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My FA20 course impressions (IS major)

Full disclosure, baldurthekind inspired this post, since I'm also in that mindset at the moment. I'll give a brief spiel about the class and then my thoughts on the instructors I had.

ECON 121 - Matilda Channel-Ward

Accounting 1, what much is there to say? It's not super mathematically intensive, mostly just adding and subtracting. The beginning part of the course is pretty definition and theory centered, you slowly start getting into computations and actual numbers later. Book is pretty dry, though.
Ward is down the middle in terms of instructors I've had so far. She spends a few minutes at the beginning of each class shooting the breeze with us. She loves talking about sports and news events before getting into the thick of things, which I appreciate. Unfortunately she doesn't do much to enhance the material, at least to me. Mostly just some applications of the concepts, with a Ten Minute Quiz at the end of each chapter to do a quick gauge of how well you are comprehending the material. I don't particularly enjoy the way she explains things during the quizzes, it's quite awkward if you get things wrong, because she'll ask "Do you understand why you were incorrect?" and wait for a response from you. All homework and exams are on MyAccountingLab, and you have two attempts for everything (including exams) except for the last exam and the final. If you miss an assignment or otherwise bomb something, don't fret because she opens up all assignments at the end of the semester to allow you to re-do anything at a 15% penalty. The Blackboard shell is a bit unorganized, she only distributes content through the Announcements tab, so it can be a bit annoying if you need to scroll back to find something older. Truthfully, there's no reason you should get below a B in this class. Make sure you come to class, she does pop quizzes.
No lockdown browser
Hybrid synchronous/asynchronous (one Collaborate meeting/wk, one "asynchronous day")
Exams - 3 @ 15%, Final - 20%, Homeworks - 10%, Quizzes - 15%, Attendance - 5%, Participation - 5%.

GES 120 - Nancy McAllister

Environmental science and conservation is also pretty self explanatory. 100 level Science non-lab gen-ed, quite easy if I may be so bold. We spent a week talking about what science is and what the scientific method is, for frame of reference. There are a variety of topics touched on - food production, populations and cities, energy production and usage, transportation, building construction just off the top of my head. Material is pretty easy and slightly boring.
Where the material lacks though, McAllister herself more than makes up for. The GES department continues to have some of the most energetic professors I've yet seen at UMBC, and she really cares about the subject. Has said to us multiple times that "I feel like I was born to teach this class". She mixes things up with guest speakers and videos, and definitely made an effort to use the online format to her advantage, recording videos herself and even taking us on a field trip to see her garden and chickens during one lecture. I'm glad she's so bubbly and excited, cause the material is frankly pretty depressing as you get about halfway through the course and start talking about climate change. Her projects are pretty easy and relevant to both the course and your life, I enjoyed completing them because I learned more about myself and my lifestyle. The one complaint I have about her class is that she will put things on the quizzes and exams that she did not go over in class. She warns you about this many times though, how anything covered in the material is fair game, even if she doesn't go over it in class. She doesn't try to trip you up, though, I've only seen maybe a half dozen questions so far that explicitly she did not talk at all about, mostly it was just something she glossed over but the question asked a bit more in depth about. Overall, a great professor and an easy Science gened.
No lockdown browser
Exams - 3 @ 20%, Quizzes - 10 @ 2%, Attendance/Engagement - 12%, Projects - 8%

IS 247 - Jennifer Carter

Java programming II, mostly an intro to data structures. About ~25% of the class was more basic java concepts continuing from 147, moving on to different data structures and data manipulation concepts. There's a pretty sharp jump in complexity from talking about language concepts and features to the data structures, I am kinda swimming from all the different types that were thrown at us in the last 2 weeks.
Carter has abysmal RMP reviews and course evaluation scores, and I don't really understand why they're so low. There is a large volume of material thrown at you, no doubt, and she acknowledged that the class was on the somewhat difficult side at the beginning of the semester. However, she definitely puts effort into making the material easier to practice and learn. She has an arsenal of Kahoot quizzes you can go visit anytime, and she will stop in the middle of lecture to answer a student's question if need be. She has a lot of experience in the field from her time in the Navy and will give you examples of how class concepts helped her in the field. Admittedly, this might have been a change from in person lecture to online, I don't know. The quizzes and exams are pretty in depth, but the quizzes are open book and I feel are decent preparation for the exams. Don't get me wrong, this isn't an easy class, but it is doable if you put in the time, and the teaching staff is helpful and want you to succeed. If you want to slack off, go take this at CCBC and transfer it, cause you will not do well with her.
No lockdown browser on quizzes, lockdown + webcam on exams
Exams - 40%, Programming assignments - 5 @ 7%, Quizzes - 20%, Participation - 5%*
*There are 1-point class exercises each week, sometimes 2. You only need to complete 10 points to get full credit, with any excess going as extra credit to your exam score.

