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General Gameplay - Tips & Strategies Guide (Version 2.0)

General Gameplay - Tips & Strategies Guide. (Version 2.0)

Welcome honoured Guests to my Collection of Tips and Strategies for Faptitans, that I learned along the Way of playing this Game and reading on our Reddit FapTitanPlayers Forum. I have added some of your Ideas and new content from myself.
As i have decided to make a major update to the Guide i will start a new Thread and will add a link in the old Guide to the updated Version of this Guide.
Also here is the Link to the old Version of the Guide.
General Gameplay - Tips & Strategies Guide (Version 1.0)

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Becoming VIP-5
  • “Cheater List” and Account Ban
  • Advancing in VIP Levels
  • Buying Diamonds
  • Spending Diamonds
  • Strong Heroines (updated)
  • Zettai Bowcon
  • Aqcuiring new „free“ Heroines (New)
  • Super Heroines
  • Aqcuiring new „free“ Super Heroines (New)
  • Hero Promotions
  • Right time to join Events
  • Joining a Clan (New)
  • How to improve the Strength in Faction and Clan Wars (New)
  • Gathering Gold and keeping it (New)
  • Warehouse and Mine
  • No-Reborn-Strategy (New)
  • Damage Spike Levels
  • Glossary - Explanation of terms (New)

Introduction (New)

This Guide is more directed for new Players or Players that have played for a while but still have many Questions how to improve their Game experience. Veteran Players will not get much out of this Guide, if anything at all.
The Information provided in this Guide are not 100% accurate. I don’t have that much insight in the Game Code, that we know how everything works. We often just guess how it’s supposed to work, by what we experience ourselves and compare that with Information other Players provided for us.
Also, the recommendations in this Guide are just recommendations. This is not the only way this Game can be played and with stronger Accounts different recommendations would apply. It’s up to you if you want to take these recommendations in or do it your own way.
Also feel free to contribute to this Guide or help me correct things i maybe stated false.

Becoming VIP-5

If you like this Game and consider to play this game for a while it is indeed recommended to get at least to VIP-5 as soon as possible.
This way your Charisma, Strength, Intelligence and Luck increases will have a 100% success Rate, which turns out insanely strong as you play for a longer period of time.
A second Bonus would be the option to buy the “Balancer” in the Shop, with the Diamonds you acquired earlier. Which will give a guaranteed chance of getting the Red Hexagon Jewels you need to upgrade your Guild Buildings and Trophies, starting from Bosses at Level 100 in the Main Game.
Third Bonus will be the early ability to get at least one extra Mine Worker with your Diamonds, which will turn out to be really worth the investment.
Fourth Bonus would be a new Heroine Sada Ayaka. While she will not be your strongest Heroine, she can be nice to have and maybe even helpful in some Events or with the Daily Torunament Rating.
(You could get Bonuses 2 and 3 without spending Money through the Daily Quests which will give you 3 Diamonds after completion.)
Not to mention the fifth Bonus, you will have a second “Cheater List”, where your Account could be put on by the Anti-Cheat-System of Faptitans – which behaviour is quite….strange sometimes – that deems your Account is suspicious and will put you on such a List without Warning and can in the worst case scenario end in an Account Ban if the Anti-Cheat-Systems deems you suspicious three times in a row. (Or two times in a row for Free to Play Players.)

"Cheater List” and Account Ban

Like I said before in the VIP-5 section, this Game runs an Anti-Cheat-System which behaviour is quite strange sometimes. If the Systems deems your Account to be suspicious you will be moved to a new Ranking List in the Daily Tournament – mostly referred to as “Cheater List”. But you are not automatically branded as a Cheater because of this. This will happen without a Warning. Most of the time you will not even notice this.
You can recognize a “Cheater List” by looking at the Daily Tournament Ranking. There are mostly only about 40-50 Players in it, instead of the “normal” 100 Player.
On some ocassions you can find yourself on such a List with a lower Number of Players without having done anything, what could be deemed suspicious. After the start of a new Daily Tournament for example, i land sometimes on such a List. This List fills up over Time until there are 100 Players in it. This List seems to be counted as a "normal" List, but i don't have proof for this.
Free to Play Players (Short F2P.) only have one “Cheater List” they can be put on. VIP-Players have two Lists they can be put on in consecutive order. If you deemed suspicious a third time (or second Time for Free to Play Players.) in a row, your Account will get banned.
You can then try to contact the Support to let them unban your Account, but this can take a while, while they investigate your Account. So better not come in such a situation to begin with.
After a while of not being suspicious your Account will be put back on a normal Ranking List with 100 Players, where you will start with two new chances (or one for Free to Play Players.) to be put on a “Cheater List” again, if the System deems you suspicious again, before your Account gets banned.
It’s highly recommended to get at least VIP-5 to lower your chances to get banned and you will get nice bonuses along with it.
VIP-1 would be enough to get the second “Cheater List”, but don’t come with the other Bonuses VIP-5 offers.

