 5 units every meter Savage travels using it.
  • Whip starts regenerating after 2 seconds of not being used with a speed of 20 units per second.
  • Length of the whip is 20 meters.
Air Kick (Shift): Savage kicks enemy she grappled with her whip.
  • Kick happens when you touch the enemy.
  • It deals 50 damage, knockbacks on 5 meters, and lays microstun.
  • Cooldown is 8 seconds.
Poison (E): Savage oils her blades with poison, that affects all enemies touched by next Swift Cut.
  • Poison deals 40 damage per second until a poisoned person is affected by the healing of any kind.
  • Cooldown is 6 seconds.
Backstab (Hold LMB): Savage backstabs enemy by her blades, dealing massive damage to it.
  • Deals 150 damage
  • Backstab can be combined with Poison
  • Cooldown is 6 seconds
Cloak (Q): Savage activates her invisibility cloak.
  • Ultimate duration is 10 seconds.
  • Before every attack or skill usage, she becomes visible for 0.3 seconds
  • Requires 2128 points to charge, 9.5 points are generated every second
Real name: "I don't have a name"
Age: somewhere between 18 and 24 years.
Affiliation: Commune of Prosperity
Occupation: mercenary, bounty hunter
Base of operations: none
"I was born in a place where no names are needed. A peaceful community, where everyone is "you", even outsiders. We were living in nature, following words of our wise father, Tekharta Mondatta.
My family needed something to eat, so I decided to help them with gathering food. I was taught how to hunt and forage, and have devoted my life to feed my brothers and sisters. When we heard that our father is coming to London, we packed our clothes and went right there. We wanted to hear his wise, but someone killed him. We all were saddened, but only I wanted revenge. I had to run away from my family to make those, who killed our father, regret their mistake."


Role: Tank
Difficulty: 3
300 HP + 100 Mass
Mass gives you resistance to all CC but takes 5 times more damage from attacks with these effects, and 1.5 times more damage from other ones. It is represented with white rectangles pierced by pulsating veins.
Morph (E): Beast changes his form, from Hunting to Nutritive, and back.
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds
  • Depletes 100 Mass
Hunting formTalons (LMB): Beast rips prey with his razor-sharp talons, while also acquiring Mass.
  • Damage: 40 per hit, hits with two hands.
  • Attack speed: 1.2 seconds per hit
  • Generates 20 Mass per hit
Grip (RMB): Beast grabs a wall and begins to climb it.
  • While on a wall, you can move in any direction, even upside down.
Leap (Shift): Beast jumps, landing either on a wall or ground. He can also charge his dukes with Mass, which will start a shockwave on a surface he lands on.
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds
  • Dukes deplete Mass by from 10 to 20 units
  • Dukes deals from 15 to 30 damage to enemies
  • Shockwave deals 40 damage
  • Shockwave radius is 3 meters
  • Shockwave throws enemies away on 3 meters
  • Beast can leap from walls
Corpse Processing: Passive. When killing an enemy in hunting form, Beast drains last juices out of its body, immediately gaining 50 Mass.
Nutritive form
Fists (LMB): Beast punches enemies with his fists, acquiring a little bit of Mass.
  • Deals 30 damage
  • Attack speed: 1.2 seconds
  • Generates 10 Mass per punch
Mass Shell (RMB): Beast mutates his hands into a solid shell, which covers him and his teammates
  • When active, drains 10 Mass every second
  • Sides of the shell could cover one squishy teammate with head
  • Opens third-person view when active
  • Affected with Mass’ damage debuff
Mass Feeding (hold Shift): Beast supplies his teammates with part of his own Mass.
  • Depletes 10 Mass per second, while supplying 8 Mass to all teammates around
  • Max amount of Mass teammate can get is equal to half of its health
  • The radius of ability is 5 meters
Recovery: Passive. Beast passively regains Mass in Nutritive form.
  • Recovery speed is 10 units per second
  • Only works when Beast is not using any of his abilities, including Fists
Dominance form
Ultimate. Beast temporarily morphs into an absolute predator, that combines treats of both Hunting and Nutritive forms, while also gaining new devastating abilities.
  • Mass in this form becomes unstable, increasing CC damage multiplier to 10.
  • Beast also gains 100 Mass when he morphs into this form.
  • Ultimate lasts 5 seconds.
  • Requires 2142 charge points, 2.1 points are passively generated each second
Clawblades (LMB): Beast uses his claws to tear every enemy into rags.
  • Deals 50 damage, attacks with 2 hands
  • Attack speed is 1 per second
  • Generates 30 Mass per attack
Spikes Wall (hold RMB): Beast transforms his hands into a spiked shell, which he uses to ram into enemies.
  • Drains 20 Mass per second
  • Deals 50 damage on contact and throws an enemy on 2 meters
  • While active, Beast's speed is increased to 6.5 meters per second. Momentum is increased twice.
  • If Beast hits a wall, he gets stunned and loses 80 Mass
  • Has same size as Shell
Shadow Leap (Shift): Beast jumps, and while in mid-air, he can transform his body into shadow and pump Mass into knuckles.
  • Shadow form drains 50 Mass for each meter you travel with it
  • Shadow form completely negates gravity
  • Shadow form increases speed to 8 meters per second
  • Knuckles can be charged with any amount of Mass. Knuckles damage equals 1.5 of Mass charged into them.
  • All other treats are same as Hunting form's Leap, but in Dominance form, he can also land on a ceiling
Crawl (E): Beast grips a wall or a ceiling, and starts crawling on it.
  • Beast's speed while on a wall is increased to 6.5
  • All other traits are the same as Grip
Body Harvest: Passive. Beast gathers Mass from killing enemies and regenerates some of it passively
  • 50 Mass from killing an enemy, 10 MPS of passive regeneration
Real name: Gingy
Age: 15 years
Affiliation: Talon
Occupation: pet
Base of operations: Dublin, Ireland
When Moira O'Deorain turned 30, Talon presented her with a small red puppy, who was immediately named Gingy. He became one of a few friends she had. Moira was taking her pet everywhere, even on missions. Gingey was a little fluffy battle brother, who cheered up everyone around him, even in worst occasions.
Once, when Moira was on annual Talon council, curious pup decided to scout lab, which door was accidentally forgotten to lock. On his journey around the room filled with various vessels with mysterious liquids and goos, Gingy accidentally dropped one of the flasks over. The sound of the explosion caused by that was heard throughout all Talon base, and after hearing it Moira rushed straight into the lab. She found puppy lying on a floor sick, with black stains on fur and large claws protruding from the paws.
Moira was shocked. First time in her life she was seeing her true friend suffering. But that feeling didn't last too long, as she caught a genius idea. She recreated goo, that made Gingy so sick and pumped big amounts of it right into him. Puppy began to grow with lightspeed, causing destruction of laboratory and soaking some mysterious liquids from surrounding test tubes, that he crashed while he was increasing in size.
Gingy was scared, and when Moira decide to approach and pet him, he tried to run away, crushing everything on his way, while also managing to escape a well-defended base. Beast was devouring cattle and unlucky passers all around Ireland until Talon managed to track and catch him after 10 months of the bloody rampage.
When Gingy was carried to Talon's base and shown to Moira, she was amazed by the size and power of her pet, although, she still considered him as her little ginger buddy. She made all Talon to redeem her pet genetic demon as a standalone operative, and herself as his tamer and best friend. From that point, Beast started to cause panic at enemy lines on battlefields all around the world.


