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Cracked patch 101 dragon nest

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How To: Hack Bejeweled Blitz and make an app play for you (04/02/10) How To: Do a multi-cheat on Bejeweled Blitz (08/30/09) Forum Thread: GVFfa3s4x567890dvfchjFree Avakin Life Avacoins Generator [2020] Avacoins and Gems Hack Cheats No Survey 0 Replies. Patch 101 dragon nest. How to Use Pfaff Grand Hoops go to my site. Dragon Touch Notepad K10 gets its unthinkable power from 1.3GHz, 64-bit quad-core processor. In a world like Dragon Age, you can expect it to contain some huge and deadly Dragons. Z8Games - Free Gaming. Evolved view it now. Here at Dragon's Nest we offer you a prompt and professional service at a very competitive price.

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Patch Version; Dragon Nest SEA Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Conditioning the bearded dragons first is important in order to get them in the mood, so to speak. It is on top of a stack of books in the South-West corner of the library. [Mod Menu Hack] World of Dragon Nest(WoD) By Nexon +2. Undaunted, they moved on to train some Vikings to ride dragons. Dragon Nest Europe is a free fast-paced Action-MMORPG from developer Nexon. Trivia In Other Localizations.

Category: Needs Review - Official Dragon Nest Wiki

Show Threads Show Posts. Yeah they fixed my dragon nest rather quickly, just give them some time and they will repair it normally. The pages in this category aren't neccesarily incomplete, but need to be looked over for incorrect terminology and outdated information. Growth Guide System; Party Reward System; Patch Version 221: November 29, 2020 New nest: Prof K Nest Remedial Class (Hardcore) New practice mode nests; Awakening for Cleric and Academic; Skill balancing for awakened classes; Patch Version 219: November 1, 2020 New nest: Prof K Nest Remedial Class; Introduction of Engraving System; Changes to PVP Ladder; Skill adjustments for Artillery and. A: That's the Doram Elegant Set. Manual lost? Download the manual you're searching for. All Discussions only Photos only Videos only Links only Polls only Events only.

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Dragon Nest - 3D Action MMORPG Game

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Accounts - Buy Sell Trade. Every day we add the latest manuals so that you will always find the product you are looking for. VANKYO MatrixPad S30 – Best 10 Inch Tablet Under $200. Dragon Nest Hack and Cheat Guides Original Final Version Dragon Nest is a free fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity. Torchlight 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough. [Guide] How to kill Ray Mechanics 101: DragonNestMobile. Level Name Type Region 7 Greedy Omen Dragon Windrider Avanah Omen 7 Omen Raptor Dragon Windrider Avanah Omen 7 Shade Chaser Windrider Avanah Omen (Rare) 9 Satuma Scaleskin Dragon Stalwart Avanah Forest 9 Juvenile Thresher Dragon Aqua Zaro Sandbank 10 Vextide Aqua Derutar Hollow (Public Event Boss) 14 Glaring Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Avanah Forest, Tarrock Brook, Tahkar Valley 16 Midnight.

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Move the file to Dragon Nest folder.

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One Stop Shop for the DN Subreddit


[What is this thread?]

The thread's purpose is to contain all the useful links and resources that the DN subreddit community can quickly access for their DN needs and inquiries.
It will be regularly updated if anything significant pops up.

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-+ Official DN Subreddit Discord Server +-
[In the past, the DN Subreddit was quite inactive and unmoderated for a prolonged period of time. There were regulars here and there to help out new members, but for the most part, it was still an unmoderated community that lacked direction on where it was going.]
[Fast forward to now, Exatude (SEA) and Erwa (NA) have taken the mantle to handle the subreddit and make sure it serves the DN community as best as it should. This Discord server is one of the tools that we're utilizing as to assist our members because its main purpose is to offer a hub for all players in the subreddit community, alongside with getting quick responses for your inquiries and FAQ from those who'd like to help out]
[Do let any of the moderators know, whether in Reddit or Discord, if you've got any further inquiries as we'd love to help you out]

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Official DN SEA site
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DN KR site (Unsecured)
DN JP site (Unsecured)
DN TH FB Page || DN TH Community Private FB Group Page

