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Reverse Chance Me: Stellar Stats, Mediocre ECs

I literally have no idea what my chances are anywhere, sometimes I think I’m good enough for T20s but other times I feel like I’m getting rejected from all but my one safety school. Please help me I will love you forever
Asian female (Chinese), OR, upper-middle class (don’t know exactly, prob not low enough for financial aid). Both parents went to school in China. Attend non-competitive public high school.
Hooks: Slight Legacy at 2 schools - Big bro graduated from Stanford grad school, is currently a professor at UMich.
Intended Major: Political Science
GPA: 4.0 UW, 4.26 W
Rank: 1 (we don’t officially report but my school told me I was #1), class size ~450.
Coursework: Most rigorous schedule possible at my school. Took all possible honors courses, 1 AP in Grade 10, and full IB program.
ACT: 36 (36 E, 35 M, 36 R, 36 S, 9 W). Only took it once.
SAT II: Got canceled three times F
AP/IB: AP Stats (5), IB Econ SL (6). I didn’t actually take an exam for Econ because covid they just based it off of my IAs.
  1. Figure Skating: 10 hrs/week, year-round, 9-11. 7+ years, passed up to Juv-level tests, competed 2x at Regionals. Back injury has kept me off the ice for all of grade 12 so far. Not the most accomplished but I’m passionate and have several connected activities (ex. wrote Math EE on figure skating judging, activity coordinator for skating club).
  2. Piano: 8 hrs/week, year-round, 9-12. 12+ years. Won a bunch of period music festivals, passed OMTA Level X Test with Honors last year (highest possible test in Oregon). I’m too anxious to compete so I don’t have very many accolades but piano means a lot to me.
  3. Assistant Learn To Skate Instructor: 3 hrs/week, year-round, 9-11. Help teach group lessons at my ice rink and provide additional guidance to beginner skaters. Lessons have been canceled since March, so no work during grade 12 yet.
  4. National Honor Society: 4 hrs/week, 11-12. NHS Officer (Secretary + Historian). Manage communications and social media, coordinate virtual service events.
  5. Speech and Debate: 4 hrs/week, 9-12. Qualified for state in INFO (10). Several awards at tournaments in Radio (11). Mentor to young speakers in Original Events.
  6. Ballet: 3 hrs/week, year-round, 9-12. 4+ years. Originally started taking lessons to supplement skating but have switched main focus to ballet b/c of my injury.
  7. Art: 8 hrs/week, 9-12. 3+ years of painting lessons. Self-taught digital (realism, vector art).
  8. Online sticker store: 4 hrs/week, 9-12. Own RedBubble store where I design and sell figure skating-themed stickers. Not very lucrative tbh and whatever proceeds I earn are donated to local skating club.
  9. Band (Music Instrumental): 10 hrs/week, 9-10. Marching band (front ensemble), pit orchestra (piano), wind ensemble (percussion). Varsity Letter (9), WE placed 5th at State (10).
  10. Other service clubs: 6 hrs/week, 11-12. Co-founder of UNICEF Club, active member of Youth Ending Slavery (youth against human trafficking) and Club Hope (helping homeless students).
  1. National Merit Semifinalist. Only one from my school, index 220.
  2. Full IBDP Candidate.
  3. Outstanding Chemistry Student Award (American Chemical Association). Grade 9. Not really sure what this was for LMAO but I thought I’d include it.
  4. Selected for Spanish Honor Society. Grade 11/12.
(These are also pretty mediocre lolz)
Alright since I’ve already submitted for one school I might as well include essays and LORs.
Personal Statement: 8.5/10. Wrote it about my name (I have a Chinese first name but I go by my English middle name) and my relationship between it and the other names I’ve gone by over the years.
I’ve received spectacular feedback from everyone who’s read it (friends, teachers, etc) but I personally don’t think it’s anything extraordinary. Maybe I’m just too critical of myself
Counselor: Generous 7/10. Don’t know her that well but I’ve talked with her a lot thru email and she did tell me that she had to collect a lot of info about me for NMSC so maybe there’s hope
Physics Teacher: 7.5/10. I got to read this one, it was very complimentary and made me seem way better than I think I am but it was pretty generic I think?? I feel like it’s standard for most LORs.
Math Teacher: 8.5/10. I haven’t gotten to read this one but I’ve had her for 3 years and she explicitly told me that she’d write a glowing letter b/c I was an excellent student <3. She said she’d write about my experience with having to basically self-teach AP Stats in sophomore year, and I’ve been told anecdotes like those help with letters.
(also I asked for these recs when I was planning to study engineering so the subjects don’t fit my major at all, sad)
Ballet Teacher: 9.5/10. Haven’t read this one either but I’m extremely close to her and she’s an amazing writer. I’ve known her for 5+ years because she taught off-ice lessons with my skating coaches and started taking private ballet lessons a few years ago.
TLDR: Top-tier stats, ECs I’m passionate about but which aren’t very impressive, good/great essays and LORs.
Current List:
Safeties: University of Oregon. Probably need one more safety.
Targets: UT Austin and UBC.
Reaches: Pomona, Rice, UMich (EA), WashU. Also Stanford (REA) and Yale but I already know I’m not getting into those you don’t have to tell me lmao
I’m extremely confused on what schools are good fits for me in terms of safety, target, reach, etc. Mostly looking for target schools. Open to LACs but prefer research unis. Would love to attend a T30 but I don’t know how good my chances are at all. Want a relatively progressive school in a more liberal area. Thanks in advance :)
(sorry for any typos i typed it all on mobile. also sorry that i wrote a whole dissertation for this)
EDIT: fixed some typos
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I already posted this before, but only got two replies so I would like more feedback, therefore I’m reposting! Please take your time reading this and give me a realistic answer. Do not sugarcoat.