Advancing in VIP Levels

As i said before, it's really worth to get to VIP-5 as soon as possible, but you could even want to advance even further up to VIP-10.
You will gain some nice Bonuses along the way, like...

  • VIP-8: A 5% discoount for some Diamond prices in the Game.
  • VIP-9: A 10% Discount for some Diamond prices in the Game and the Money Lord VIP Skin, which will give you if equipped a 25 000% Gold Bonus. While it's not the best Skin in the Game, it's probably the one you could acquire first, because the other Skins only show up for Sale once in a while and can be very expensive.
  • VIP-10: A 15% discount for some Diamond Prices in the Game and a new Heroine Teruya Sora. While she is not a Game changer heroine with 270S base Damage, she will be stronger than your strongest free Heroine Enomoto Runa who only has 525Q base Damage.
Some clarifications are mandatory here.
The Discount doesn't stack they just replace the last one, so the best discount you can get will be 15% and don't be fooled, this Discount only works for things you buy with Diamonds in the Game and even here not for everything. The discount won't reduce the $ Prices of Heroines, Super Heroines or Diamond Packages or anything else that require you to pay real Money.
It does indeed reduce the Diamond prices in the Shop for the items offered there. And it reduces the Diamond Price for "Double Contribution" in Faction Wars. I haven't noticed any other Diamond discounts in the Game elsewhere.
Also you should be awarded with additional free VIP Chests each Day.
VIP Chest are highly valuable after the VIP Level rework and offers you now...

  • Gold Timeskip: Meaning you will recieve some instant Gold. Will be most of the time not really helpful if you not have done a reborn before.
  • Tickets: Depending if u play on Nutaku or Hooligaps you will have different options of what do to with them. At the minimum you could get Gold-Timeskips with it.
  • Mithril: This is the Reward why these VIP Chests are so good. You will get an amount of Mithril based on your Mine Level that most of the time should be nearly equal to the cost of the next Mine upgrade - where the Mithril is probably best invested, if you don't need it for a Daily Quest.
Up to three Chests should be availible for u this way but my VIP Shop only shows me one free VIP Chest per Day. (Still i get three each Day.) This could be a change they made according to the revamp of the VIP Level Awards. So i am not sure if a new Player now can get up to three free VIP Chest per Day anymore or will be stuck at just one VIP Chest per Day.
This one Chest is still a very nice Bonus but would be already available with VIP-1 as my Shop shows.
In our Wikipedia you can find a List about the requiered VIP Point to reach each Level.

Buying Diamonds

After a while of playing this Game you could be tempted to buy Diamonds. Many things in the Shop are just way overpriced and are not worth buying. For example the Master Gems, the +Gold%, the Essence, Gold Timeskips or Ducats from the Dark Tower.
Mithril is a exception to this. At the beginning it can actually be a good investment to push your Mine with it and maybe get the two Mine Workert additionaly. After you have established a strong Mine and henceforth a good Mithril income, buying Mithril becomes way overpriced and not worth anymore.
In the Shop you will find six different Diamond Package offers.

  • Diamond Package: 15 Diamonds + 100 VIP Points for 2$.
  • Diamond Package: 40 Diamonds + 275 VIP Points for 5$.
  • Diamond Package: 100 Diamonds + 575 VIP Points for 10$.
  • Diamond Package: 220 Diamonds + 1200 VIP Points for 20$.
  • Diamond Package: 500 Diamonds + 2500 VIP Points for 40$.
  • Diamond Package: 1250 Diamonds + 6435 VIP Points for 99$.
Each Day there will be two Sales offered to you. These sales come in two different Versions.

