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Respect Artemis Entreri (Forgotten Realms)

"Let the fools come after me, one after another, an endless line of eager assassins," Entreri said, and he nodded again. "With each kill, I grow wiser, and with added wisdom, I grow stronger."

Artemis Entreri

This is a literary Respect Thread. Hover over feats to see which book they come from in the series. Books are numbered by the most recent updated order as listed by R.A. Salvatore in the beginning of the last 4 novels.

Book Guide
Books 1-3: Homeland; Exile; Sojourn
Books 4-6: The Crystal Shard; Streams of Silver; The Halfling's Gem
Books 7-10: The Legacy; Starless Night; Siege of Darkness; Passage to Dawn
Books 11-13: The Silent Blade; The Spine of the World; Sea of Swords
Books 14-16: Servant of the Shard; Promise of the Witch King; Road of the Patriarch
Books 17-19: The Thousand Orcs; The Lone Drow; The Two Swords
Books 20-22: The Orc King; The Pirate King; The Ghost King
Books 23-26: Gauntlgrym; Neverwinter; Charon's Claw; The Last Threshold
Book 27: The Companions
Books 28-30: Night of the Hunter; Rise of the King; Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf
Books 31-33: Archmage; Maestro; Hero
Book 34: Timeless
Table of Contents
I. Background
II. Battle Bio/Personality
III. Physicals
IV. Skill/Swordsmanship
V. Assassination
VI. Tracking and Senses
VII. Mental Resistance
VIII. Weapons and Equipment
This character scales heavily from Drizzt Do'Urden, whose Respect Thread can be found here for easy reference

I. Background

Born to a whore with no options in life, 'cared' for by an abusive father, and taught the ways of 'love' by his uncle, young Artemis was sold to a merchant by his mother in an effort to give him an escape from her hell. Unfortunately, she unknowingly delivered him to an even worse one when the merchant decided Artemis looked....appetizing.
Escaping his second personal hell while still a pre-teen, Artemis fled to the streets of beggars he had known as a child under his father's hand, killing his emotions forcibly and channeling everything into anger and determination. Slaying street thugs in cold blood to build his own territory, young Artemis was taken into the fold of the immeasurably powerful Basadoni Guild, ruled by Pasha Basadoni, a man who could manipulate events in the entire nation of Calimshan.
Eventually, the man who would be known only as Entreri found himself tasked with hunting down a sticky-fingered halfling that had pilfered a mind-controlling ruby, and spent 5 years of his life travelling from the furthest southern shores of Faerûn to the absolute further northern frozen tundras to collect it. It was this mission that placed him on Drizzt Do'Urden's radar, and led to the two masters of killing clashing numerous times.
Entreri would eventually learn to open his heart again, after slaying several hundreds of people responsible for creating the monster he had become in life, and with the aid of a most resourceful and clever Dark Elf named Jarlaxle. Entreri would see himself become an ally to Drizzt after more than a century of knowing him, his own prolonged life its own curious tale.

II. Battle Bio/Personality

From books 4 through 16, Entreri is a quintessential loner who would rather kill a man than discuss trivialities with him. He is described as lacking humanity and existing solely as an instrument of death by those who have survived him, and Drizzt himself views Entreri as a sort of dark mirror to what he could have been. His heart is purposefully closed off and he views kindness as a weakness to be exploited and will maliciously seek to do so at all opportunities. Post book 16, Jarlaxle and his trickery successfully opened Entreri's heart again, and while he has learned to love, the weight of his conscience and sorrows is immense, and he is still quick to be guarded, but is surprisingly empathetic to those in terrible plights.
In battle, Entreri is the epitome of 'Assassin'. If an opening presents itself, it finds itself filled with his dagger. If a weakness is noted, his longsword slashes it. Entreri is a master of booby traps, deception, feints, trickery, and swordplay, and will ruthlessly and dishonorably combine all of them while utilizing any and every last possible option to give himself the upper hand in a fight.
If a target is behind walls and an army, Entreri will become a soldier to infiltrate and assassinate. If an enemy shows their back, his knife will slip between ribs. If a target turns and fights, Entreri will rise to the challenge and best their skill with his own before shattering their very soul with his beloved vampiric dagger.
Entreri has, quite literally, chased his prey to the very ends of the world and back for money. If personal insult is paid to him, he gladly does it for free and enjoys it all the more. Arrogant, ruthless, and with the skill to back up his bravado, Entreri never fails a mission.