IS 300 - Brian Frey

Nobody would take this class if it wasn't a gateway, let's be honest. Drier than a burnt piece of toast, boring, hard to internalize. Lots of concepts and "stuff". Databases, security, decision models, competitive strategies... described by instructor as "a mile wide and an inch deep". I hope this stuff isn't key to some 400 level, cause I will remember none of it come the spring.
Frey....where do I start with him? I signed up to take this class with Crabtree, and Frey was switched in at the very last second, I literally think the day before classes started. This is the first semester he's taught 300, and it shows like a sore thumb. He's chill to a fault, often promised he'd upload chapter lectures without actually following through. The live class meetings (before the first exam) were just a clown show of desperate Q and As, and resembling an actual class only the week before the exam. It's a stacked dice roll against you if he responds to your e-mail. It took him absolutely forever to get grades back, until a department mandated deadline for FYIs forced him to buckle down and get everything back to us. The due dates on the syllabus have not once been true to what he says. Is it overly obvious he's a PhD student yet? He's improving as of late, and there are some good parts to his lack of discipline both with himself and with the class. If you band together and complain about a due date he'll extend it till the next Sunday, and you essentially get automatic 100s for anything he grades, unless you really screw something up. However, he only controls 40% of the grade, as the breakdown will elaborate on. He doesn't make the tests, and he's at least joked about heavy curves to grades because nobody did well on the first one. If you are confidently able to teach yourself material from a really dry book for the exams, definitely take him, cause you'll get a free 40% of the grade just for trying. Otherwise I recommend you look elsewhere.
Lockdown + webcam (not that he wants to do it, and argued with the department about it)
Exams - 60%, Article Reviews - 4 @ 4%, Article Presentation, 4%, Ethical Debate - 5%, Annotated Bib - 10%, Citation project - 5%

If you've come this far, thanks for reading my ramblings! If anyone knows which IS 310 (Ahmed Aleroud, Will Billingslea, Kevin Woodson) or ECON 122 (Maryann Davenport, Suzann Medicus, Jennifer Kelly, Randolph Scott) professors are good, please let me know. Thanks and hope my experiences help!
submitted by 1m5oRand0m to UMBC

The Chelsea FC Women October round-up – big wins over Arsenal and Man City in a perfect month for the Blues

The Chelsea FC Women October round-up – big wins over Arsenal and Man City in a perfect month for the Blues