  • A 50% Price discount for the same amount of Diamonds
  • or the double amount of Diamonds for the same Price.
These Sales change every Day, so if you are not in dire need of Diamonds you should wait for the sale you want.
If u are not already VIP-10 you should always wait for the 50% Price discount Deal. With the exceptiom of the last Diamond Package for 99$, you will always pay the same Price for the same amount of Diamonds - if you buy these Packages twice with the 50% discount - but you will get the double amount of VIP Points this way.
Yes, you can buy things in this Game but it's not mandatory. Be careful about this. This Game can really fast take a great amount of Money if you decide to do so.

Spending Diamonds

There are a few things in this Game that are really recomended to get if you can.

  • The two additional Mine Workers, who will increase your Mithril income by another 50%.
  • Skill upgrades for Swift Hand, Gold Miner or Blessing, which will truly help you.
  • The Balancer from the Shop, will give you a 100% Chance for the Red Hexagon Jewels from Bosses at Level 100 and above., that you need to upgrade your Guild Buildings and Trophies.
  • Preferably Epic red Star Super Heroines.
But you will also want to have Diamonds for the Dark Tower Event to clear some Quests. The best time to spend Diamonds is when you need to clear one of those "Spend X Diamonds" Quests.

Strong Heroines (updated)

In this Game exists a great Number of Heroines and it’s not easy to tell from the start which one you should try to get. Most of them you actually will need to buy for Money, but some are available through Events.

  • Waitu Lekka (Increases your Gold multiplier from Dark Tower Relics. Increases with the Number of your reborns until the Next Dark Tower Event starts.)
  • Zettai Bowcon (Increases your Damage Multiplier x16)
  • Kon Mikazuki (Increases your Damage Multiplier x30)
  • Bloody Lady (Increases your Gold x8)
  • Nekoto Hiroka (Increases your Damage per Click by 10% of your Damage per Second.)
  • Kuro Kubomi (Increases your Damage per Click by 10% of your Damage per Second.)
  • Foxy (Increases your Damage per Click by 10% of your Damage per Second.)
  • Hokora Joda (20% Chance to increase your Damage per Click x10)
  • Chio and Noriko (20% Chance to increase your Damage per Click x10)
  • Yashida Hiroe (20% Chance to increase your Damage per Click x10)
  • Sharky (12% Chance to increase your Damage per Click x10)
  • Ichigo Tamano (Reduces the Heroine hire cost and Level up cost of Heroines by 15%.)
  • Hata Saji (Reduces the Heroine hire cost and Level up cost of Heroines by 15%.)
  • Fujii Haru (Reduces the Heroine hire cost and Level up cost of Heroines by 15%.)
  • Sawano Yusuke (Reduces the Heroine hire cost and Level up cost of Heroines by 30%.)
  • Takata Arei (Reduces the Monsters per Stage by -5.)
  • Yetina Ogrika (Swift Hand Skill lasts +10 Seconds)
All this Heroines have something special, that is worth considering to acquire. Not particularly in this order, but at least the first four Heroines are considered to be the best Heroines in the Game by most Players.
It is worth to mention that there exists a Bug, that has problems with the Hero Cost modifier Heroines Skill. When the cost reduction reaches -100% a bug will occur and set the cost back to 20%. To avoid this, you should only acquire cost reduction Skills to get up to 99% cost reduction. (You can gain 25% cost reduction through a Trophy.)
When you buy a Hero you normally will skip the next Hero in Line due to a Bug. But you don’t need to worry, you will get the offer again at a later time. (Except for Zettai Bowcon.)
A complete List of the Heroines, their Abilities the origin where you can get them or in which order they are offered to you, you can find in our Wikipedia.
Update: At the moment the numbered personal Packs are not offered anymore, but they will sure return in a new Form. I will update this Part when we know more abut this.