III. Physicals




IV. Skill and Swordsmanship



V. Assassination


Skill and Skulduggery

VI. Tracking and Sensing

VII. Mental Resistance

VIII. Weapons and Equipment

Agatha's Mask

Bat Cloak

Barrabus The Gray's Attire


Bowler Hat

Charon's Claw

Ash Walls - Claw has the ability to at-will generate opaque walls of ash from the blade when swung
Destructive Touch - Claw engaged whomever touches it in a battle of wills, and those who fail to overpower it find the flesh on their skull forcibly burned away
Festering Wounds - Any blow, even a small nick on one's hand, from the blade of Claw magically refuses to heal, festering, infecting, and killing the wounded
Gauntlet - A paired item with Claw, the gauntlet aids the wielder in refusing the will of the weapon while also being an effective anti-magic device
Light Generation - Claw glows much like most magical weapons can when willed to do so, giving off a blackish hued light

Jeweled Dagger

Nightmare Statuette

submitted by Verlux to respectthreads

A walk down memory lane (warning: long read)

As the year comes to an end, I originally wanted to write down a recap of 2019 competitive PUBG, but I changed my plan for some reason I can't even explain and decided to rewatch all the comp games I've watched in the past. Truth be told, I didn't really do that. I skipped through a lot of the tournament games and I also didn't rewatch all the League games. I wouldn't have finished watching everything by now.
This might come over like a funeral speech, regarding this last month and its impact on the Western scene, but the intention was to reassure myself, and maybe some others, as of why PUBG esports is great and so much fun to watch.
Please keep in mind that this is a very subjective and EU-centric look back to all the things I personally watched.

(pre) 2017
PUBG for me started in the end of 2016. I first heard of and saw Brendan Greene's very own game by watching streamers and content creators playing the closed Alpha or pre-alpha even. Those streamers were invited to test the builds and at some point publicly stream the game on Twitch. Poopiequeen (I'm not going to explain! Either you do know her or you don't) really did her best to make this game appealing in other gaming communities. To me, it didn't appeal at all. The colour tones of the game were a bit too dark for my taste, TPP mode enabled was a no-go, throwing apples in the lobby was (and still is) silly. In short, I felt like it was more a sort of a H1Z1 casual type of game than my beloved, unforgiving, brutal and ultrarealistic Arma3 BR. No thanks, I'm good.
Nevertheless some people I used (and still use) to watch on Twitch kept my interest alive and when the Early Access version of PUBG got released on Steam in March of 2017, I bought a copy myself and played a little. I still didn't like it.

Gamers Outreach Charity Event 4 May 2017
In May of 2017, Bluehole organised a Charity Event with a ton of Twitch Celebreties like Lirik, Summit1G, Sacriel, Forsen and Dr.Disrespect participating in it. Also involved were some names like 0nuqtive, Break, Smak, Hayz and Scoom. The whole event was what I believe is Playerunknowns original vision of esports. A bunch of well known streamers, plus a bunch of semi-known hardcore community members, playing for shits and giggles and all the revenue goes to charity. This has been the recipe for both of his Arma 3 BR Charity Events and has found a continuation in the Winter Charity Event in december of 2017.
So this first PUBG event itself had a sort of a pedigree. It was a laggy mess, felt like playing at 10 FPS gameplay and observing cameras couldn't catch up with the actual ingame action, but besides the raw state of the game and the barely working observing system, it was pretty enjoyable.