Welcome to the second Chelsea FC Women monthly round-up of 2020/21. These reviews will be posted on a monthly basis throughout the season, featuring a summary of the exploits of Emma Hayes' Chelsea side, as well as a brief preview of the month ahead.
This post is a long read, so feel free to skip to the end for a brief overview, and the November preview!
Chelsea began the month of October sitting third in the WSL. Dropped points in an away draw to Man United on the opening weekend meant we were slightly off the pace set by leaders Arsenal and Everton, both of whom could boast of a 100% winning start. So far this season Chelsea have already lifted silverware, beating Man City at Wembley to win the club’s first ever Community Shield – but disappointingly exited last season’s FA Cup with a 2-1 loss to form team Everton at the quarter-final stage.
Chelsea’s new signings have started life in blue well, and even more encouraging has been the fantastic form of Fran Kirby so far this season – Kirby had not played since last autumn due to a debilitating bout of viral pericarditis, and has consistently looked the brightest and most energetic Chelsea player on the pitch.
October was to be a big month for Emma Hayes’ team, including a Continental Tyres Cup (women’s League Cup) tie against WSL pacesetters Arsenal, and a home league fixture against title rivals and last season’s runners-up, Man City. Chelsea would have two chances to test themselves against the two teams tipped to be our closest rivals for the title this year, and we were set to know a lot more about how each side measures up, come the end of the month.
Birmingham City 0-1 Chelsea (WSL)
Chelsea’s first fixture of the month was away to Birmingham, in the WSL. Birmingham battled relegation last season, and had had a mixed start to this season’s campaign.
Chelsea got off to the perfect start when of all people, little Fran Kirby got on the end of a Guro Reiten free kick for a rare headed goal. Chelsea dominated play in the first half, without threatening the Birmingham goal hugely – who in turn offered little in attack.
More of the same in the second half, with Chelsea in control, but finding themselves unable to extend the lead in what was not a particularly inspiring performance. The result was never truly in doubt, however, and it ended 1-0 to Chelsea, meaning we returned to winning ways following our FA Cup loss to Everton at the end of September.
Elsewhere, Arsenal survived a scare at home to Bristol City, going 1-0 down before coming back to win 3-1. Man City had a more comfortable 4-1 win over Spurs, and Everton romped to a 6-0 victory against Aston Villa, meaning the WSL table was left as it was, with Chelsea in third place.
Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal (CTC)
Chelsea’s first Conti Cup match of the season saw the Blues host Arsenal at Kingsmeadow. This competition this season will begin as normal with a group stage – however, in order to minimise travel in a pandemic-affected season, the groups have been organised by regions, meaning Chelsea will play in an all-London group which also features Spurs and second tier London Bees.
Chelsea’s enviable squad depth gave manager Emma Hayes the opportunity to rotate for what is England’s secondary cup competition, and yet still name a very strong side which included Pernille Harder in her Conti Cup debut, and youngster Niamh Charles in her first start for the club since joining in the summer. Arsenal also rotated, with key players Jordan Nobbs and Kim Little sitting this one out. Arsenal had had their usual free-flowing start to the season, and sit top of the WSL with three wins from three - although did need to come from behind to beat perennial strugglers Bristol City in their previous game. This was the first time Chelsea and Arsenal had faced each other this season, and although it is in a secondary competition, it still represented an opportunity for both sides to strike a blow on their title rivals - and gain a psychological edge going into the rest of the season. The match had a blistering start, and the best possible for Chelsea when captain Magda Eriksson headed home a Maria Thorisdottir corner to give Chelsea the lead after just 5 minutes. Arsenal instantly responded through Aussie Caitlin Foord, before Chelsea rapidly restored the lead when Thorisdottir set up Guro Reiten to earn her second assist of the night. Goalkeeper Carly Telford then made a crucial save from Arsenal’s Vivienne Miedema to prevent a second equaliser, before Reiten buried a rebound at the over end to put Chelsea 3-1 up – with just 15 minutes played! Unfortunately, this thrilling London derby between two of the elite English women’s clubs was controversially unavailable to view – with no broadcasting company or online streaming service showing the group stages of the Conti Cup this year, in a decision which has disappointed women’s football fans. Chelsea had more chances to extend the lead in the second half, with Erin Cuthbert coming the closest with an effort which struck the post. Beth England, on as a substitute, finally got a fourth for Chelsea to put the gloss on what had been an impressive attacking display, and earn her landmark 50th goal for the club. A win for Chelsea which means we have landed an important psychological blow against one of our title rivals for the season – who will be disappointed to have been so comprehensively outplayed and beaten, even if it is in the Conti Cup – and a win which will boost Chelsea’s confidence. As each team will play only once in this year’s group stage, a win here for Chelsea also puts us in an excellent position to advance into the quarter-finals as group winners, with Spurs and London Bees left to play.
Chelsea 3-1 Man City (WSL)
Chelsea came into this WSL fixture having already bested Man City 2-0 to win the Women’s Community Shield at Wembley, back in August. The fine form of Everton and Man United had thrown a spanner into the title race works, but it is still widely thought to be a three-way race between Man City, Arsenal, and Chelsea – who have shared the last seven titles between them. With only 22 games in the league season, games between the title rivals are even more decisive, and thus this was a massive game for both teams, who were level on points at kick off.
Recent fixtures between Chelsea and Man City have been tight affairs, but this one started with a high tempo, with both sides having chances in the opening minutes. One of Man City’s new American signings, Sam Mewis, came the closest, when she struck the Chelsea post, before Chelsea’s Maren Mjelde opened the scoring with a controversial penalty, after City’s Demi Stokes was harshly adjudged to have handled the ball. An industrious Sam Kerr then doubled Chelsea’s lead after the half time break, finishing well from a low Fran Kirby cross after a fine team move – Kerr had been a threat all afternoon, and well-deserved her goal.
City struck back when Millie Bright was this time penalised for handball, with Chloe Kelly converting the subsequently penalty, to make it 2-1 with 20 minutes to play. The next goal was to go Chelsea’s way though, when Kirby rounded Roebuck in the City net for a classic Fran Kirby finish, and City were unable to find a way back – with Chelsea earning what could be a massive 3 points in the title race with a performance befitting of our champion status.
Although Arsenal still sat top, having won every WSL game so far this season, this result means that Chelsea have now beaten Man City twice, and Arsenal once this season – making clear where the power stakes currently lie. A great result for Chelsea, and another great performance from Fran Kirby – who was the standout player, and has been Chelsea’s player of the season so far.
Aston Villa P-P Chelsea (WSL)
Chelsea were due to finish October away to newly-promoted Aston Villa in the WSL – who have Chelsea connections, having signed ex-Chelsea defender Anita Asante over the summer, and former Chelsea legend Eni Aluko having been appointed the Villa sporting director. However, an unnamed Aston Villa player was found to have tested positive for COVID-19, leading to an isolation period of 14 days for the entire Villa squad. The WSL saw fit to postpone the fixture, meaning the Chelsea’s players had the weekend off – but will need to squeeze the rearranged fixture in later on in the season. More worryingly, this is a perhaps a sign of disruption to come, in the context of rapidly rising cases in the UK.