Zettai Bowcon

This Heroine needs a separate Section, because of the once in a Lifetime chance you have to get her, if you do not start a new Account.
You will get this Heroine offered quite early in the Game when you reach Stage 10 of the Main Game and the offer will last for 3 Days. This Heroine will never be offered again to you, so it’s mandatory to clearly say how great she is.
As a new Player you would normally not know if this Hero is good or bad and asking for 50$ after 5 Minutes of Gameplay is really more a turn-off. Sure, you have a 3 Day offer and can gain the knowledge you need to know about this Game and this Heroine or better all Heroines that you need to compare her to, to recognize how good she is, but it’s probably not something a new Player is about to do and honestly to much too exspect from a new Player.
When she gets offered to you, really consider buying her – it’s your only chance.
Still she is not mandatory, but you can’t change your mind and buy her later after the offer is gone. At least not the “legal” way.

Acquiring new “free” Heroines (new)

Now we will take a look on where you can get new Heroines and what are the requirements for it to unlock a new Heroine. Aside from buying new Heroines, lately the Developers added some ways to unlock new Heroines for “free”. Not really for free, as you have to do something for them but the requirements are not so hard to accomplish. At least if you have a moderate developed Account for the Dark Tower Event.
Fapopoly offers now in his Shop up to 3 different Heroines to unlock for gathering Epic Materials through the Quest Cycle in Fapopoly. Your Materials will be kept and are not lost after the end of the Event and can be used in the next upcoming Fapopoly Event again.
This Event really requires you to grind these Quests as the Droprate of the Epic Materials is very low. You will need about 100 Dice rolls to get one of these Epic Materials and you will need two times 4 Materials of the same kind to unlock a Heroine. Each Heroine offered needs different Material combinations to be unlocked but it’s always eight Items in total.
You can change these Epic Materials at a 2 for 1 ratio to a different Epic Material of your choice, but you should really consider to refrain from this if the offered Hero is not one of the stronger ones, (Like I listed in the stronger Heroine Section.) because these Materials are really rare and hard to get.
Dark Tower is in the moment connected with the Magic Box Event. You will get Magic Boxes in the Dark Tower for completing Stages and Quests, which can be opened and will reward you with one random reward plus one Magic Orb. One of these rewards are Coins which you can toss in the Magic Fountain of the Magic Box Event. After tossing 100 Coins you will unlock a new Heroine as a reward. An additional Heroine can be unlocked by tossing 500 Coins in total into the Fountain. Getting the 100 Coins is not so hard but getting 500 Coins will be for most Players impossible, because they can’t get high enough in the Dark Tower Event to get enough Magic Boxes and henceforth Coins. Also you will keep your leftover Coins here until the next Dark Tower Events starts and can use them again.
It’s recommended to only toss 100 Coins in one Event to unlock the first Heroine and keep the rest for the next Event. Eventually you will reach with the leftover Coins the 500 necessary Coins to unlock both Heroines in one Event.
If you are confident and strong enough to easily get 100 Coins back at the next Dark Tower Event you can choose to spend more Coins as the possible rewards can be really helpful – especially if you get the Mithril or Essence as there a high amounts as a reward possible.
Wheel of Fortune needs to be listed here as well, as you now get 10 free Spins on the Wheel. If you are lucky with these 10 Spins and get the Jackpot you can unlock one new Heroine here. The chances for this to actually happen are probably -100%, as this wheel is not really random. Until someone proves he actually got the Jackpot with the use of the 10 free Spins, I highly doubt that it’s even possible.
There is a second possible new Heroine to get in the Jackpot but to unlock this you need to buy a special Fortune Sale pack for 30$. Even if you buy this pack you will still need to get the Jackpot to actually get both Heroines from it.
The offered Heroines in these Events can change Mid-Event as you unlock one of them the rest could be skipped one position forward in the List of possible Heroines that can be rewarded. This should only happen if the other Heroines are placed higher in that List of possible Heroine rewards.