DreamHack Summer 2017
Next thing I came in touch with was the broadcast of the Dreamhack Summer 2017 Duo tournament in June. I personally would not recommend to watch these games again, unless you really want to find out how good PUBG has become in a two and a half years time.
At that time I didn't know a lot of players. There's actually been only one familiar name, and that was Scoom. He and Molnman were dominating, still using their old H1Z1 Clantag iirc. Marius and Ollywood were playing super good too, as well as Millaw and Taylor. Ivel won a crazy 1 vs 2 and Maccandark earned his team a striking Chicken Dinner. You might be familiar with some of these names.
DreamHack, although being just a traditional BYOC DreamHack, might have been the initial impetus for the competitive scene. It kind of worked out okayish to compete in this game and everyone and their dog was playing PUBG at that time anyways, so it's not a surprise that teams, clans and organisations started to find interest in signing the top streamers and leaderboard grinders around that time.

The Signing Phase
It was TSM that started singning players, if my researches are correct, namely Viss and Smak (does anyone remember Smaks [or Summits] stream where he carries Summits ass hard?). Followed by Break one month later (and after him [ironically] complaining on stream why Viss and Smak got signed, but he did not) and AimPR in July
AndyPyro got signed by Method in May, Team Kinguin entered PUBG in June (TK deleted the announcement from their website), Wildcard joined in in July and Team Liquid signed their first squad in August, just in time for:

Gamescom Invitational Cologne 23-26 Aug 2017
The best headliner for this tournament that I found in the coverage of the event, headlined it as a 'enjoyable desaster'. It sums it up pretty well. The observing was plain and simple horrendous. It's been unbearable at times to see the killfeed go crazy whilst watching a duo taking swim lessons for a minute straight. This is actually a problem that still has to be solved. You could hear Pansy begging for a camera switch. Sure thing, we can still hear her complaining at present events occasionally, but observation got a lot better. We have be honest here, observation did improve. IT REALLY DID!
The point system looked unbalanced and counterintuitive, favouring dying late in the blue over taking lives and dying early. Not the way a shooter should be like. Another big problem was the organization of the tournament and the communication between staff and players, getting a few of the latter to raise this subject publicly.
It's been such an important topic that PU had the urge to address the topic in his end of the tournament speech. Vaguely, at least. I think the essence of his statement was that the main issues originated in the game itself and wasn't really the fault of ESL. I love PUBG for taking a (more or less) realistic approach and for not including jump pads, drone strike perks, class systems and hamster ball vehicles or mechs and gliders and I learned from Mythbusters that the safest place to be when getting shot at, is under the water surface, but these infamous pool parties at Gamescom were just laughable. Giving the benefit of this being the first official tournament for a game in Early Access, it had a funny moment or two, but in the end it opened the door for a lot of 'esports ready' mockery and 'I'm quite proud of our vehicle physics' and 'pool party' memes.
Enough about the unpleasant side of the event. I don't think I'll have to remember anyone who saw this event about the cool scenes, because I'm sure they're all etched into everyones minds. For all of you who missed this tournament:
0nuqtive's boat kill on Mithrain, Smak's KAR headshot through the window of the f-boy shack and Break's 11 kill solo win, just to name a few. It's been plays like this that turned me from a slightly interested follower to a guy that started to follow the pro scene with an almost religious passion. I have missed very little competitive PUBG ever since and if you were interested in competitive PUBG in 2017, you had to follow the grassroots Leagues.

I can't really tell which League I started to watch first. I missed the original (Sambty + Jembty + Teme + Tomppaw0w) Saunabois lineup and the original AtaXia squad (Met0r + Haxete +Pr0phie + Balloc) already turned into Gorilla Core ( Mxey + Met0r + Haxete + Jembty). I also missed the time Jazza, Ibiza and Mxey were in the same squad and so on and so forth.
In May of 2017 PUBG Online and LegendsArena (couldn't find the early VODs) both launched their Leagues. Those were the OGs of competitive PUBG.
The first Auzom League Day started in July and I recall watching the first official games. The pre testing phase in June I did not notice, but after taking a look back at it, I was surprised to recognize a few known names, most prominently Adouz1e.
The next big player in the League game, the one that even got an official Major from PUBG corp in 2019, was GLL and it started a bit later that year.
I have to add vVv, which I haven't really watched regularly and than of course:
Curse Trials. Two (or one?) guy/s, working for Twitch at that time, that started a little company, hosted some Hearthstone events before, liked PUBG, found a big sponsor and decided to start a monthly tournament. Also the always had a miraculously high viewership...for some reason...
The Leagues were just perfect entertainment. Everyone involved seemed so very dedicated at that time. Maybe a bit too much dedication, because on the downside every League org insisted on having a very own pointsystem for example, different circle stettings, different AR spawn settings and so forth.
Also they were a little amateurish. That being said I don't mean that in a annoying, but rather in a more entertaining amateurish way that was actually pretty fitting to the general state of the game. To emphasise this very important point: The Leagues were operated by folks who really seemed to care more about the competitive side of PUBG and not so much about getting rich fast and they also started all this before the developer, publisher and big TOs began to care about it. And that, good people, is why PUBG is a good and original esports title.