Boston University has been my dream school since 7th grade, but looking at others’ stats compared to mine has me nervous, and the school I’m applying to is allegedly in the top 3 of the hardest to get into at BU.
Applying ED1 to College of Communications
GPA UW: 3.55 W: 3.9 CLASS RANK: Top 20% but my school is on Cape Cod so y’all already know all the rich kids are in the top 10. It’s a very competitive school. **I only have a “low” gpa because I was handling personal issues (my mother who has a mental illness was falsely arrested—later proven innocent btw) in 9th grade, causing me to get a 3.0 uw that year. However, I’ve improved ever since in an UPWARD trend. I got 3.4 uw sophomore year and 4.0 uw junior year. I plan on talking about my extenuating circumstances on the “additional info” section of the common app. In addition, my guidance counselor will also mention it as well. For senior year first quarter I am taking three APs, three honors, and one internship which I am all getting A’s in, except AP Lit where I am at an 88 but she still has to put in one more grade before grades are finalized.
SAT/ACT: I signed up for the SAT four times, but each got cancelled due to corona. I have no choice but to apply test optional now and I am worried because I spent the entire summer studying.
APs: Psychology (4), Lang (5), Lit, Gov, Environmental
—I have taken mostly Honors classes, however I have taken 2 CP Sciences and 2 CP Maths. The CP sciences were not by choice, as one class there was no “Honors” level for it in 9th grade and in 11th grade I had to take CP Chem due to scheduling conflicts. I took Honors Bio the year before and had a B as my overall grade.
Internship senior year for a freshman English class
Job —Part-time (sometimes full-time because I work 25-45hr weeks) year round job for the past THREE years. In 2018 at only 16 years old I became one of the top 4 sellers in the United States. It is at a fast food restaurant and I have been training incoming employees for the last two years, both adults and minors. I have also received a raise twice.
ECs: —Community service club from 9th to 12th grade: Vice President (11th grade), Co President (12th grade). I have led AND FOUNDED numerous events by myself through this club, and have a total volunteer hours of 300+
—Journalism from 10th to 12th grade: News Editor (11th grade), Editor In Chief (12th grade). I was also featured on my local town’s tv station a couple times teaching second and third graders the elements of news.
—Drama club from 8th to end of 10th grade: Cast as LEAD ROLE in school play for sophomore year. Aside from that I led backstage operations before auditioning for a role.
—Founder of an online platform via Instagram that helps teach ESL students English vocabulary, grammar, etc (started May 2020). I currently have 1,500 followers and in the process of creating a YouTube channel.
—Boy Scouts of America from 5th grade to beginning of 11th grade: I eventually became the “leader” of Cub Scouts for 3 years, the only minor to be a volunteer for Boy Scouts at this location. I washed tables, helped the scouts with projects, helped them earn their badges, etc. My total hours for this are 345+. I included 6th-8th in that because on naviance it let me do that as an option. **Earned several trophies throughout the years doing Boy Scouts, especially 1st place in the Pinewood Derby for most creative design two years in a row.
—Social Media Manager for a Climate Change initiative led by students across 30 different schools in Massachusetts (started in March 2020). We have
—French Honors Society (10th, 11th) my French class was cancelled this year due to Coronavirus so FHS was cancelled in the process; I was supposed to take AP French.
—National Honors Society (12th grade but we haven’t done anything)
Note: French Honors Society & National Honors Society were listed in my academic awards section because I honestly don’t have anything great for awards. So really I only have 7 Extra-Curricular activities, BUT I have leadership positions in all of them and 5/7 are active rn.
REC LETTERS —The rec letters are coming from my Journalism teacher who I’ve had for three years (and the major I want to go into), my AP Lang teacher last year, and my guidance counselor. I am a very energetic student and participate in class discussions. Friends literally call me the class pet so y’all already know I got those teachers wrapped around my finger. I genuinely love them though. I think the rankings will be 10/10 for Journalism teacher, 9/10 for guidance, and 8/10 for AP Lang. Possibly 7/10 for AP Lang but I am 100% certain about the other two. **ALSO: MY JOURNALISM TEACHER IS A BU ALUMNI WHO HAD THE SAME MAJOR AND MINOR AS I WANT!
Essay: I am writing my college letter surrounding my mother’s mental illness affecting me growing up, but I did not let it have a negative impact on me. Instead, I rose from it and advocated for change (Co-President of Human Rights Club, I have written an unpublished novel, attended protests and even led one ). Both my AP Lang teacher and my Lit teacher said the essay was “beautiful.”
Demonstrated Interest: Have attended two zoom calls, and a three hour virtual tour. I know BU looks at demonstrated interest. Although I have not attended an official in person tour, I’ve attended a journalism conference for high schoolers at BU during sophomore year, which I introduced myself to the former Comm Dean Thomas Fielder himself. In addition I emailed my admissions counselor reiterating my interest in the school (but I made sure not to come off as annoying, so I asked a legitimate question I had about the college process to play it safe). I am also on BU’s mailing list if that counts for anything, and have listed them as my top school on numerous scholarship websites!
—Caucasian Male
—First Generation College Student
—Massachusetts native
—ACTUALLY Fluent in French
—Low income family & grew up with a lot of government assistance
—Single Mother is mentally disabled
—Father is active in my life but not financially, so his presence in my life isn’t really documented on my FAFSA and CSS Profile
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