Super Heroines

Over the course of the Game you will get multiple Super Heroines (Short SH.) from Events and Chests. Starting out low in Number but your Family will quickly grow.
These Super Heroines come in 4 different Rarities.
Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.
This Rarity does not mean they are harder to get – most of the time you will have the option to get one of each rarity grade at Faction Wars for Example – but the rarity Grade decides the potential Power of the Super Heroine.
A seconds Factor for the Power of the Super Heroine Skills are the Stars she has accumulated so far. Beginning at

  • 1 Star with 10 Pieces overall
  • 2 Stars with 40 Pieces overall
  • 3 Stars with 100 Pieces overall
  • 4 Stars with 220 Pieces overall
  • 5 Stars with 400 Pieces overall
There exists a hidden Red Star Bonus you can add to each Super Heroine to make her even stronger, but requires you to get two corresponding Super Heroines both up to 5 Stars and additional 150 Pieces each and will cost you 15 Diamonds per Super Heroine you want to make a Red Star Super Heroine. It is recommended to start with the Epic ones, because they will get the greatest bonuses off all rarity Grades.
When you level up your Super Heroines with Essence, the Bonuses they give will rise. Depending on the rarity of the Heroine the Bonus will be bigger. The strongest Bonus you will get from Epic Super Heroines.
You will start out slowly generating Essence and gaining them as Rewards from Events but you can actively do increase the amount you will get with each time you are awarded those from Events.
It is recommended to focus your Essence on an Epic Hero with a “Damage per Second” Skill (Short DPS.) and try to get this as high as possible.
Your Essence Awards amount you get from Events is based on your highest Super Heroine Skill you have. After a while you will get so much Essence, that it will be no problem anymore to level other Super Heroines. But still try to get your “Main” Skill even higher to increase the Rewards amount further.
Another way to farm Essence is to stick to a Boss Level, starting with Level 100 (and above) in the Main Game and kill this Boss over and over again. This way you will farm Essence and the Red Hexagon Jewels you need to upgrade your Clan Buildings and Trophies at the same Time. (You will get more Red Hexagon Jewels when you buy the “Balancer” in the Shop for Diamonds – which is recommended.)
A complete List of the Super Heroines, their Skills and their corresponding Super Heroine Partnes, you can find in our Wikipedia.

Acquiring new “free” Super Heroines (new)

There are multiple possible way to unlock new free Super Heroines as you will normally get at least one in each Event offered or awarded if you fulfil the requirements. So there should be no need to spend Money for getting new Super Heroines.
Faction Wars/Clan Wars both Events will award you in each Round with rewards based on the Fields your Faction/Clan holds after the Clash. There is the possibility to get 5 Pieces of a Super Heroine you already own or don’t own but can be unlocked. (Not all Super Heroines can be unlocked this way.) If you get 10 Pieces in total for a Super Heroine – can be over multiple Events – you will unlock this Super Heroine.
A second Super Heroine will be awarded in the Faction War Ranking competition. If you manage to be in the Top 100 you will be awarded a new Super Heroine. The number of pieces you get for her vary depending on the final Place you land and can be up to 100 Pieces for the Top 3 Players in the Event.
Another Super Heroine can be unlocked in the Faction/Clan War Battlepass. Each Round you get points for participating in the Wars. You should place on each Field possible at least one Heroine or Super Heroine to get full Battle experience.
If you don’t have Heroines or Super Heroines left to place, as they will be locked for one Round after placing – in both Wars – you can also just open the Attack or Defend Window and click on Attack or Defend and you will be rewarded as participant, even when you don’t place anything. This way you will still earn you War experience to possible collect more rewards.
When you reach the end of these List you can unlock a new 700 Pieces Super Heroine. This is really good. You will also get some Treasure Chests along the way that contains 5 random Pieces for a possible new Super Heroine- if you don’t own already all possible in Chests available Super Heroines.
If you are in a “all go green” Group in Faction Wars you will 100% unlock this free Super Heroine if you do participate in it enough. In the Clan Wars you need a strong Clan to manage this.
Dark Tower is in the moment connected with the Magic Box Event. You will get Magic Boxes in the Dark Tower for completing Stages and Quests, which can be opened and will reward you with one random reward plus one Magic Orb.
With these Magic Orbs you can unlock new Super Heroines with a different amount of Pieces. You need to buy two of the three Offers on each Stage to unlock the next Stage. You will keep your leftover Magic Orbs until the next Event starts, so maybe first collect some of these and use them when you have enough to get to the fifth Stage to unlock 700 Pieces Super Heroines. Bad thing here is, that you already have Pieces for these Super Heroines offered there so some of these Pieces are just wasted and henceforth overpriced
Fapopoly normally offers you two new Super Heroines on the Board itself, which will grant you each time you land on a Field with them 5 Pieces. It’s possible to get both Super Heroines here to 700 Pieces each with enough Dice Rolls. You can also unlock up to three new Super Heroines with 700 Pieces each in the Fapopoly Shop for the Epic crafting Materials. The same Epic Materials you will need to unlock the new “free” Heroines.
This Event really requires you to grind these Quests as the Droprate of the Epic Materials is very low. You will need about 100 Dice rolls to get one of these Epic Materials and you will need two times 4 Materials of the same kind to unlock a Super Heroine. Each Super Heroine offered needs different Material combinations to be unlocked but it’s always eight Items in total.
You can change these Epic Materials at a 2 for 1 ratio to a different Epic Material of your choice, but you should really consider to refrain from this if the offered Super Hero is not an Epic DPS Hero or something else you really want. The Materials are probably better spend for the new Heroines or just keep them until the next Fapopoly Event starts as these Items will stay and are really rare.
Wheel of Fortune needs to be listed here as well, as you now get 10 free Spins on the Wheel. If you are lucky with these 10 Spins you can unlock new Super Heroines from the Wheel itself if you manage to get two times 5 Pieces for one of them and you can unlock two new Super Heroines if you get the Jackpot. Like I said before, it’s very unlikely that you will get the Jackpot with the 10 free spins.