IEM Oakland 18-19 Nov
So let's take a look how a big TO like ESL did. IEM Oakland was the second event ESL was responsible for and the first real competitive one. No invited streamers, only the best of the best of all players. Every team proved their worth by going throught the qualifiers, which means competing against 365 teams or by direct invite due to great performances in the Leagues.
First, some drama. The Method players kicked their IGL, RaptorDaRaptor out of the team. Just a week before IEM. Big discussions in the scene about this being BM or just pouring base to the acid that had poisened the team chemistry. As AndyPyro stated, they wanted a fourth that actually listens and plays as a member of a team, rather than a salty lone fighter.
A little less dramatic, but none the less important incident: Team Kinguin did not meet the expectations by not making it through qualifiers and only 3 players from Kinguin were sad about it.
Last thing before we can go into the event itself, Avangar, who made it through the EU open qualifiers as the frontrunner, ran into Visa issues, so it came that Team Crimson went to Oakland instead. I remeber being really upset about this because if you get a big event, you want see the best teams compete against each other and Avangar certainly was one of the best teams of the scene in late 2017. Little did I know that this wasn't just a single unfortunate event in esports, but rather the rule than the exception. Too bad for Mumino,0nuqtive, Drainys and KeeN, but good for Jazza, MiracU, Texqs and TeaBone. Especially after them being screwed over by bad circle luck in the last phase of the qualifiers. On another side note: The open qualifiers were the first comp games where we could've witnessed a new guy on the microphone called MyNameIsToby.

The main tournament itself turned out to be better than Gamescom but in general it wasn't... good. Camerawork still crap, staff didn't close the mics in time so you could hear casters chatting during the post game interviews (Simms was interviewing), they mixed up the nationalities of some players, technical difficulties, the water sound bug and many minor things more.
Digital Chaos earned themselves two Chicken Dinners but messed up the other 6 games. Tempo Storm and Ghost played really good. TSM began the tournament really bad, they lost some unnecessary early fights but had a remarkable comeback. C9 and Liquid, two of the big household names, winning a game as well seemed to be a good thing for the future state of competitive PUBG. In the end the guys from aAa (soon to be Vitality) were crowned the deserved victors. Their rotations, especially in mid to late game were astonishing and they also knew how to finish a game to get the Chicken Dinner(s). In other words, they played similar to how Faze Clan used to play and placed themselves where most people expected Faze to be at at the end of the tournament. Faze themselves ended up in fourth place, which at least exonerated them from the hackusations which circulated around them for some time before Oakland. I vividly remember this particular clip which lead twitch chat to go full 100%wh mode and if they won't dominate offline in Oakland.... Well, they did not, but showed a good enough performance, so the accusations remained a storm in a teacup. And besides that, FaZe undeniably was at least two steps ahead of any other team at that time. Just not in this tournament.
But that's all written with hindsight. Back then I was all like, 'TSM in the blue again LUL.' 'Yay, nice game Liquid.' What a way to end the tournament, Ronin!`

Auzom Nations Cup 2017 3 Dec
This one's the predecessor of todays Nations Cup, besides only having teams from NA and EU of course and GLL Nations Royale, but with only having 4 man squads instead of 32 men clusters. I recall that this tournament was a lot of fun. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to rewatch the highlight video. The VODs seem to be lost. A lot of memorable moments, like the ending over bunkers, the 2 vs 2 at Mylta restaurant between the Czechs and the French and this chicken dinner clutch by miniment. Austria even won the whole thing in the end, leaving a baffled team captain Met0r, who later said he thought he would never even manage to find 4 good Austrian players as he got the invite to form a team for this.