International break

Yet another international break truncated October’s action, with plenty of Chelsea players representing their nations in friendlies and Euro 2021 qualifiers (now postponed to 2022).
Chelsea’s English contingent have already qualified for the Euros, as the host nation, and were left disappointed when their friendly fixture against Germany was cancelled due to a member of the England backroom staff testing positive for Covid-19. Worryingly, Fran Kirby withdrew from the squad with an ankle injury – which is hopefully just precautionary.
Several Chelsea players put in strong performances for their country, with Magda Eriksson and Pernille Harder netting for Sweden and Denmark respectively, and Maren Mjelde earning a landmark 150th cap for Norway. The three Nordic nations all secured qualification for the Euros, meaning that Swedes Eriksson and Jonna Andersson, the Norwegians Mjelde, Maria Thorisdottir and Guro Reiten, and Denmark’s Pernille Harder will all be featuring at the tournament, alongside Melanie Leupolz and Ann-Katrin Berger, whose Germany team have also qualified.
Erin Cuthbert and Sophie Ingle will have to wait for the next international break to find out whether Scotland and Wales will be joining them, as they remain in the hunt for playoff places.


October results in brief:
Fixture Result Competition Goal scorers
Birmingham City (A) 1-0 W WSL Kirby
Arsenal (H) 4-1 W CTC Eriksson, Reiten x2 , England
Man City (H) 3-1 W WSL Mjelde, Kirby, Kerr
Aston Villa (A) P-P WSL n/a
A successful month for the Blues, which saw us record three wins from three – including a Conti Cup humbling of Arsenal, and a crucial victory over Man City in the WSL, which will send a message to the rest of the league that Chelsea very much remain the team to beat.
Our final fixture of the month was postponed due to Covid-19 concerns for our opponent Aston Villa – giving the Chelsea players some rest ahead of the international break which rounded off the month, but meaning we will have one more fixture to make up later on in the season. Chelsea also remain unbeaten in 2020/21 – with our loss to Everton last month in the FA Cup technically being part of the 2019/20 season.
Of slight concern from the international fixtures was the news of Fran Kirby withdrawing from the England squad, with an ankle injury. Hopefully just precautionary – and it is safe to say Chelsea have the depth going forward to cope without our player of the season so far, if it is just a minor injury.
Looking ahead to November:
Elsewhere, the matter of the 2019/20 FA Cup was finally decided in a behind closed doors final at Wembley, with Man City beating Everton 3-1 courtesy of two goals in extra time. Everton acquitted themselves well, and given their start to the season they very much should be taken seriously in terms of challenging the top 3.
Chelsea are back in action this Tuesday, with a home game in the Conti Cup against London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. Excitingly, after much criticism of the failure for any of the opening Conti Cup ties to be broadcast, the club have announced that this game will be shown free of charge across the Chelsea website, Facebook page, and 5th Stand app.
Chelsea then face a very tough test in the WSL, at home to Everton, who are second in the table after a brilliant start to the season – and have already beaten Chelsea once this season, in the FA Cup quarter-final tie leftover from last season. Chelsea then face another massive fixture, away to Arsenal in the league – Chelsea may have beaten Arsenal in October, but expect a different match this time round as both sides will name full-strength teams. That game will also feature as part of the annual Women’s Football Weekend championed by the FA – an initiative in which during the concurrent international break in the men’s game, there is a drive to bring more viewers to the women’s game. This year, all of the WSL games will be staggered to bring maximum exposure to each team, with Arsenal vs Chelsea the banner fixture to round off the weekend on the Sunday afternoon.
November will finish up with an away tie to second-tier London City Lionesses, in the Conti Cup. The month is set to be pivotal in Chelsea’s season so far, with two crucial WSL games, and the chance to secure qualification for the knockout stage of the Conti Cup.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about Chelsea FC Women, and keeping a closer eye on the progress of our women's team, then check out our subreddit, /chelsealadiesfc!


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