Hero Promotions

Over the course of the Game you will get a fairly good amount of random Promotions from the Daily Tournament or Events, which will boost the Strength of your Heroines.
Each of these Promotions increase the Damage of your Heroine by +50%. This can stack up infinite times and helps you reaching higher Stages in the Main Game, but it helps also with reaching higher Levels in the Dark Tower Event.
At the same Time these Promotions increase the Power of your Heroine in Faction Wars, Clan Wars and Sexpedition. The more Promotion a Heroine has, the stronger she will be. Starting out weak and becoming insanely strong.
So naturally you want to get as many Promotions as possible and you could even tend to buy them with Diamonds. Either with the Hero Promotion Wheel from the Shop which gives 3 random Promotions to your Heroines (Each Heroine can only promoted once with each Spin of the Wheel.) or doing so with direct Promotions you can buy in the Heroine Character Sheet.
Which way you like to spend your Diamonds is up to you, just let me inform you about the Prices.
The Hero Promotion Wheel costs you 45 Diamonds for 3 random Promotions and will give you 900 Rating Points for the Daily Tournament.
Promoting a Hero directly costs you 30 Diamonds and will give her 1 Promotion and you gain additionally 250 Rating Points for the Daily Tournament.
It is not recommended to Promote one Heroine way above the others. This can cause more Harm than it will help you.
In Sexpedition for example your Enemies Health is based on the Strength of your highest Promoted Heroine.
In Faction and Clan Wars the Strength of the NPC Troops is based on the Strength of the Hero with the most Promotions that participate – doesn’t have to be yours.
In both cases this can cause Heroines to be too weak to actually do enough Damage to matter anymore.
It is recommended to get eight Heroines – one of each Class – to a high Number of Promotions. Preferably close enough to each other or even the same in Number of Promotions. This way you will have multiple strong Heroines in each Event.
Faction Wars and Clan Wars actually could need up to 40 strong Heroines, but you are not limited to place even more if you have. Having eight strong Heroines here will still get you a good start in these Events.
For more detailed Tactics and Requirements in the different Events in Terms of Number of Heroines and Hero Promotions, please visit our Wikipedia.