The exact same day the finals of the Winter DreamHack duo tournament took place. Avnqr and Balloc won it. I haven't watched it and after looking through some snippets and clips, I don't regret it really. Dr. Disrespect was present and there actually seemed to be a whole round with the only purpose to chase down the celebrity?

Summary 2017
Besides all the difficulties, 2017 looked very promising for competitive PUBG. A lot of big names found their way into the scene. For example infamous Forsen once was a real competitive PUBG player untill C9 reminded him that he can't just play for another team in another game when he had a running contract with them and he also did the desk at GLL in the early days. Also a certain Felix Kjellberg played a few games on CurseTrials. Some moaners were trying to talk the competitive side of the game down, but those statements came mostly from individuals who`s opinion never meant much to me anyhow.
The rules still differed from TO to TO but at least the whole Western scene agreed on playing FPP squad only. Well most of the players I should say. Players like Ibiza, who were in favour of TPP at first changed their mind, very few like Mellon did not. Unfortunately for him, fortunately for us because if he hadn't resigned, Jeemz would've never gotten into Penta Sports and maybe never even into competitive PUBG? Who knows...
Speaking of the pro players and teams: 2017 was a really great year to start with following the competitve side of PUBG extensively. I learned a lot about the players (and not only me), some strats ( even in late 2017 you kinda still could tell from what game each player came from before they were playing PUBG just by the way the ambushed or rushed) and one very important thing: the callouts on Erangel. Very few people who haven't been around in 2017 will understand what Method Highway or Raptor Hill is.
Some players we've seen but left the scene are sorely missed. Layton became a pirate no wait that's 2018. MellonCS as mentioned before didn't like FPP, some felt like they're probably too old to compete like FaustoCoppii (if you read this, please try a comeback), some went and I don't know why like Austin (where is he now?) and some really didn't leave a lasting impression and I asssume no one that's intereseted in any kind or form of competitive video gaming will hear of players like Tfue and Ninja again. I really had to dig deep to find that sort of former players that nobody will remember.
A lot has changed and also some things were a little different back then. LilFuzzySeal wore his hair long, we had not one but two great observers with Skyline (RIP) and Ansvar , Jabroni wasn't managing but casting , Caymus was doing interviews, to just name a few differences.
Also Deman came around. His first PUBG casts were done over a cleanfeed out of his broom closet, I have to assume, while his fiancee was playing Kingdom Come Deliverance on console. In the living room. Via Speakers. On full volume. Those were the times. On Deman's very first cast he also didn't look too well:
'This guy from this one team shoots at this other guy, (butchers name), with a....automatic gun... from a.....building..'
(hyperbole )
I do remember asking myself why anyone would choose a caster, that has no idea about the game and the scene. But It only took him one week (maybe two) and he knew every part of the map, every strat call, every rotation path, every compound name and all the maiden names from all the players mothers. Super impressive and I still consider him to be the most knowledgable caster PUBG has to the present.
Except for Toby. His first endeavour to start a casting career was very interesting to say the very least:
'Guys, I'm new to casting, this is my first game. What do you expect me to tell you guys? So all the teams have dropped, the circle will most likely shift towards Kameshki, Team X will rotate to this hill, stop there for exactly 43 seconds to scout north, while Team Y and Team Z will clash here on minute 5:44 and Team Z will win the fight, losing 2 players and the game will end over here at this field and Team W will win this round. Is this how casting goes, guys? Nevermind, let's watch the game first.'

That's it for 2017. I'm pretty sure there's a lot I missed out and I can assure you there's been a lot I did cut out to come to an end eventually. I'm halfway through rewatching the Major events of 2018 and also wrote down a sentecne or two and saved some links in my sidebar. If everything goes as planned, because there's a tremendous amount to cover, I'll be posting the first half of my 2018 abstract before New Year's Eve.
Happy holidays
submitted by Jod_D_Foster to CompetitivePUBG

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