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What are your favorite TS4 worlds to live in and why?

My main sim has been living in San Myshuno since I purchased the game, and I’ve changed the city quite a bit - redesigned the art museum (it’s still a museum but now part of it is a movie theater), turned Fountainview Penthouse into a cafe, turned the two lots by the coastline into a bistro and an upscale gym, turned the original gym location in uptown into a fine dining restaurant, turned the karaoke bar into a restaurant/club (I very much enjoy the Dine Out pack, and when the restaurant also has a balounge/dance floor, the lot is more multipurpose, if that makes sense), turned the park into a high-end hotel with a restaurant, pool, and spa, and redesigned several of the apartments.
(I feel like I should point out that when I say I “turned” these lots into something else, I didn’t build from scratch - I downloaded all additions to SM and other worlds from the gallery. Not being a great builder, I’m so appreciative of all the amazing creations available!)
Anyway my sim currently lives with her cat in the three-story penthouse in uptown (I also like Torrendi Tower but it’s a huge space for just one sim and her cat!), and she’s a bachelorette (I’m kind of a boring player I guess lol - I generally like to play with just one or two sims, rather than families or other multi-sim households). Much as I love SM, I’m kind of craving a change in terms of where she lives permanently - she owns retail lots in several other worlds and visits them frequently, especially Sulani, Brindleton Bay, and Oasis Springs (I’ve also made several changes to those worlds that give sims more things to do). But I’m not sure I want to move her to any of those worlds permanently (obviously I can always move her back to SM but - you know what I mean!).
I was hoping some of you might be willing to share your experiences living in the various worlds and which ones you like best? I know this is a very subjective question and depends on many factors like what kind of player you are, what your sims enjoy doing, what types of careers they have, if they have a family, etc. But nonetheless I’d really love to hear your thoughts! :)
On a side note, ever since the pandemic broke out and we haven’t been able to do anything here in the L.A. area, I’ve purchased all the worlds and packs - like as of last weekend, I literally own everything now except Star Wars. So the possibilities for where to live are aplenty!
submitted by thriftgirl82 to Sims4

How do you keep the online friendship alive? Here is a big list of ideas I have come up with!

Please feel free to comment and add on to the list or dm me to become friends! Let’s have fun and make some memories <3 (I’m 17F btw, stalk my profile to get to know me)
General ideas
Voice chat
Play video games
Ask engaging questions back and forth
Share music
Movie night
Other fun ideas
even more fun trough voice or video chat! It seems more real and will help build a connection even faster
Share your lives!
Show Pinterest boards
Memes that make you laugh
Your Spotify playlist
Favorite hidden subreddits
Share your deepest fears or conspiracy theories
Take personality quizzes and share results
Talk about fears
For the creatives
Origami contest
Drawing contest (non dominant hand for added spice)
Color a picture together or for each other
Singing/karaoke night
Make up a 3 word story
Games I’ve played or created
Amazon product hunt ( come up w/ 3 adjectives and find a product that matches that discription)
Truth or Dare
ABC game (start of with a category, ex. food I say Lemon, now you come up with a food that ends with the last letter of the food I just said)
How much do we have in common? (Just try to find out every similarity you have big or small)
2 truths 1 lie
Would you rather
Fun apps and websites
Uno app
Pluto app - a great app for non gamers to play games with friends! They have everything from battleship, uno, chess, and more!
card against humanity app or online
https://ytroulette.com or https://random-ize.com/random-youtube/ share your screen and watch random YouTube videos
http://www.songlyricsgenerator.com/step1.php Make a song together
https://www.squiglysplayhouse.com/WritingCorneStoryBuilde mad libs
https://www.cubeslam.com/pugdum cube slam online 2 player game
https://theuselessweb.com/ http://www.pointless.com/ Share your screen and look at weird websites together
https://random-ize.com/random-map/ random street view
♡| Read eacother bedtime stories or scary stories
♡| Have a video call fashion show or pick out an outfit for the other person to wear
♡| Create your own words, code, or language
♡| Join a big discord server, if you are feeling silly, troll a voice chat together
I spent a while on this! Please upvote and share with friends, it would mean so much to me. I hope this gave you some fun ideas!!
submitted by bi-bitchxBabe to MakeNewFriendsHere

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