Right time to join Events

In these Game exists various Events and usually one will be active at a time. When one Event ends, the next one will start.
You can participate in each Event as you like but for some Events it’s recommended to join at a later time – for example the second Day of the Event.
This way you have higher chances of getting set on an easier Ranking Lists, with fewer Human opponents, which gives you a higher Chance of better Rewards.
To “join” has different meanings in each Event and works for each Event differently.
In Dark Tower event it is recommended to join on the second Day. You join at the moment you fight your first Monster in Stage 1. You can do the Quests of the Event without joining as long as you don’t need to fight the Monsters inside the Tower. Just do the Quests you can do without joining the Event and finish the rest Quests later when you join.
In Sexpedition you can play as you like, but you join the Event when you get your first ranking Points. So, you should not collect the Rewards from the Sexpedition Quests or buy Super Heroine Packs before you actually want to join the Event. The Event Quests refresh after 24 Hours. So best Point would probably be short before the Quests refresh to not miss out Ranking Points.
In Fapopoly you should play as soon and much as you can, as this is the most rewarding Event at the Moment. You can do the Quests without joining the Event. Just collect Dice rolls through the Quests until u are ready to join. After you rolled your first Dice you joined the Event. Here it’s advised to join on the second or third day.
In Wheel of Fortune the most recommendation is just to not participate at all. But if you want to join the Rankings you should probably wait till the second or even the third day before achieving 25 Spins on the Wheel, which will let you join the Event. You will need Diamonds to gain Points in this Event.
For Faction Wars it’s harder to say when it is the right time to join, because the Window to join is only 6 Hours long, if you want to participate in all rounds. There still exists unknown Factors like VIP-Level of participants that decides in which Group you get at the End. At the Moment most Players join the "Empire of Steel", as you probably should also do. The Ranking here is decided by unknown Factors, you can only influence your Ranking upwards by buying the "Double Contribution" for 100 Diamonds because most Players will end up in a tie at the End of the Event, if they got all possible points. Buying this is only worth, when you really land in a higher Reward Group because of this.
In the Clan Wars it’s probably the best to join early so you don’t miss a round, but you should communicate the Tactic with your Clan about the Location and Time of placing your Troops.
The Magic Box Event has no competition, so you could normally just participate in it at will. Right now, this Event is connected with the Dark Tower Event, so to get the Items you need to participate here, you need to join there. You will get Items for this Event also from some Dark Tower Quests. Keep in Mind when you choose a time to participate in Dark Tower, that you will have enough Time for your Magic Box Event, should the Developers change the option to turn in the Rewards after the Dark Tower Event ends or remove this Event again.
To read more in Detail about the various Events in this Game, please visit our Wikipedia.

Joining a Clan (new)

Our newest addition to the Game are the Clans and the associated Features like Clan Orders, Clan Skills, Clan Raid Bosses and finally the Clan Wars. Joining a Clan is fairly simple. You can just go to the Clan Section of the Game and take a look in the List of existing Clans and there you can take a look inside the Clans itself. If a Clan still has room left for you to join and is not locked you can just join at your will. Some Clans may be locked – which is symbolized with a lock symbol – what means the Clan Leader or an Officer in this Clan need to accept your Clan entry request. Dependent on the activity of these Players it can take a while to get accepted or declined. Alternatively you could create your own Clan for 50 Diamonds.
Being am Member of a Clan will give you instantly certain benefits that you won’t have without a Clan. Dependent on how the Clan is developed these benefits can be vary in power but all Clans will eventually reach the same benefits at the end over time.
The first benefit you will have and use the most are the Clan Orders. You can receive Clan Orders when you request them on the Clan Order Screen. These Orders exists in four different rarities and you get a minimum of two up to four Orders at the same time. A Timer will show up under each individual Order you got. You don’t have to do anything to complete these Orders, except to request them and after completion claim the Rewards. The reward will be the same as the order request. So if you have a Mithril Order you will get Mithril as a reward. Higher rarity Orders will give you better Rewards but will take longer to complete. After completing an Order you can maybe request new Orders if the timer for new Orders has run down.
Your Clan will be awarded with…
  • Clan Rating Points which determines where your Clan Ranks.
  • Clan EXP is granted that is used for the increase of the Clan Level.
  • Guild Points are awarded directly to you. These Point you can spend to upgrade the Clan Orders.
For the Clan it’s preferable that you complete as much Orders as you can.
The Clan Raids on the other hand will award each Clan Member with Resources after killing one of the 100 Raids. The Player who actually makes the Kill will get the greatest reward. You should at least make your three free Attacks on the Raid Boss, no matter how strong you are as you will get at least a Gold Bonus rewarded for the try.
All Damage done to the Raid Boss from all Clan Members will be added together to weaken him over time until someone can finish the Raid Boss. Most of the time this is not relevant as the damage done is to low to actual be noticeable. The Raid Boss HP will reset after 24 Hours and you will get three new free Attacks on him. Killing multiple Raid Bosses in 24 Hours, before the Raids resets will award increasing Rewards.
Next up are the Clan Skills. Here you won’t have to do anything if you are not the Clan Leader or an Officer. The Skills here can be unlocked by spending Clan Skill Points which are the Reward in the Clan Wars. These Skills will give a passive buff dependent on the Skill where the Skill Points where used.
Lastly we have the Clan Wars. The Clan Wars works like the Faction Wars with the difference there are not three Factions fighting each other – where most of the time all go green – fifteen Clans will fight each other on a larger Battlefield. As like in the Faction Wars you will earn rewards in each round of the Clan Wars depending on the Field you control on the map. Before placing your Troops better discuss inside the Clan a War Strategy. If you are still a weak Player your Troops won’t matter much but still try to at least place on each Field possible at least one Unit.
If you don’t have Heroines or Super Heroines left to place, as they will be locked for one Round after placing – like in the Faction Wars – you can also just open the Attack or Defend Window and click on Attack or Defend and you will be rewarded as participant, even when you don’t place anything. This way you will still earn you Clan Wars experience to possible collect more rewards.
You will also earn “Clan Wars contribution Points” in these Clan Wars which you can use to buy things in the Clan Shop.
If you are not already a Member of a Clan, It’s highly recommended you to join one or at least create your own Clan to get access to the Clan Orders. Creating your own Clan will probably give you a weaker start, as you will have to develop your Clan first to get more and higher rarity Orders, where already established Clans probably will be good developed at the time you join.