"Let me see your future"
Role: Support
Difficulty: 1
200 HP
The main weapon of Majisyen is a Doll
Pain Jinx (hold LMB): Majisyen uses the Doll to impose an evil eye on an enemy, from which their whole body aches, and by the time pain only intensifies.
  • It follows enemy similarly to Angel's Caduceus Beam but falls off after one second of not seeing a targeted enemy
  • At beginning does only 12 DPS, but this value is increased every second according to a formula Dn=Dp+Dpp, where Dn is current damage, Dp is damage dealt in the previous second, and Dpp is damage dealt in pre-previous second (Fibonacci numbers)
  • Can not damage artificial objects; instead, it hurts its owner. Artificial objects are turrets, mines, barriers, etc.
  • While it follows the enemy, Dahlia's movement speed is increased by 1 m/s
  • Dahlia has to use a new Doll for every enemy; with each new doll DPS returns to its basic value
Headache Jinx (hold RMB): Majisyen uses the Doll to make one of the teammates’ headache, what slightly speeds up all their actions.
  • Gives targeted teammate 10% movement and cooldown speed bonus
  • Deals 10 DPS, does not amplify by time
  • All other traits are similar to Jinx
Epiphany (E): Majisyen gazes in external plans, revealing all information about the nearest enemy.
  • Highlights enemy, also revealing all his cooldowns and charges
  • Reveals enemy, who is nearest to the card, not Dahlia
  • Works for 6 seconds
  • Cooldown is 15 seconds
Magical Wisdom: passive. Majisyen uses her deep experience in magic to tell about her enemies' injuries and health issues.
  • Reveals all visible enemies' health bars
Dark Curse: ultimate. Majisyen uses dark magic to curse enemies, slowing all their life down.
  • Slows movement, cooldown, reloading, ultimate charging, shooting, healing, and falling speed, all by 20%
  • Works similarly to Rein's Earthshatter, but has no max range and goes through barriers
  • Covers 30° angle in front of Majisyen
  • Requires 1796 points to charge, passively generates 9.6 points of charge every second
Real name: Cassandra Vorbe
Age: 73
Affiliation: none
Occupation: caplata
Base of operations: Marekaj, Haiti
Cassandra Vorbe was born in a small Haitian village called Marekaj. Her mother soon drowned in surrounding swamps, and little Cassandra was left with father. He was a bokor, who was earning pretty decent money for helping his neighbours with black magic, also teaching it to his daughter.
Somewhere in her twenties, Cassandra began to daydream often, seeing Lwas, who spoke to her. As she was saying, "they taught me to look into future, heal wounds and diseases, and find anything in the material world". Her dad saw incredible potential in that and started involving her into his everyday duties.
Vorbe family became to gather popularity all around the Caribbean islands, but their star hour happened when Cassandra predicted an appearance of Omnica corporation. She became a TV star, starred in several movies and even in a video game! But popularity became to shrink, and in twenty years, she became only a part of nostalgia.
At that time, her father died, and Cassandra took over his witching duties. Soon, her village sunk in a flood, leaving her house to stand alone in the middle of a big, dark swamp. People were scared of her and stopped visiting her hut, and thus Cassandra devoted herself to studying mysteries of witchcraft.
One night, Lwas returned to her in dreams, telling about the new war, that soon will drown all world in pain and death, and about her role in preventing it, also mentioning a Shambali monastery in the Himalayas, that could help her in achieving this. When she had awoken, Cassandra immediately got packed up and headed to Nepal to accomplish Lwas' will.