-+ General Game Information +-
Level Cap: 95
Class roles:
DPS Classes Support Classes Tank Classes
Warrior Gladiator / MoonLord / Barbarian / Dark Avenger Destroyer
Archer Artillery / Sniper / Windwalker / Tempest / Silver Hunter
Cleric Crusader / Inquisitor / Arch Heretic Saint Guardian
Sorceress Elestra / Saleana / Majesty / Smasher / Black Mara Elestra*
Academic Gear Master / Shooting Star / Adept / Ray Mechanic Physician
Kali Dark Summoner / Blade Dancer / Spirit Dancer / Oracle Elder Soul Eater*
Assassin Raven / Ripper / Abyss Walker / Bleed Phantom Light Fury
Lancea Flurry / Sting Breezer / Avalanche / Rangrid / Vena Plaga Sting Breezer*
Machina Ruina / Impactor Buster* Defensio
Vandar Duelist/Trickster
^(\ Offensive Support)*
DN Server Regions:
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-+ Frequently Asked Questions +-
  • I'm from EU. Can I play DN?
    • You can only play with a VPN. There are no plans with EU players getting in DN freely as of the moment.

  • What should I do to level up?
    • Do your main quest. Don't skip them as the rewards are good.

  • What do I do when I'm maxed out?
    • Do your daily tasks (Bottom right in a scroll icon) and do the mission board to get rewards (Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Lapis, Garnet, and Hero EXP Potions).

  • Why can't I enter dungeons/nests anymore?
    • It's either your FTG is 0 (300 FTG for DG's and 900 FTG for Nests) or your entry limit for special dungeons is 0.

  • What gear should I aim for as a beginner?
    • Skila set (Craft-able from Blacksmiths).

  • How do I enter Merca's Port?
    • Merca's Heart -> Merca's Port.
    • You can talk to the [Captain Hector] for a quick access (This will not skip your main quest progress) or finish your main quest (Chapter 15). Both of these actions will permanently open the Merca Port portal.

  • How do I enter Red Lotus Palace?
    • Merca's Heart -> Merca's Port -> Red Lotus Palace Portal.
    • You can use the party system (Press O -> Find a party in Red Lotus Palace -> Join them) or if you want the portal to open permanently, finish your main quest (Chapter 16).

  • How do I gain a shortcut access to and from Saint Haven to Red Lotus
    • Finish Chapter 16 of your Main quest -> Talk to [Zephyros] from Red Lotus Palace and finish the quest "Wrong Encounter".
    • [Ocean Pearl] is the NPC for Red Lotus Palace -> Saint Haven.
    • [Priestess of Darkness Shea] is the NPC for Saint Haven -> Red Lotus Palace.

  • How do I gain access to the Daily Lapis quest?
    • Run Old Garden and Undergarden once in any difficulty at Merca's Port and it will activate the daily lapis quest (The NPC is the port guard at the stage entrance).

  • What's a BMJ/DDJ?
    • [Blood Moon Jade] and [Dreamy Dragon Jade]. They both enhance and improve certain skills in your class.
    • BMJ can be farmed from tombs that will appear randomly in any dungeons at LB-06+.
      • Tomb appearance will increase in probability if you have a mission for that dungeon.
    • DDJ can be farmed as a lucky drop from Sunset Cloister.

  • What are these monsters that appear from gray portals in dungeons suddenly?
    • They're called "Invaders". They appear randomly and they're tougher than the dungeon boss but they drop Cloister Map Fragments, Lebrium Points, and enhancement materials.

-+ User Made Guides +-
Mergiasue (DN SEA Discord Server Member)
DN Subreddit Community

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Check out this page if you're a guild recruiter who wants to put their guild for people to see or a guild applicant looking for a guild to join.

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SpeedColie YouTube Channel (Guides and Information)
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  • u/Legendary_24 (Adding onto the DN resources).
  • E3L for suggesting to add the DN SEA and DN NA Discord servers.
  • u/ErwaDN and Maxlyre for helping me setup the Subreddit Discord server.
  • u/in_san1ty for clarifying Soul Eater's role position (Offensive Support).
  • u/Winirose for informing me of a DN 101 guide for newbies.
    • DN 101 guide made by Mergiasue from the DN SEA Discord Server.
  • [Enchors] for continuously updating and supporting me in this endeavor.
  • u/WeepInProgress, u/shuupuku, u/RodJun828 for contributing to the DN Abbreviation list.

Feel free to let me know if you have new information or just want to clarify some of the information in this thread.
Last updated: 11/02/2020
submitted by Exatude to DragonNest

Alatreon as a Monster/Monstie

Recently I noticed that Alatreon and Kushala were in a similar height class. (Alatreon: 2969 cm on average. Kushala Daora: 2391 cm as a gold crown.) Using this, I came upon the hare-brained idea they might be able to make Alatreon a Monstie.

"Just go to the volcano area (whatever the hot area will be) and get an egg" i'd say if I didn't care. But his obtaining process needs to be more... difficult.