How to improve your Strength in Faction and Clan Wars. (new)

A frequently often asked Question these Days was, how to improve the Strength in Faction and Clan Wars.
To increase your Power for Faction and Clan Wars you need promotions for your Heroines. Their power is based on the Number of promotions they have. They start out real weak but become insane strong over time. You can find a Formula for this here in the Wikipedia.
For Example::
  • Heroine with 0 promotions has 20 Power.
  • Heroine with 7 promotions has 144 Power.
  • Heroine with 30 promotions has 693K Power.
  • Heroine with 40 Promotions has 28.5M Power.
The more promotes a Heroine has the stronger she will get as you see above. As well, increasing one Heroine from 39 Promotions to 40 Promotion will grant more power bonus than promoting one Heroine from 25 promotions to 26 promotions.
Your Super Heroines on the other Hand get stronger with the Number of stars they have. They don't really get that strong at the end but the buffs they could provide are really useful and can be strong. Your Super Heroines will add their own strength to the field they are placed and will also increase the Power of your placed Heroines with the same Class as the Super Heroine has. So a Gunner Class Super Heroine would only add power to Gunner Class Heroines that are placed on the same field.
Getting promotions will come through all the Events and Daily Tournaments but they are all random, so it can take a while to get strong here and at the same time other Players will get these random promotions as well if they are active Players and become even stronger. The best way to get strong fast is to directly promote one Heroine of yours with Diamonds. Like you see, getting 40 Promotions in total for one of your Heroines would increase your power to 28.5M for this one Heroine. You will be more effective in Clan and Faction Wars, when you have at least a few Heroines that are strong and not just one.
Getting real strong as a F2P-Player is taking much time and needs a good amount of luck with the distribution of the random promotions. If you consider to spend Diamonds on promoting your Heroines just for these two Wars, think twice about it. First you won’t need powerful Heroines in Faction Wars as most of the time the “all go green Strategy” works fine. Secondly there will always be someone stronger than u out there and getting to their power levels can cost you thousands of Diamonds. In the Faction Wars you can even get moved to a stronger Group if you improve your power where you will end up on the lower end of the power scale. For the Clan Wars it could be really helpful to improve your strength but you can alternatively join a Clan that fights Clan Wars at your Power Level instead, if you find one.
submitted by Morgan_Leah1980 to FapTitansPlayers

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