Mister Sornione

"Fortuna favours brave"
Role: Support
Difficulty: 2
200 HP
The main weapon is a Pulser.
Plasma Ball (LMB): Sornione fires a plasma bolt from the Pulser.
  • Body damage is 40; can headshot
  • Projectile type; flying speed is 80 meters per second
  • The rate of fire is 1 shot per 0.6 seconds
  • Has 15 bullets in the clip; reload time is 1 second
Split (RMB): Sornione splits flying plasma bolt into five smaller ones, that follow the nearest enemy to them.
  • Little bolts have 20 body damage and fly with speed of 60 m/s
  • Little bolts' spread shape is cone
  • Bolts start to follow the enemy after spending 1 second in the air
  • The delay between firing and splitting bolt is 0.6 seconds
Pickpocket (E): Sornione steals all things from surrounding enemies' pockets
  • Steals all shootable things (e.g. ammo, Moira's orbs, D'Va Defence Matrix charge)
  • All stolen ammo goes into Sornione's pocket
  • Max amount of stored ammunition is 500
  • Cooldown is 5 seconds
Stash (Shift): Sornione creates an ammo stash, from which any teammate can refill their ammunition.
  • Cooldown is 3 seconds
  • Stash consists of 100 ammo
  • All other traits are similar to Torbjorn's pre-rework Armor Pack
Parkour: passive. Roofs and high grounds are Sornione's home turf. He can climb ledges, run on slopes, and jump from one roof to other, all with great ease.
  • Can move up slopes and jump from them
  • Jumps from ledges and edges are longer than usual ones
Conversion Net: Ultimate. Sornione places a device that catches enemy bullets and converts them into ammunition for him and his teammates.
  • Converts all enemy bullets and projectiles that touch it, with 1:1 ratio
  • Can overload teammates' guns; when overloaded, current ammo goes beyond the gun's capacity. After 2 seconds, overloaded ammo will slowly start to disappear by time, with a speed of 1 gun capacity per second.
  • Net covers a 10x5 meters rectangle and does not go through walls
  • Requires 2490 points to charge, passive generation is 5 points per second
Real name: Augusto Felini
Age: 32
Affiliation: none
Occupation: adventurer
Base of operations: Venice, Italy
Augusto Fellini was born in a poor family on the lower levels of Venice. For the first time, he committed theft at the age of 6 years, with time getting more involved in the criminal world. To the age of 16, he made himself famous by stealing a sculpture from Antonio Bartalotti's mansion undetected.
Antonio was impressed with the impudent young man and sent his representatives to "hire" Augusto. They have spent two years searching for him when he boldly arrived at midnight right in their boss' room and attended a contract with Talon.
He was working with them for 6 years, performing thefts from various well-defended places like the repository of Oasis University's Department of Security Developments, where he found a classified prototype of hard plasma pulsator, or Overwatch Headquarters robbery, where he had stolen a Conversion Net, developed by Torbjorn Lindholm.
The only thing he left in armoury was a little note with coordinates and time, and Jessie McCree was sent on the designated spot. McCree and Fellini found a common language, and Jessie easily convinced Augusto to start spying on Talon and provide information to Overwatch.
Data Augusto provided to Overwatch helped them in the investigation on Oslo headquarters explosion. He provided strong evidence on Antonio Bartolotti's involvement in that, and shed light on his affiliations with Talon.
After Blackwatch's assault on Rialto, Augusto has gone missing. Many tied disappearing of Doom Fist with him, but police could not find any evidence of his involvement in this case. He became a criminal world legend, Mister Sornione, and many women were dreaming of him. For some time, he was considered hiding under the guise of Soldier 76, but rumours say they were seen together at Dorado some time ago.

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