(assuming quests only go up 7 stars)
7 Star Sub-quest: Blazing Black Star of Judgement
Slay an Alatreon
Client: Rattled Hunter
If I were you, I'd stay away from the volcano, there's an Elder Dragon just sitting there, but when tried to fight it, it used all the elements trying to keep me away. If you think you can take it on, be my guest, but I need a drink...
This quest would only unlock after hitting level 70 on your character, and after the main story is complete.

Monsterpedia Entry (assuming we get a Monsterpedia)
The Blazing Black Avatar Dragon. Alatreon have little to no research done, because simply uttering the name causes panic and fear. Able to use all elements in its attacks, this beast has a reason to be feared.

Strategy: Alatreon uses all three forms of attacks. It always goes Power, Speed, Tech. Alatreon also uses multiple elemental moves, all from other elders. Infernal Breath from Teostra, Spread Frost Breath from Kushala Daora, and Thundercall from Kirin. For dragon he has a move called Dragon Swipe. This just does medium Dragon damage and has a chance to lower elemental attack.

Alatreon's fight would start with two breakables. Horns and Tail. Breaking the Tail makes a very hated attack weaker, and breaking the Horns causes his elemental attack to drop. Your partner, whoever it may be in the game, will comment on the change in the fight, like how Navirou did. Alatreon would also use his elemental attacks at random. After 10 turns, he would use Escaton Judgement. Oh yeah. That attack.

Escaton Judgement works like this: After 10 turns he uses it. Skillseal and Kinship attacks don't stop him. Neither does paralysis. The way you stop it, is dealing elemental damage. He takes 2 turns to charge. (Actions he takes are labeled 'Judgment') if you can deal enough, he takes 150 fixed damage, and falls over for a turn. When enraged, he cannot be knocked over, but still damaged and stopped. If the tail isn't broken Escaton Judgement deals 300 fixed damage. It knocks you over if you live. Alatreon would take a recharge turn after using this skill. This recharge turn would change his element. (This was added in) He would start in fire, and change to dragon 2 turns before charging. After using Escaton Judgement, he would change to Ice. Doesn't matter if the horns are broken, because you can just switch monsters to account for the elemental change.

After slaying him, you would get a couple rewards.
Elder Dragon Blood
Alatreon Plate: 1 pt
A very sharp Alatreon scale. Still crackling with elemental energy.
Skypiercer: 3 points
An Alatreon horn. These horns are the beast's way of controlling the elements.
Azure Dragon Gem: 10 pt
A gem formed inside Alatreon tissue. Just holding one is said to be unheard of.
Pure Tear
A crystal dropped from a monster's eye. Can be sold at a shop.

The quest would grant different rewards then just killing an Alatreon.
1 x Moxie Gem (First Clear)
1 x Ancient Potion (First Clear)
1 x Commendation (After completing more then once.)

After slaying Alatreon, you could get his egg. It would have the normal elder dragon pattern, with a purple foreground, and a tan background. Purple being his world color, and tan being his old color.

An Alatreon egg would be the only egg you could get from that nest. You could only get one egg, per slain Alatreon, so if you wanted one with good stats, then you would have to kill another one.

Base line stats would look like this:
All Elemental Attack would be 8.
All Elemental Defense would be 5.

Alatreon's Gene would be called 'Escadora Gene' and would grant All Elem Atk Up (M) and All Elem Res Up (S).

Alatreon would learn the various spread breath moves via level up along side various passive skills.
I would list possible skills but you all know how spread breath attacks operate.

Kinship Attack: Escaton Judgement
Deals heavy damage to all targets, using the most effective element.

Not really a whole lot more to say other then weapons and armor.
Escadora Armor
10 pts
101 Defense
Armor forged from Alatreon parts. It pulses with unstable energy.
Skill 1: Element Res (L)
Skill 2: Element Attack (L)
Skill 3: Vicious
Increases damage done, and taken, in Head to Heads.

Alatreon Weapon Set
15 pts
Contains Alatreon Hammer and Alatreon Greatsword

Alatreon Hammer
80 Attack
8 Dragon
Dragon Smash!
Deals heavy dragon damage to a single target.

Alatreon Greatsword
82 Attack
6 Dragon
Dragon Slash
Deals dragon damage to a single target.

And thats the whole concept i thought of. Will we get Alatreon? Probably not as a monstie, but a man can hope...

EDIT: Changed how Escaton judgement works.

EDIT 2: u/hood_trader made a very good point.
This concept only works if the gene system remains the same or similar, which Ryozo has already said, it wont be the same.
submitted by DreadAndDonuts to MonsterHunterStories

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